Finances: Urgent Message!



I told you month ago – Deutsche Bank is toast.

Just a quick urgent message: if you are dealing with the Deutsche Bank – get your money out NOW!


FullMoon in Libra/Scorpius and Ophiuchus 02.06.2015

FullMoon in Libra/Scorpius and Ophiuchus 02.06.2015
This is big karma time!
The FullMoon is exactly at 18:19h (German time).
How can it be, a FullMoon covers three star signs? Let me explain…
Well Libra, compared as example to Virgo, is a small star sign. Next to it, Scorpius, touches only with a small part into the ecliptic. That is the reason, why all planets – including the Lady Moon – travels so quickly through the Scorpius. Sol, as an example, needs only eight to nine days for the cosmic journey through the magic Scorpius.
The Lady Moon spends a few hours in Scorpius and based to her ellipse, sometimes passes him, without entering.
In June she enters Scorpius at the 02nd / 00:20h and exit him at 9:41h German time, to enter quickly Ophiuchus. Here she spends more time and leave this star sign at the 3rd of June at 20:12h.
Please, do not trust the mass-astrology an their calculations! They are bogus and do not represent the real-time astronomical ephemeris.
The next days will become for many of us earthlings a very busy time. The transit of the LadyMoon in Libra, started at 31st of May at 1:29h, is in general a period of increased social interaction/concerns about psychological issues as well as public relations. Legal matters (as example against the Clintons/or personal) rises in the public.
Since Saturn the strong teacher, went back into Libra at the 13th of May, this combinations activates a period of emotional depressions, often based on painful memories concerning family matters and/or unpleasant past experiences, reborn from the past. Both, Lady Moon and Saturn are karmic energies. As we learned already, the LadyMoon represents women, the female energy, home &family and in a state-chart the people (folks).
Saturn is the male energy, the father, the grandfather, authorities, the strong teacher and Uncle Sam.
All those areas will have to deal in this phase with obstacles to professional progress and/or problems. Dealing in financial affairs, public relations and/or delicate emotional family matters or with women, should be shifted to another time. Family responsibilities could place a heavy emotional load or difficult financial burden into your life. Those who have energies/planets in their own Libra (REAL Libras are born 31.10. – 23.11.), should expect the real heavy side of this transit.
In the few hours of the transit the Lady Moon travels through the secrets of the magic Scorpius, the weight of the energies are on finances, taxes, corporate businesses, financial affairs, joint financial affairs, sex secrets/dirty and or violence sex, drugs and black magic. And of course: karma. Scorpius is rules by Pluto, the God Hades of the underworld. And yes, he is still a planet.
Many people are likely to dredge up emotional resentments, based on previous finical and sexual dealings. Be careful what you do! Emotional confrontations connected to these considerations is a risky danger!
This FullMoon period is not favorable for surgeries, buying or wearing new clothing or jewelry.
Financial speculations turn out to be very problematical and/or result in disastrous amounts. Stay away from the stock market or any other investments. The initiation of any NEW projects is not advised during this FullMoon or in the following negative transit phase of the Lady Moon. Keep in mind, we are still in the Mercury Correction Window.
This is the time, to clean out old businesses. At home and work related.
With the FullLadyMoon entering Ophiuchus, more secrets are coming to light concerning health and the dirty business related to health, hidden truth about medicine/secret societies, Global Players (aka Monsanto), the lies about vaccinations and the poison in our food, water and secrets about healing. Many scientists, ready to spread the truth, are in great danger, risking their life.
Be very careful in all your actions, if you are born between the 31.10. and 18.12.
FullMoon Impact State-Charts

This LadyFullMoon will activate even more instability and sudden disruptive developments in the State-Chart of the US. Relationships from and to other nations and/or their governments, seems to suffer more damaging, than the global public notice. Behind closed doors, it’s the fight of the hidden enemies, the US will have to deal with. Friend and enemy change from one moment to the other and reverse. The US is in a risky period of an unusual freaky and provocative behavior against other nations (as example China), so bad, that they upsets their own home zone and environment. Even the American people won’t like it. Especially the women with whom the US will have to deal with – inside and outside the country – could conduct themselves in an unpredictable and uncooperative way (Merkel?).
Factors, totally unexpected, are a base for upsettings and/or overturning ANY previously fixed plans and expatiations. Focusing new business ventures, dealings and contracts concerning taxes, TTP, joint finances, inheritances, insurances, spy issues and alimony should be shifted to another, better times. Any restructure of this issues will make things only worse. Being eccentric or dealing with eccentric “friends”, organizations or groups, in this times – will lead to fatal failures. Especially if this matters concerns the state budget /national finances and all legal contracts connected to.


Even Russia, the Taurus, has better stars than the US, they will need to be very careful. This LadyFullMoon produces confusion in the handling of practical matters, concerning everyday duties. The Russian government will have to deal with written and all electornic communication, which will be greatly misunderstood, garbled, misinterpreted/overlooked and this will result in annoyances, more confusion that already took place und last but not least – inefficiency. The Russian government would be wise advised, to avoid unnecessary idle conversations (smart move not to enjoy the G7), especially with all issues related to work, international affairs and border issues. Russia will have to be careful, while dealing with germs (also made in laboratories/food/imported things), infections and places with unsanitary conditions. Sloppiness in dealing with household organizations, in clinics and foster homes, hygiene could affect relationships with others. A great risk for unwanted hazardous diseases could travel the Russia borders. Extra care should be also focused on imported items for the health sections.

In this period a diplomacy dealing with neighbors (Ukraine), other nations and coworkers is an absolutely must.


During this transit, it is the subconscious emotional factors, that come to rise in the Greece-Chart. Not the energy, to deal with the coming national bankruptcy. The LadyFullMoon activates a deep spiritual impact about ethics, imaginations, creative abilities as well as spiritual awareness. Since Saturn is around, Greece receives a powerful and extremely subtle energy combination. Sadly Greece is lacking discipline and this will result in unrealistic dreams, chattered by the dogmatic reality, the EU (Saturn) slams in their faces. Whatever the Greece government is into – they are wise advised, to stay away from any magical practice. You think governments don’t use this kind of “power”? Well, they do! Study history – of course not the one written by the winners in the official book for the public schools…
Do they still beg on Russians door for financial help? Of course they do! I do can understand that the Greece government reaches for any straw , but if Russia /Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin uses half of the smart brain, I sense in his stars, Russia sends Greece their own way. Because that is, what the cosmic powers expect. I am truly sorry for Greece, but with that DragonTail they have in their charts, they need to walk their own path. I told you before: Greece is a family state and are never ever be able to fulfill the law and order of the EU.
The state bankruptcy is not knocking anymore on the door of the Greece nation – it is already inside!

This FullMoon period is active till the 15th of June.

At the 16th we will have the LadyNewMoon in Taurus.

Be happy, be safe!
Your Astronomologer

Update: Saturn rocks Hillary

Flashback 13th of April 2015 – my analysis of Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Rodham Clinton: “Everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion.” Now, it is official – Lady Clinton is running for president. “Everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion.” – is one of her quotes for the election in November 2016. Well, Lady Clinton, by analysing your stars, this quote just nailed it to the point: …WANT to be that champion. Well, wanting something, is no guarantee for getting it and by the way, the Americans needs MIRACLES, not champions… Let us enjoy a mini time travel to the past. Exactly it is the date of the election on November the 4th, when Hillary was running against Obama, we pick. I guess, that lection back than, was not enough. Ok, she want to be tough, I understand that. If Obama really “won” and had been elected or actually selected, is another story. Last time at the election day, the negative DragonTail was melting the “power” away in the Clinton Chart and the stars decided extremely wise, for denying her the seat in the oval office. Well, this time, it will be Saturn/Capricornus/Pluto/Cancer, delivering their forceful energies. What is the nature of this energies? They proof the sense of responsibility and seriousness – especially all things connected to legal/illegal issues. He delivers difficulties, delays and serious obstacles – in her personal area. Having Saturn around so closely, affects always the health section and wakes up the sleeping diseases or malfunctions (digesting system/blood system) of the body on a serious level. The cosmic energies also point to secret/hidden diseases for her and/or her husband Bill. Any negative attitude she lives out especially in this expanded period, when Saturn stumble through the 1st house, it will be a time of separations her from others. This is not the time for her to go public and expand, it is the time to follow Saturn’s isolation and rules. Her personal ambitions will lead her into the classical Saturn trap. Actually, this is her personal Pandora’s box, waiting to be (re)opened soon. Her personal ambitions are the path to serious difficulties and obstacles and they are linked to legal, governmental and partnership issues. All this will be deep connected to her and Bill Clinton’s past. A separation or even divorce and a melted circle of friends/money, seems to be the result. Old wars and war activities turn up again and focused by the strong legal authorities. Partnerships, cooperation’s and co operations – mainly those kept in secrecy – will pop up in a total new light and sharp questions by the governmental authorities will be the result. Of course it is also about money. But anyway, Saturn (authorities) makes sure, there is no escaping. The sharp questioning will not go away. So to speak, they are carved in stone. They will keep coming back. Even important and so called solid cooperation’s, will bounce. There are no selfish motivations and/or ambitions allowed, when Saturn is around. The cosmic powers indicate in the time ahead to the election day, a unstable and lonely path for her. Delicate and/or dramatic family matters will load a heavy load on her life. High risk of accidents/personal danger are luring in connection with international and long distance traveling, foreign governments, religions or religion groups (extremists) and their leaders, with occult activities and/or “other peoples wars”. I personally, would be not surprised, if she not even make it to the election day at the 8th of November 2016. Even Lady Clinton will have to learn: When the stars rock you, it’s Saturn who shatters your world and wakes up the karma!

Which wars are on her karmic list?

USA war list, since 1980: El Salvador (1980), Libya (1981), Sinai (1982), Lebanon (1982 1983), Egypt (1983), Grenada (1983), Honduras (1983), Chad (1983), Persian Gulf (1984), Libya (1986) , Bolivia (1986), Iran (1987), Persian Gulf (1987), Kuwait (1987), Iran (1988), Honduras (1988), Panama (1988), Libya (1989), Panama (1989), Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru (1989), Philippines (1989), Panama (1989-1990), Liberia (1990), Saudi Arabia (1990), Iraq (1991), Zaire (1991), Sierra Leone (1992), Somalia (1992), Bosnia-Herzegovina (1993 to present), Macedonia (1993), Haiti (1994), Macedonia (1994), Bosnia (1995), Liberia (1996), Central African Republic (1996), Albania (1997), Congo/Gabon (1997), Sierra Leon  (1997), Cambodia (1997), Iraq (1998), Guinea/Bissau (1998), Kenya/Tanzania (1998 to 1999), Afghanistan/Sudan (1998), Liberia (1998), East Timor (1999), Serbia (1999), Sierra Leon (2000), Yemen (2000), East Timor (2000), Afghanistan (2001 to present), Yemen (2002), Philippines (2002) , Cote d’Ivoire (2002), Iraq (2003 to present), Liberia (2003), Georgia/Djibouti (2003), Haiti (2004), Georgia/Djibouti/Kenya/Ethiopia/Yemen/Eritrea War on Terror (2004), Pakistan drone attacks (2004 to present), Somalia (2007), South Ossetia/Georgia (2008), Syria (2008), Yemen (2009), Haiti (2010) and so on and on…

Result 17.05.2015:

Hillary Clinton’s brothers could cause major problems for her presidential campaign

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s two brothers, Tony and Hugh Rodham, could be a problem for her presidential campaign. Over the years, the pair has been at the center of multiple controversies for their business dealings and Republicans are already using them to attack Clinton. One aide for a rival 2016 campaign told Business Insider that Clinton’s brothers will definitely cause issues for her White House bid. “Will they be a problem? Yes. They underscore everything that people fear and hate about the Clintons,” the aide said. “They’re essentially the id of Bill and Hillary Clinton. A bunch of money-grubbing and opportunistic hillbillies with no sense of ethics, decency, or even legality.”

UPDATE 23.May2015:

Saturn rocks Hillary – her delicate past rises again.

I told you it will happen!

US : The US Military and the House of Death

The US Military and the House of Death

Do we take a close look into the stars of the US, after the astronomical correction of course, we focus Mars, the king of war, sitting in the house of the underworld, ruled by god Hades. Mars signifies military, army/armour, the military leaders, engineers, police, guns, weapons, explosives/explosions, fire, surgeons, criminals, crime, violence and aggression. He rules the men, sex-drive, the lower instincts and animally needs. Mars is the power for short term. It’s a energy of fast decisions – often to fast without imagine the traps and the results. Mars activates the time of overhead, explosions and military matters to the fore. The Mars of the US-Chart, was born in the house of the death. Mars was once, before Pluto the planet has been re- discovered in 1930, Mars was the ruler of the eight house and the constellation of Scorpius.

Hades. Pluto. World of the underground. The hidden skeletons in the backyards. He rules the corresponds to the morality rates, funerals, taxes & morgue, foreign stock markets and bonds. He exposes the real national dept (even the US went in hiding with the publication of the national debt), rules interest rates, inheritances, insurance companies, pension as well as Social Security benefits – pay outs. Public income and earning POWER from investments, deep-frozen assets and the financial relations between nations/debts from foreign countries. Pluto is about the hidden, secret deals and connections, as a result from Pluto’s transit through the Ophiuchus, the place of conspiracies, secret societies and forbidden knowledge about micro- healing, history, archaeology etc… By the way, Pluto rules the extreme destructive drugs, sex and power/money and he never, ever forget anything. He is very excessive. Especially what’s hidden so genius in the dark corners of the souls/life, is coming alive. Karma always come with a price tag.

Do we focus reality now, we can observe that this sex-scandal connected to the US military, is nothing else than the responding of the cosmic energy. For a very long time, the US and it’s military, will have to deal with this kind of pressure. The stars tell a story about hidden secrets, related to health/diseases of/from/to soldiers, betrayals in friendships, guerrilla fighters, armies for hire, secret wars and warlike activities for or against “friends”, behind their back. The Navy Bribery Scandal, will be fore sure, not the last one. Others will have written “murder” all over and it includes also mass-murder. More soldiers will “trip out” and use their weapon against their families, their children, friends or other soldiers, governmental/military facilities or/and themselves. Many problems for the army of the US are luring in the shady use of pharmaceutical and chemical drugs, causing astronomical sums of debts and damaged health of people. Also all the veterans with their psychic wounds and left alone from their government, will deliver strange events and tragedies. It seems there is an army with a dark shadow. An army without really an identity. A military, not really knowing what their purpose is and unclear/weak structures. Enemies within and under friends/groups. The scandal with spying here in Germany has for sure, never stopped. So now, there is a big chance, that the Ukraine-Russia/Putin-USA/EU-drama getting fed by delicate information/spying, causing fatale consequences.

The power of an army always lies in their health.

Analysing the serious constellations of Obama’s military, I get to wonder, if their Commander in Chief also deals with extremely healthy malfunctions? Surfing back in history, focusing former presidents of US, it is quite amazing, how many of them had a very poor health!

The military of the US fights foggy wars, for deceiving reasons against invisible enemies. But who’s wars are they really fighting? Well with Mars (fight) in the house of death (Hades) – it’s the bankers wars. Taxes wars. Currency wars. The wars on the Stock Markets. The wars of power and prestige. Actually, Mars on that specific position of the US chart, indicates the nuclear military activities (Hiroshima/Nagasaki) . Nuclear power and the controlling of the handling other nations nuclear energy (Iran/Pakistan/India etc.) seems another order for the US military. Foreign politics of the US, based on military actions – especially on foreign land – will cause very soon and for a long time – more delicate situations where patience and fortitude are required and not the fiery bullhead! In some cases, desire for power is the path for perverted, dishonesty, shady actions and/or misusing of occult power/knowledge. There is a strong tendency for some more corruption (big money/high positions/government!), blackmailing and/or oppressing, delivered from people with power. Real power. For sure, the US will find themselves exposed as parts of evil plots around the world. God Hades will open the gates for the American military-karma!

Military personal will have to face some more cuts of supporting and pay, higher taxes, problems with health care coverage, income and retirement/pension. Many will ask themselves: what I am fighting and risking my life for?

Explaining the combinations of other energies of the US stars, I explore, that secretly the Obama Care health insurance connects bitterly strong to finance more wars/military – and that will bounce back big time on them. The Obamacare had been right from the start an illusion of security.

Be happy, be safe!

Your Astronomologer


Did you Hear about the Navy Bribery Scandal Involving a Dozen Admirals, “Yummy” Prostitutes and “Fat Leonard”?

Published: April 11, 2015 Share | Print

This Source: All Gov.

One of the U.S. Navy’s biggest embarrassments continues to stir headlines and produce serious fallout for top military personnel. Two years ago, the fraud investigation of Singapore-based defense contractor Glenn Defense Marine Asia revealed naval officers had accepted bribes in the form of sex, money, tickets to a Lady Gaga concert and other valuables.

Chris continues to stir headlines and produce serious fallout for top military personnel. Two years ago, the fraud investigation of Singapore-based defense contractor Glenn Defense Marine Asia revealed naval officers had accepted bribes in the form of sex, money, tickets to a Lady Gaga concert and other valuables.

Uranus/DragonTail in Pisces: The Coming 3rd Empire

While DragonTail, Uranus, Sol and Mercury in dreamy-religious Pisces and LadyMoon in Ophiuchus, all Religions are touched by this mix of energy. As always, when the watery DragonTail exposes the secrets – Uranus suddenly pulls the trigger and things implode and explode at the same time. Last time zone Uranus spend in the same constellation has been from 1925 and 1932. Well, we all know what happened back than. Worldwide. Especially the rise of Hitler and anything connected to it. The open as well, as the hidden. One topic is the secrets of the Vatican, sneaking out at the end of the war, all those Nazi VIP’s… The 3rd Reich of the Nazi’s was a deceiving structure. It started with the PiscesEnergy and it died in them. So, the cosmic card played back than, was the one of “The Religion” and the currency of a neptunic character supporting delicate Empires and raise them to power or – destroy them. So, travelling from the past to the present, we face the same wicked games. Religion > Money > War – Empire.
Never change a winning concept?
Well, last time Uranus dived the deep waters of Religion and money, there where also a DragonTail around, the one from the Dollar Chart. Well, in short, it’s result has been the destruction in 1929 and the great depression, that followed.
Be ready, the implosions/explosions in all those described areas, will have to face some more troubles, scandals and surprises. Just like the new documentation about Scientology.
For the Vatican and the roman catholic church, the storms are adding up. This damn thing called karma, just won’t go away. Not even with tons of money and gold and material possessions. The universe send the cosmic cleaning broom for the big cleaning.
Like I said, many will have to learn, nobody is above the real cosmic laws. Even the religions and sects and so called spiritual groups will have to learn that.

Soon there will rise another 3rd Empire on this planet and just like others before, they will learn the hard way: never, ever rise an Empire, while the DragonTail sits in the backyard and Uranus clears up a dying age.

Gay orgies and ‘murder’ scandals engulf Vatican

Separate incidents in Italy are latest for the Roman Catholic Church

…meanwhile in the USA…

As I warned for a long time, the US is on the road to a 3rd world country…

Update 20.01.2015:

Wall Street Banks Slash FIFTY THOUSAND Jobs And Reduce Bonuses & Expenses As Profits Continue To Dry Up

– See more at:




Suncor to cut 1,000 jobs; Schlumberger cuts 9,000; BP expected to cut around 300 in response to low oil prices


Food stamp cuts may force 1 million into “hardship”

As states tighten their eligibility requirements for food stamps, that may leave as many as 1 million adults facing “serious hardship” next year, according to a new forecast.

Some of the country’s poorest will be struck from the rolls in 2016 as states re-impose work requirements that they had allowed to lapse when the recession struck in 2007, according to a new report from the progressive-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a think tank.

Jacksonville-based Body Central closing all of its 265 stores; 2,500 out of work

Jacksonville-based Body Central recently defaultd on $18 million of its debt.
Jacksonville-based Body Central recently defaultd on $18 million of its debt.

Just two days after it warned that it might file Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Body Central is shutting all of its stores and headquarters completely.

RadioShack prepares bankruptcy filing

Published: Jan 14, 2015 7:38 p.m. ET

 Struggling electronics chain, in talks with lenders, could file as soon as next month


By MattJarzemsky

DragonTail @ Work: The Fall of the Dollar

There are very bad times waiting for the American Dollar.
The American Dollar was born 1792, based on the information of the “Coinage Act”, exactly it was the 2nd of April 1792 in Philadelphia, PA, USA. By analysing the path of the lady moon back than, the birth of the Dollar felt in a positive Transit phase, while she was entering the Constellation of the Leo, with the explosive Uranus near by and Mars, the king of war at the end of the Leo. Born with Sol, Mercury, the nasty DragonTail in the most religious constellation of the 16 in the zodiac and with Neptune/Jupiter in war, this already reveals the Dollar as what it is: a religious/cult –war currency. A neptunic currency. It always was and that will never ever change.

As we know already, we are living in the times of the great battles between the dying Pisces Age (Neptune) and the rising Aquarius Age (Uranus), which is a part of the greater cycles. The Maya’s had knowledge of these cycles, so did others. Right now the cosmic battle in the stars of the Dollar are to find in the areas of fanatic Religions, Oil, Gas, money, drugs, pharmacy, elements water/air, poison, deceiving, dreaming, disappointment, scandals/wars, institutes of governments, foreign politics, allies, useless hopes and illusion’s. In Neptune’s kingdom the DragonTail and the transiting Uranus have the effect of a cosmic house cleaning. I call this kind of energy the cosmic broom. Since Uranus as well as Neptune are Karma-Planets and the nature of the DragonTail is to bring Karma back to life, this makes the Dollar a losers illusion’s. I doubt that the Dollar’s real purpose and the show “for the people” are the same. Now, who REALLY owns the Dollar? Follow the path to where it came from! Reading the stars, the Dollar is a pseudo-currency. Wrapping is no guarantee for the fillings, is basically the message of the DragonTail. The future of the Dollar is the graveyard (Pluto) of Aquarius. It will be a dramatic and surprising shockwave through all of our life, when this happens.
Very critical times ahead for the crumbling of the Dollar and all related Dollar-issues (Oil), are from the middle of December 2014 till End of January 2015 and from middle of March 2015 till End of Mai 2015.
With the new moon at the 20th of March and the Sol Eclipse ( on the Dollars Sol and DragonTail, the battle rises to another stage. The road to civil unrest/war?

Source: RT

 Brazil and Uruguayhave switched to settling bilateral trade with local currency to stimulate turnover, bypassing the US dollar.

Payments in the Brazilian real and Uruguayan peso started on Monday. The agreement was signed on November 2 by the head of Brazilian Central Bank Alexandro Tombini and his Uruguayan counterpart Alberto Grana.

Both countries believe such a move would strengthen trade across Latin America.

“The agreement was the result of long negotiations between the countries belonging to Mercosur [the common market of South American countries – Ed.], as well as the global strategies of BRICS,” RIA quotes Carlos Francisco Teixeira da Silva, Professor of International Relations at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Silva says the measure is a “step forward” in Latin American monetary independence, and “the best opportunity for the countries of South America to get rid of the old mechanisms of economic regulations dictated by the United States.”

If the new mechanism proves to be successful, it can be further expanded to countries such as Paraguay, Bolivia, or Venezuela.

Alex Luis Ferreira, a doctor of economic sciences from the University of Sao Paulo, says “the Brazilian real is likely to be used as an exchange and reserve medium.”

In November President Vladimir Putin said Russia plans to leave the “dollar dictatorship” of the market and increase the use of the ruble and the yuan in trading with China. Settlements in yuan between China and Russia have increased 800 percent in annual terms between January and September 2014.

UK: Child abuse/murder – Theresa May’s warning!

Just like predicted, the topic about child abuse, pedophiles is once again in the news and won’t stop for a long time. But this will not be limited to the UK. In the near future, we will get the lessons by the stars, this whole scandal spreads it tentacles all over our planet. Since we surfing with the sun through Pluto’s energy (Scorpius: sex, drugs, money, karma, past, death&re-born,secrets, spies, secret services, black operations etc.) till the end of the month November, we should be ready for more shocking scandals around money, sex and dark secrets coming to light. We learned from Pluto, that he is the master of karma. So to him it doesn’t matter, if someone is dead or alive. Remember the name Jimmy Savile? Do some research! One of the greatest serial sex-child abuser, who’s connections reached into the Royals, politic and churches – that’s the dark side of Pluto. Another scandal going on in the US with Bill Cosby (rape & drugs) is Pluto’s work to bring the past back alive! No change to escape…

Theresa May is a very fearless woman. May the stars protect her.

Be happy, be safe

Your astronomologer,


Historic Westminster child abuse and murder claims ‘only tip of the iceberg’ in scandal, Theresa May warns

Home Secretary suggests more allegations and revelations are likely during Andrew Marr Show appearance where she also admitted Government is ‘unlikely’ to hit net immigration target

Theresa May on The Andrew Marr Show

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, on The Andrew Marr Show Photo: Jeff Overs/BBC/PA

Revelations that politicians allegedly murdered and raped young boys is “only the tip of the iceberg” in the Westminster historic child abuse scandal, Theresa May has warned.

More here:

England: Land of Royals, Tea and Horrific Pedophilia Coverups

Finance:Alayne Fleischmann: “massive criminal securities fraud” in the bank’s mortgage operations.

The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare

Meet the woman JPMorgan Chase paid one of the largest fines in American history to keep from talking

She tried to stay quiet, she really did. But after eight years of keeping a heavy secret, the day came when Alayne Fleischmann couldn’t take it anymore.

“It was like watching an old lady get mugged on the street,” she says. “I thought, ‘I can’t sit by any longer.'”

Fleischmann is a tall, thin, quick-witted securities lawyer in her late thirties, with long blond hair, pale-blue eyes and an infectious sense of humor that has survived some very tough times. She’s had to struggle to find work despite some striking skills and qualifications, a common symptom of a not-so-common condition called being a whistle-blower.


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