NeuMondin am 09.03. Pisces

Mondin Konjunktion Venus 22.03.2015 20h10 006

Traumhaft schöne zunehmende Mondsichel in Konjunktion zur Venus 22.03.2015 20:10h

Die zarte NeuMondin im Pisces aktiviert nun dieses religiös orientierte Sternbild, das sich zwischen Aquarius, Cetus und Aries befindet. Bedingt durch die langgezogenen Ausmaße des Pisces, sehen wir Sol länger in diesem als in anderen Sternbildern. Astronomisch berechnet, reden über den Zeitraum vom 12.03. – 18.04.

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Dying Pisces & awakening Aquarius Age

This is the dying Pisces (Religion) Age and the awakening Aquarius (Future/Freedom) Age at war. Right now, till February next year, the uncovering DragonTail travels the Pisces and shatters the lies about religions. This is the chance for mankind, to clearly see the differences between reilgion and real spirituality. Starting February next year, it will the Aquarius, the DragonTail travels through. New Age & New Age sects, the lying Astrology, the deceiving of some esoteric rules and disinformations will be liftet. All Aquarius thermes will go through painful restructuring and destruction. Time, to pay the karmic debt.
It will affect the following areas:
· Element Air
· Computers/Internet/Electronics
· Drones/Wars with Drones
· Groups/Friends
· Aeronautics/Aviation> Industry
· Air Force/Air Force ONE
· NASA/JPL/Shuttle/ISS
· Airplanes/Airlines/pilots
· Nuclear devices/missiles/uranium/Laser Electro-magnetic weapons
· Satellites
· Light Bulbs (!again!)
· Star Wars Technology
· Paratroopers/skydivers
· UFO sightings
· Earthquakes/ Volcano’s/Storms
· Explosions/Implosions/Eruptions
· Tsunamis
· Astronomy/space programs
· Astrology
· New Age
· Inventions/Patents
· Scientists-Astrophysics, Aerospace
· New age products/devices
· Esoteric Sects/Deceiving Guru’s
· Humanitarian efforts/daily activities/global
· Mathematicians
· Investigation of new inventions/Technological innovations
· Time travel
· Esoteric services/consulting
· Unpredictable behavior/developments
· Chakras/Electrical components of body
· Autism/Indigo Children
· Eccentric
· Panic attacks/anxiety attacks

The Forbidden Secrets of the Church

Religion is a very powerful system to use for shaping cultures and societies. Throughout human history, religion has played an important role for helping the human race evolve. Unfortunately, most of the knowledge in religion has been heavily distorted. To make matters worse, the enlightening and empowering knowledge in religion is encoded to prevent us from knowing the “forbidden” secrets of our history.…/the-forbidden-secrets-of-the-…/

Uranus/DragonTail in Pisces: The Coming 3rd Empire

While DragonTail, Uranus, Sol and Mercury in dreamy-religious Pisces and LadyMoon in Ophiuchus, all Religions are touched by this mix of energy. As always, when the watery DragonTail exposes the secrets – Uranus suddenly pulls the trigger and things implode and explode at the same time. Last time zone Uranus spend in the same constellation has been from 1925 and 1932. Well, we all know what happened back than. Worldwide. Especially the rise of Hitler and anything connected to it. The open as well, as the hidden. One topic is the secrets of the Vatican, sneaking out at the end of the war, all those Nazi VIP’s… The 3rd Reich of the Nazi’s was a deceiving structure. It started with the PiscesEnergy and it died in them. So, the cosmic card played back than, was the one of “The Religion” and the currency of a neptunic character supporting delicate Empires and raise them to power or – destroy them. So, travelling from the past to the present, we face the same wicked games. Religion > Money > War – Empire.
Never change a winning concept?
Well, last time Uranus dived the deep waters of Religion and money, there where also a DragonTail around, the one from the Dollar Chart. Well, in short, it’s result has been the destruction in 1929 and the great depression, that followed.
Be ready, the implosions/explosions in all those described areas, will have to face some more troubles, scandals and surprises. Just like the new documentation about Scientology.
For the Vatican and the roman catholic church, the storms are adding up. This damn thing called karma, just won’t go away. Not even with tons of money and gold and material possessions. The universe send the cosmic cleaning broom for the big cleaning.
Like I said, many will have to learn, nobody is above the real cosmic laws. Even the religions and sects and so called spiritual groups will have to learn that.

Soon there will rise another 3rd Empire on this planet and just like others before, they will learn the hard way: never, ever rise an Empire, while the DragonTail sits in the backyard and Uranus clears up a dying age.

Gay orgies and ‘murder’ scandals engulf Vatican

Separate incidents in Italy are latest for the Roman Catholic Church

Griechenland: 25.01. Neuwahlen und das Chaos geht weiter…

Diese Neuwahlen am 25.01.2015 und das was danach kommt, ist schon zum Desaster vorprogrammiert. Gruseliges schlechtes Timing von den Griechen…
Am Tag der Wahl haben wir zwar positive Transitphase der Mondin, doch leider wählt der DragonTail mit, die Merkur Destruction Wave schlägt zu und Uranus wird für viel Wirbel und Überraschungen sorgen. Diese Wahl wird ein Betrug am griechischen Volk sein. Neptun kreiert die Nebel, der DragonTail lüftet sie und Uranus/Pluto rufen zur Rebellion, Aufstand und Anarchie! Das Resultat? Chaos, Tot,  schmerzhafte Transformation, Wiedergeburt…
Ganz ehrlich? Mit Neptun kann man  in die Kirche gehen und beten oder meditieren und träumen, man kann in die Sauna, zur Massage oder schwimmen gehen,  man kann religiöse Würdenträger wählen –  aber um Himmels Willen –  doch keine neue  Regierung!
Armes Griechenland, viel Glück!

Kurssturz: Angst vor Euro-Aus Griechenlands erschüttert Aktienmärkte

Akropolis in Athen: Wirbel vor den Parlamentswahlen Zur Großansicht


Akropolis in Athen: Wirbel vor den Parlamentswahlen

Die Bundesregierung schließt ein Ausscheiden Griechenlands aus der Eurozone nicht mehr aus – und sorgt damit für Panik am Athener Aktienmarkt. Der Leitindex Athex bricht um mehr als fünf Prozent ein. Auch in Deutschland fallen die Kurse.

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Gemini FullMoon International

Gemini FullMoon International

This full moon lady will have a great impact on energy for the USA, as she is transiting across major planets in the US chart, creating disharmony to Terra and Pluto in America’s zodiac.
The coming two weeks will be a trend of serious concerns, problems and/or even the death for big national and international business, for financial affairs – especially if these are connected to joint funds, investments, taxes, insurance and legacy and it indicates the political/physical death of important and powerful/famous person(s) of the American government.
Since the USA will have a hurting deep Pluto (karma) impact, expect much more headlines in the news about sexual secrets, big money, drugs, child abuse, sex slaves and the connections to global politics, global business/banking, the Royals in the UK and other of the worldwide aristocracy/monarchies, the elite, entertainment business, stars and show business.
Some will fall into the trap of a public egoistical behaviour, offending those they come in contact with.

Speculative financial affairs are on high risk for great losses!
With this energy mix, the past will rise again for the USA and Pluto awakes the dead from their graves, raising their voices for justice… well, Saturn and Jupiter are involved, to take action.
Just like for Germany, the US chart indicates big state-funerals.

For Germany this lady full moon will bring serious trouble with a misdirected sympathy in the day-to-day affairs. Religion, ethnic, culture and/or political views and matters are on the rise again and surface in this trend, sending events of extreme attitudes, which will rise the eyebrows outside Germany’s borders. Since this full moon is in disharmony to Germany’s Neptune/Saturn/Uranus with Pluto also around – big karma will knock on Germany’s door and shocking secrets will be revealed. Mr. Edathy will be not the last one, ending on Pluto’s karmic list. What started – concerning sexual secrets and a Royal being involved – will also impact Germany. Be ready for big surprises!
Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, will have to deal with serious rejections from her own government, from people she thought, they are her friends, which will result later in blocking further plans for her career. There might be popping up secrets about her own past, which indicate a dramatic change about her status quo outside the country. I guess the spying of her friends where extremely fruitful.

She also should watch out for her health and hidden diseases.

The stars of Germany also indicate one, maybe two big state-funeral in 2015 of a former chancellor.

Many people will be misguided in this trend and hold their flag to the wrong cause. Educational, cultural and religious groups/organisations – even their goal looks so nice and bright and shiny – be careful who you get involved with! Be careful who you trust!
Travelling long-distance from and/or to Germany could be connected with serious problems. Bad weather/storms, electronic failures, delays or strikes are to expect.

Russia, the Taurus not the bear, will go through a heavy ride of instability and unexpected developments of a disruptive energy, which will activate sudden events concerning domestic affairs and family relationships, which will be very destructive. Especially woman (female energy) could be act in an unpredictable, an uncooperative way, which is a sign for Russia, to change their view of female energy!
New business ventures/dealings concerning joint finances, taxes, insurance, alimony and inheritance should be transferred to a better time – in a few days.
Relationships to other countries will experience more difficulties –especially because of the dramatic Ukraine issue, the sanctions, the manipulated oil price and major currencies at war (Rouble/Dollar/Euro – I told you, the Euro is a war-currency!!). Confusions, vagueness and shady/untrue information’s will create more fog than clearing it up. Russia need to pull back for a few days about reacting to any attack.
With those negative NeptunEnergies it will be advised wise, that the Russian people stay’s away from any emotional-oriented religious notions. Especially those, who are in the military/police. Russia has some of their secret enemies in the military/police/secret services – this is connected to a religion/cult and it is indicated that there is a controlling problem of some forces. This time it will be the water-borders/ocean, ports, ships, and submarines, that should be in special focus.

A great urgency lies for Russia in a realistic outlook. In practically relationships and safety plans for them and their neighbours – especially when female energy is involved. So Russia has with JupiterEnergy for a few days, the chance to realize the potential, that lies in female energy.
The lady moon always represents woman/female energy and in a state chart, the people.
Just like united Germany, Russia is a very young state, born in 1990 and this means out of the astronomological view: this new Russia is still a cosmic kindergarten of a world society, that is itself still in the cosmic kindergarten.

For Vladimir Vladimirowitsch Putin, this lady full moon has some serious surprises in store. She will activate sudden and unexpected events concerning home/family and the routine and/or family affairs, female energy/woman – so he should stay away from woman in the coming days, especially from Mrs. Merkel…

Iraq: US arming Isil … !? Stars for December 2014

“The greatest crime since World War II has been U.S. foreign policy.”
Ramsey Clark/Former U.S. Attorney General/President Lyndon Johnson

In the past times, my thought’s take off often to the wise and true words of Ramsey Clark.
Since End of November until End of December, two heavenly kings are in a serious conflict. One King is the rebel Uranus and the other one is Pluto, who never ever stopped being a PLANET.
The karmic Pluto resides till 2024 in the star sign of Sagittarius and Uranus till 2018 in Pisces. Both kings are activating the battles between the dogmatic and money-organized religions (Pisces) and the tolerant/philosophical freedom oriented religions (Sagittarius).
The deep tension between the transiting Pluto and the transiting Uranus indicates a trend of drastic upheavals in many life’s around the globe. This is a energy producing far-reaching and even permanent consequences. Termination is the goal. Termination of old friendships – personal/businesses/countries/governments – and/or group associations. The emerging circumstances will be dramatic, unfamiliar and strange and it is wise advised, do not fall for the trap, that YOU need to actively initiate changes. The changes are not in your personal power with this energy. Deal constructive with basics of life patterns you know you can trust and focus on security as well as on safety.
Changes are the result of natural/economic, social or political upheavals beyond personal control. Many will have to set goals new, in the light of new emerged circumstances. Cultivate your behaviour in public and do not get confused with apathetic, blind submissions. Better stay away from mass-events.
Many times I explained you about the serious DragonTail and his cosmic agenda in Pisces, which rules the Middle East, the $$$, oil, gas, religions and religious fanatics, drugs and money, just to name the most important. Some powers on this wrecked planet Terra, our mother ship in space, are misusing the energy of the DragonTail. Well, they try it and the result will be the exposing of their deceptions. Isil is and will not be the only shady religious private army trained and financed with/through the Dollar. I told you the Dollar is a religious-war currency.
All countries resisting “George Orwell’s 1984” , have or will face their own problem’s with secret armies. Question how long will they stay secret, as the DragonTail have fun with exposing. Now under the Pluto/Uranus tension, are two sides fighting about which dirt will be exposed about who.
Pluto and Uranus are mixing up friends and enemies and in some ways, all humans are affected. Countries are affected. Governments are affected. Old allies die, new ones form and/or old enemies come back to life – mostly in a bizarre way, like the protesting events in Leipzig.
Do we focus on world events and the stars, we have the USA and Russia. Once the picture of enemies. Than united in WW2 and now? Back to the old game. Never change a winning concept?! Or was it never really a friendship? Ask the DragonTail, he knows…
Anyway, one battlefield of forming new enemies, which was in process a long time ago, is mainly the Middle East.
How was this old quote of the Roman Empire? “You need to create the enemy today, you will need tomorrow!”
If one want to know, where his own secret enemies are located, look where Pluto and Neptune are in the own chart.
If one wants to know where a countries hidden enemies are, look where Pluto and Neptune are located in the state chart. That’s the places where you find political and military blackmail and/or nuclear blackmail/threats. You find the pressure from foreign governments (Saturn/Jupiter) and their actions (Mars/embargo/border issues/economical traps and/or economical blackmail) to receive control. By the way, Mars indicate the weapon trades, the condition/strength of the army/military and war willingly or of course how weak an army is, in a state chart. I can tell you, there is a country in the Middle East, every military dictator gets wet eyes, dreaming about having their military power.
Not to forget, currencies play a major role in all stages of this great war between the dying Pisces Age and the awakening Aquarius Age. Pluto rules also the loans, the taxes and the interest, so this constellation of the planets will activate more problems in those areas. Keep in mind, wars are not limited to classical battlefields – they are also fought out on the international financial markets/banks and stock exchange.
Some countries will be blocked by Pluto from installing changes and other countries will have the pressure from Pluto to install changes – even if they don’t really want to.
Many countries/govermnets will suprise their people with changes of laws, installed in secrecy. Well, if people like it, is another story.
At the 18th of December Sol is entering the Sagittarius and moving out at the 19th of January 2015. Sol will unite with PlutoEnergy around the 3rd of January, making the dates from 31st of December to the 6th of January 2015 a very explosive, shocking and danger. Since we move with Sol through Sagittarius and Terra through Gemini, there will be some more troubles are to expect. Mainly communication made in public, political meetings and discussions. Diplomatic relationships for countries born with Sol or other major planets in Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra will be a serious issue. Borders, border protection and inner safety is on the cosmic agenda. Don’t forget, Pluto brings back Karma and awakes it! Some governments will pull back. Some will be forced to pull back. Some will lose support from others, change their own support, which will have economical and political consequences for many people. Some countries get isolated, while others will open up (Cuba?).
USA, Russia or as example Israel, will be a huge part of the events. Some countries in the Middle East will have to face old and new enemies. (Tipp: watch the movie “Lawrence of Arabia” with Peter O’Toole)
Clearly spoken, our planet is a total mess and the energies moving in, doesn’t make it better. Sadly, a lot of freaks and fanatics will take stupid action’s. No matter if with a religious agenda or without. Or fake agendas. Or set-up agendas. Keep in mind, all religious branded countries no matter where on earth, are going through explosive times. You never know, where the next school is blowing up…or a church…or a temple… etc..
Emerald Tablet of Hermes
0) Balinas mentions the engraving on the table in the hand of Hermes, which says:
1) Truth! Certainty! That in which there is no doubt!
2) That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above, working the miracles of one.
3) As all things were from one.
4) Its father is the Sun and its mother the Moon.
5) The Earth carried it in her belly, and the Wind nourished it in her belly,
7) as Earth which shall become Fire.
7a) Feed the Earth from that which is subtle, with the greatest power.
8) It ascends from the earth to the heaven and becomes ruler over that which is above and that which is below.
14) And I have already explained the meaning of the whole of this in two of these books of mine.
[Holmyard 1923: 562.]
„That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above, working the miracles of one.”
We have the battles of the energies of the planets up there and we have the battles down here. And because it is the battle of the karmic energies (Pluto) against the rebellion (Uranus) energy, we will have to deal with old (religious) conflicts, dated back to the Osmanian Empire, fought out today in the Middle East, while other forces use the conflicts for their own agenda.
Well basically, UK and France made real bad mistakes, when they split up the pieces of the fallen Osmanian Empire. Especially in Iraq, they messed up big time.
Germany will face much more inner unrest and protesting with more united groups, coming from extreme opposite lifestyles. Germany needs to watch out about people, who bring their own wars with them. Also Germany will have to face karma: wars from the past, some from far away, arise to life again in German streets. With the extreme globalisation, the war’s went more “mobile”.
When a country is fighting “other peoples” war, in other peoples countries, they should not be surprised, that one day, some cosmic karmic energy, brings those wars in their own streets, of their own country.
Be peaceful, be happy and be safe!
Your Astronomologer


 Part of channel(s): Iraq (current event)

US has delivered weapons to the terrorist group ISIS (Daesh, in Arabic) in the Iraqi city of Tal Afar, west of the capital of the northwestern province of Nineveh, Mosul, which has become since last June a bastion these takfiri gangs, according to an Iraqi parliamentary.

“Three US aircraft carrying advanced weapons, clothes and food for ISIL, have landed at the airport in Tal Afar,” reported Sunday Nahla Al-Hababi, the representative of the Nineveh province in the Iraqi parliament.

Al-Hababi, without specifying exact dates, explained that the landings took place on three separate occasions and have provided terrorists a quantity of arms ‘which is sufficient for an army’.

The Iraqi lawmaker noted that military uniforms issued to members of Daesh are very similar to those used by peshmerga (Iraqi Kurdish forces), and possibly will be used in attacks against these fighters.





DragonTail @ Work: The Fall of the Dollar

There are very bad times waiting for the American Dollar.
The American Dollar was born 1792, based on the information of the “Coinage Act”, exactly it was the 2nd of April 1792 in Philadelphia, PA, USA. By analysing the path of the lady moon back than, the birth of the Dollar felt in a positive Transit phase, while she was entering the Constellation of the Leo, with the explosive Uranus near by and Mars, the king of war at the end of the Leo. Born with Sol, Mercury, the nasty DragonTail in the most religious constellation of the 16 in the zodiac and with Neptune/Jupiter in war, this already reveals the Dollar as what it is: a religious/cult –war currency. A neptunic currency. It always was and that will never ever change.

As we know already, we are living in the times of the great battles between the dying Pisces Age (Neptune) and the rising Aquarius Age (Uranus), which is a part of the greater cycles. The Maya’s had knowledge of these cycles, so did others. Right now the cosmic battle in the stars of the Dollar are to find in the areas of fanatic Religions, Oil, Gas, money, drugs, pharmacy, elements water/air, poison, deceiving, dreaming, disappointment, scandals/wars, institutes of governments, foreign politics, allies, useless hopes and illusion’s. In Neptune’s kingdom the DragonTail and the transiting Uranus have the effect of a cosmic house cleaning. I call this kind of energy the cosmic broom. Since Uranus as well as Neptune are Karma-Planets and the nature of the DragonTail is to bring Karma back to life, this makes the Dollar a losers illusion’s. I doubt that the Dollar’s real purpose and the show “for the people” are the same. Now, who REALLY owns the Dollar? Follow the path to where it came from! Reading the stars, the Dollar is a pseudo-currency. Wrapping is no guarantee for the fillings, is basically the message of the DragonTail. The future of the Dollar is the graveyard (Pluto) of Aquarius. It will be a dramatic and surprising shockwave through all of our life, when this happens.
Very critical times ahead for the crumbling of the Dollar and all related Dollar-issues (Oil), are from the middle of December 2014 till End of January 2015 and from middle of March 2015 till End of Mai 2015.
With the new moon at the 20th of March and the Sol Eclipse ( on the Dollars Sol and DragonTail, the battle rises to another stage. The road to civil unrest/war?

Source: RT

 Brazil and Uruguayhave switched to settling bilateral trade with local currency to stimulate turnover, bypassing the US dollar.

Payments in the Brazilian real and Uruguayan peso started on Monday. The agreement was signed on November 2 by the head of Brazilian Central Bank Alexandro Tombini and his Uruguayan counterpart Alberto Grana.

Both countries believe such a move would strengthen trade across Latin America.

“The agreement was the result of long negotiations between the countries belonging to Mercosur [the common market of South American countries – Ed.], as well as the global strategies of BRICS,” RIA quotes Carlos Francisco Teixeira da Silva, Professor of International Relations at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Silva says the measure is a “step forward” in Latin American monetary independence, and “the best opportunity for the countries of South America to get rid of the old mechanisms of economic regulations dictated by the United States.”

If the new mechanism proves to be successful, it can be further expanded to countries such as Paraguay, Bolivia, or Venezuela.

Alex Luis Ferreira, a doctor of economic sciences from the University of Sao Paulo, says “the Brazilian real is likely to be used as an exchange and reserve medium.”

In November President Vladimir Putin said Russia plans to leave the “dollar dictatorship” of the market and increase the use of the ruble and the yuan in trading with China. Settlements in yuan between China and Russia have increased 800 percent in annual terms between January and September 2014.

Dr. Udo Ulfkotte: The truth about massmedia

He is so right – with every single word he says. But for sure there are another forces in the background supporting wars, killing, butchering and conflicts and lies as many, as stars in the sky -calling it “holy wars” and “holy land”….

This forces are known as organized religions/sects.

Deutschland: Pressefreiheit wird nur noch simuliert

von Udo Ulfkotte

Unsere Leitmedien im deutschsprachigen Raum sind jetzt wie gleichgeschaltet. Sie berichten nur noch nach den Regeln der Politischen Korrektheit, betreiben im Interesse der USA Kriegshetze gegen Russland und unterdrücken den freien Informationsfluss. Mein väterlicher Freund Peter Scholl-Latour, den ich vor rund 25 Jahren im Krieg im Nahen Osten kennenlernte, hat mich stets darin bestärkt, vor allem jene Kriegstreiberei der Amerikaner nicht mitzumachen, bei denen deutsche Journalisten nur noch US-Marionetten sind. Nicht nur mir fällt auf, dass es inzwischen immer mehr dieser Marionetten in deutschen Redaktionsstuben gibt. Die Bürger da draußen werden belogen, betrogen und für dumm verkauft! Und deshalb unterstütze ich Aktionen wie den Tag der Wahrheit.

Dr Udo Ulfkotte journalist and author on RT Blows the whistle on Fake News!!

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars – FULL version from Michael Rivero

This Land is Mine

History of Religion – Geography of Faith and War

Religious peace, violence, & genocide

Religiously-based civil unrest and warfare


bullet “The war changed everything in my life and I was one of thousands forced to leave during the ethnic cleansing in my city. But they did not manage to change me. I have NOT learned to hate my neighbors and I never will.” Lana Obradovic, a student from Bosnia Herzegovina who lost many relatives in the religious conflict there during the 1990s.
bullet “Intolerance breeds injustice. Injustice invariably leads to rebellion and retaliation, and these will lead to escalation on the part of both making reconciliation almost impossible. It would appear that during times of stress, despair and frustration, people become increasingly irrational, and they do things which they never think they are capable of. And so we see hideous brutality perpetrated by the most gentle people.””Once started, religious strife has a tendency to go on and on, to become permanent feuds. Today we see such intractable inter-religious wars in Northern Ireland, between Jews and Muslims and Christians in Palestine, Hindus and Muslims in South Asia and in many other places. Attempts to bring about peace have failed again and again. Always the extremist elements invoking past injustices, imagined or real, will succeed in torpedoing the peace efforts and bringing about another bout of hostility.” Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia, addressing the World Evangelical Fellowship on 2001-MAY-4. 4

The role of religion in civil unrest and war:

Often, the media does not identify the precise causes of some of the conflicts around the world. Clashes are frequently described as being ethnic in origin, even though religion may have been a main cause.

The true causes of unrest are sometimes difficult to determine. Frequently, there are a mixture of political alliances, economic differences, ethnic feuds, religious differences, and others: 1

bullet In Northern Ireland, “the troubles” refer to about three decades of violence, largely between the Roman Catholics nationalist community who sought union with Ireland and the primarily Protestant unionist community who want to remain part of the UK. It was largely rooted in discrimination by the Protestant majority against the Catholic minority. Between 1969 and 2001, 3,526 people were killed by Republican and Loyalist paramilitary groups and by British and Irish security forces. An uneasy peace was attained by the Belfast Agreement of 1998 and has endured.
bullet The Rwanda genocide was mainly an ethnic conflict between the Hutu majority and the Tutsi minority. The religious split in the country (75% Christian, mostly Roman Catholic, and 25% indigenous) appears to not have been a significant factor. On the order of 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutu were murdered, between 1994-APR to July, mostly by being hacked to death.
bullet The war in Bosnia-Herzegovina was among three faith groups, (Muslim, Roman Catholic, and Serbian Orthodox). The Serbian Orthodox Christian attacks on Muslims sufficiently serious to rise to the level of genocide.
bullet The horrendous civil war in Sudan, called the Second Sudanese Civil War, lasted from 1983 to 2005, It had a significant religious component among Muslims, Christians and Animists. But inter-tribal warfare, racial and language conflicts are also involved. About two million died directly or indirectly during the war. Conflict has eased. A peace agreement of 2011 led to a referendum and independence for southern Sudan, which is known as the Republic of South Sudan.
bullet The Second Congo War (a.k.a. Africa’s World War and the Great War of Africa) started in 1998 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. By 2008, 5.4 million persons had been killed, largely from disease and starvation. Hostilities continue to the present.

A group of world religious leaders from the Buddhist, Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Christian, Jewish, Muslim and many other faiths met in Geneva Switzerland during 1999-OCT. They issued a document, The Geneva Spiritual Appeal, asking  political and religious leaders and organizations to ensure that religions are not used to justify violence in the future. Delegates believed that many of the then-current 56 conflicts have religious elements.

Current conflicts and wars:

It is important to realize that most of the world’s current “hot spots” have a complex interaction of economic, racial, ethnic, religious, and other factors. We list below some conflicts which have as their base at least some degree of religious intolerance:

Country Main religious groups involved Type of conflict
Afghanistan Extreme, radical Fundamentalist Muslim terrorist groups & non-Muslims Osama bin Laden headed a terrorist group called Al Quada (The Source) headquartered in Afghanistan. They were protected by, and integrated with, the Taliban dictatorship in the country. The Northern Alliance of rebel Afghans, Britain and the U.S. attacked the Taliban and Al Quada, establishing a new regime in part of the country. The fighting continues.
Bosnia Serbian Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholic), Muslims Fragile peace is holding, due to the presence of peacekeepers. 2
Côte d’Ivoire Muslims, Indigenous, Christian Following the elections in late 2000, government security forces “began targeting civilians solely and explicitly on the basis of their religion, ethnic group, or national origin. The overwhelming majority of victims come from the largely Muslim north of the country, or are immigrants or the descendants of immigrants… 5 A military uprising continued the slaughter in 2002. It split the nation into two segments. Periods of peace and violence have alternated as the country struggles towards stability.
Cyprus Christians & Muslims The island is partitioned, creating enclaves for ethnic Greeks (Christians) and Turks (Muslims). A UN peace keeping force is maintaining stability. 9
East Timor Christians & Muslims A Roman Catholic country. About 30% of the  population died by murder, starvation or disease after they were forcibly annexed by Indonesia (mainly Muslim). After voting for independence, many Christians were exterminated or exiled by the Indonesian army and army-funded militias in a carefully planned program of genocide and religious cleansing. East Timore won its independence from Indonesia in 2002. The situation is now stable.
India Animists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims & Sikhs Various conflicts that heat up periodically producing loss of life. Christians are regularly attacked in Orissa province by militant Hindu extremists.
Indonesia, Maluku Islands Christians & Muslims After centuries of relative peace, conflicts between Christians and Muslims started during 1999. About 6,000 were killed; over a half million people were internally displaced; thousands were forced to convert to another religion. Peace talks were initiated by the government in early 2002., the situation appears to be more stable with sporadic outbreaks of violence.
Iraq Kurds, Shiite Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Yazidi This is a country with three main ethnic and religious groups: Shiites, Sunnis & Kurds. For decades, one group has controlled the government, and the other two groups have suffered. In 2014, a new group invaded the country: ISISBy mid-2006, a small scale civil war, primarily between Shiite and Sunni Muslims started. The situation appears to be steadily improving since the coalition forces have withdrawn from the cities.
Kashmir Hindus & Muslims A chronically unstable region of the world, claimed by both Pakistan and India. The availability of nuclear weapons stockpiles are destabilizing the region further. More details Thirty to sixty thousand people have died since 1989. A plebescite would be the obvious solution, except that either Pakistan or India — whichever country polls show wold lose the plebiscite — refuse to allow one.
Kosovo Serbian Orthodox Christians & Muslims Peace enforced by NATO peacekeepers. There is convincing evidence of past mass murder by Yugoslavian government (mainly Serbian Orthodox Christians) against ethnic Albanians (mostly Muslim) Full story
Kurdistan Christians, Muslims Periodic assaults on Christians (Protestant, Chaldean Catholic, & Assyrian Orthodox).
Macedonia Macedonian Orthodox Christians & Muslims Muslims (often referred to as ethnic Albanians) engaged in a civil war with the rest of the country who are primarily Macedonian Orthodox Christians during the 1990s. A peace treaty has been signed. Disarmament by NATO is complete.
Middle East Jews, Muslims, & Christians The peace process between Israel and Palestine suffered a complete breakdown. This has resulted in the deaths of thousands, in the ratio of three dead for each Jew who died.  Major strife broke out in 2000-SEP. Flareups repeat. No resolution appears possible.
Nigeria Christians, Animists, & Muslims Yourubas and Christians in the south of the country are battling Muslims in the north. Country is struggling towards democracy after decades of Muslim military dictatorships. More details
Northern Ireland Protestants, Catholics After 3,600 killings and assassinations over 30 years. A ceasefire is holding.
Pakistan Suni & Shi’ite Muslims Low level mutual attacks, overshadowed by Taliban insurrectionists.
Philippines Christians & Muslims A low level conflict between the mainly Christian central government and Muslims in the south of the country has continued for centuries. More details
Russian Orthodox Christians, Muslims The Russian army attacked the breakaway region. Many atrocities have been alleged on both sides. According to the Voice of the Martyrs: “In January 2002 Chechen rebels included all Christians on their list of official enemies, vowing to ‘blow up every church and mission-related facility in Russia’. 7
Somalia Wahhabi and Sufi Muslims Sufi Muslims — a tolerant moderate tradition of Islam are fighting the Shabab who follow the Wahhabi tradition of Islam in a continuing conflict.
South Africa Animists & “Witches” Hundreds of persons, suspected and accused of witches practicing black magic, are murdered each year.
Sri Lanka Buddhists & Hindus Tamils (a mainly Hindu 18% minority) are involved in a war aimed at dividing the island and creating a homeland for themselves. Conflict had been underway since 1983 with the Sinhalese Buddhist majority (70%). Over a hundred thousand people have been killed. The conflict took a sudden change for the better in 2002-SEP, when the Tamils dropped their demand for complete independence. The South Asian Tsunami in 2004-DEC induced some cooperation. By 2009 the Tamil uprising was crushed by the government.
Sudan Animists, Christians & Muslims Complex ethnic, racial, religious conflict in which the Muslim regime committed genocide against both Animists and Christians in the south of the country. Slavery and near slavery were practiced. A ceasefire was signed in 2006-MAY between some of the combatants. 3 Warfare continues in the Darfur region, primarily between a Muslim militia and Muslim inhabitants. 8
Thailand Buddhists & Muslims Muslim rebels have been involved in a bloody insurgency in southern Thailand — a country that is 95% Buddhist.
Tibet Buddhists & Communists Country was annexed by Chinese Communists in late 1950’s. Brutal suppression of Buddhism continues. *
Uganda Animists, Christians, & Muslims Christian rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army are conducting a civil war in the north of Uganda. Their goal is a Christian theocracy whose laws are based on the Ten Commandments. They abduct, enslave and/or raped about 2,000 children a year. 6

* We are defining “religion” rather loosely here to include Communism.

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1999-JUN: NATO/U.N. forces occupied Kosovo and ended the genocide by Serbian Orthodox against ethnic Albanians (mostly Muslims). Most Serbians left Kosovo. Those remaining are being harassed; some have been murdered in retaliation for past crimes.


1999-JUL: Nigeria added to list.


1999-SEP: Ambon added to the list.


1999-OCT: Chechnya added to the list.


2001-MAR: Macedonia added to the list. The conflict has since cooled, and a political solution reached.


2001-AUG: Côte d’Ivoire added to the list.


2001-SEP: Radical, extremist Fundamentalist Muslims centered in Afghanistan attack New York City and Washington. U.S. and Britain invade the country. The extreme Fundamentalist Muslim government, the Taliban, were later overthrown and a new government installed.


2002-FEB: Muslim – Hindu conflict heats up in India, focused on Kashmir.


2002-SEP: Conservative Christians continue civil war in Uganda.


2002-SEP: Hope emerged in the Hindu-Buddhist conflict in Sri Lanka, the former Ceylon. The Tamil Tigers dropped their goal of independence when peace talks resumed during 2002-SEP after an absence of seven years. They are now willing to establish a homeland within the country.


2003-JAN: A coalition, largely made up of American and British forces attacks Iraq. This eventually triggers a civil war, mainly between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.


2004 & 2005: Little change occurs, as existing conflicts continue.


2006-MAY: A ceasefire was signed in Sudan between most of the warring factions. If it holds, the genocide there will probably downscale into mass murder.


2006-AUG: The situation in Sri Lanka appears to be degenerating.


2006-OCT: Thailand added.


2009-MAY: The Sri Lanka civil war concluded with the defeat of the Tamils.


2011-JAN: 99.6% of voters in the South of Sudan voted to separate from the North. There is hope that decades of civil war among Muslims, Christians and Animists may end. Unfortunately, attacks by the Sudan on border areas continue.

Dragontail im Pisces: Die versteckten Toten steigen aus den Gräbern empor

Was geschah in den Heimen?Forscherin entdeckt Massengrab in Irland mit 800 Kinderleichen

Die irische Regierung beschäftigt sich mit einem besonders düsteren Kapitel der eigenen Vergangenheit – mit den Heimen für unverheiratete Mütter zu Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts. Der Anlass dazu ist ein grausiger Fund auf einem früheren Heimgelände.
Ein grausiger Fund in einem kleinen Ort im Westen Irlands zwingt das Land, sich mit einem düsteren Kapitel seiner Vergangenheit auseinanderzusetzen: Den Mutter-Kind-Heimen für unverheiratete, „gefallene“ Frauen mit unehelichen Kindern.

Wie bereits angekündigt, werden viele organisierte Religionsgemeinschaften  bis 2016 vom DragonTail im Pisces unter die Lupe genommen und mit ihren dunklen Vergangenheiten konfrontiert. Die toten Kinder in Irland werden nicht die Letzten sein, die aus den Gräbern der Vertuschung und Widerlichkeiten wieder auferstehen.

DragonTail uncovers: Religious Mistery turned out as glow-in-the-dark-paint

We have seen the light! Mystery of glowing Virgin Mary statue visited by hundreds in Belgium is solved… after scientists discover it was covered in luminous paint

  • The mystery of the glowing Madonna has been solved after a team of scientists from Liege university discovered it was covered in paint containing zinc sulphide
  • Over 500 visitors came to see the ‘mysterious glowing Virgin’ in one day earlier this month
  • Police were even forced to post guards around a pavilion erected by its owners

By Belinda Robinson

I told you the DragonTail will uncover religious mysteries und myths and they will turn out to be very physically.