Donald Trump: Move the Palestinians to Puerto Rico

…just wait, Trump will come up with much more absurd ideas…


29.08. Aquarius VollMondin

                   Aquarius VollMondin

Negative Transitphase  30.08. -12.09.2015

 Die Aquarius VollMondin liefert die Grundenergien bis zum 12.09.2015

 Destruktiver Elementenmix: Luft, Feuer, Wasser


Dies ist eine „explosive“ VollMondin die Uranus, der Herrscher des Aquarius, uns da aktiviert! Rechne mit überraschenden, plötzlichen und schockierenden Nachrichten. Die NASA/Raumfahrt/ISS, wird sicher ein Bestandteil dieser News sein. Uranus überlädt gerne die Elektronik, löst Unfälle aus und ist unberechenbar. 

August 2015 SuperMondin im Aquarius 29.08 060

SuperVollMondin im Aquarius 21:45h Hessen, Germany

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Japan: The Painful Future

As I mentioned many time before, the cosmic constellations draws a painful and dark future for Japan. Heavy restructuring and painful cuts rising in the near future. The future I talk about expands to the coming 15 – 20 years. Especially till 2020 the Japanese people will have to deal with many more disasters, financial and economical crisis, trouble with Nuclear Energy, political instability, food shortage, devastating earthquakes and storms/Typhoons and floating…

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The Great Destruction Of The Middle East

The Great Destruction Of The Middle East

Just wait, till Mars the Master of Wars, is moving into the dramatic und egoistic Leo at the 6th of September 2015. Military energy will boost up much more the global topics of  international national identities and the related confrontations, …

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US, NATO Allies Launch Biggest Airborne Drills Across Europe Since Cold War

Your tax money @work.

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  • Published on Aug 18, 2015
    The United States says it has launched the biggest allied airborne drills in Europe since the end of the Cold War. Nearly 5-thousand soldiers from 11 NATO member states are taking part in the four week maneuver dubbed Swift Response 15. According to the US army, the simultaneous multinational airborne operations began on Saturday and will take place across Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania. The training event is aimed at helping coordination among allied “high-readiness forces” and boosting their capacity to deploy rapidly. The growing NATO drills and deployments on Russia’s doorstep have drawn Moscow’s criticism. But the Western military alliance has defended the number of its military exercises as a response to what it calls Russian aggression against Ukraine. Click on image to goto translated article. Click on image for article. Click on image for article.


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