Gemini FullMoon International

Gemini FullMoon International

This full moon lady will have a great impact on energy for the USA, as she is transiting across major planets in the US chart, creating disharmony to Terra and Pluto in America’s zodiac.
The coming two weeks will be a trend of serious concerns, problems and/or even the death for big national and international business, for financial affairs – especially if these are connected to joint funds, investments, taxes, insurance and legacy and it indicates the political/physical death of important and powerful/famous person(s) of the American government.
Since the USA will have a hurting deep Pluto (karma) impact, expect much more headlines in the news about sexual secrets, big money, drugs, child abuse, sex slaves and the connections to global politics, global business/banking, the Royals in the UK and other of the worldwide aristocracy/monarchies, the elite, entertainment business, stars and show business.
Some will fall into the trap of a public egoistical behaviour, offending those they come in contact with.

Speculative financial affairs are on high risk for great losses!
With this energy mix, the past will rise again for the USA and Pluto awakes the dead from their graves, raising their voices for justice… well, Saturn and Jupiter are involved, to take action.
Just like for Germany, the US chart indicates big state-funerals.

For Germany this lady full moon will bring serious trouble with a misdirected sympathy in the day-to-day affairs. Religion, ethnic, culture and/or political views and matters are on the rise again and surface in this trend, sending events of extreme attitudes, which will rise the eyebrows outside Germany’s borders. Since this full moon is in disharmony to Germany’s Neptune/Saturn/Uranus with Pluto also around – big karma will knock on Germany’s door and shocking secrets will be revealed. Mr. Edathy will be not the last one, ending on Pluto’s karmic list. What started – concerning sexual secrets and a Royal being involved – will also impact Germany. Be ready for big surprises!
Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, will have to deal with serious rejections from her own government, from people she thought, they are her friends, which will result later in blocking further plans for her career. There might be popping up secrets about her own past, which indicate a dramatic change about her status quo outside the country. I guess the spying of her friends where extremely fruitful.

She also should watch out for her health and hidden diseases.

The stars of Germany also indicate one, maybe two big state-funeral in 2015 of a former chancellor.

Many people will be misguided in this trend and hold their flag to the wrong cause. Educational, cultural and religious groups/organisations – even their goal looks so nice and bright and shiny – be careful who you get involved with! Be careful who you trust!
Travelling long-distance from and/or to Germany could be connected with serious problems. Bad weather/storms, electronic failures, delays or strikes are to expect.

Russia, the Taurus not the bear, will go through a heavy ride of instability and unexpected developments of a disruptive energy, which will activate sudden events concerning domestic affairs and family relationships, which will be very destructive. Especially woman (female energy) could be act in an unpredictable, an uncooperative way, which is a sign for Russia, to change their view of female energy!
New business ventures/dealings concerning joint finances, taxes, insurance, alimony and inheritance should be transferred to a better time – in a few days.
Relationships to other countries will experience more difficulties –especially because of the dramatic Ukraine issue, the sanctions, the manipulated oil price and major currencies at war (Rouble/Dollar/Euro – I told you, the Euro is a war-currency!!). Confusions, vagueness and shady/untrue information’s will create more fog than clearing it up. Russia need to pull back for a few days about reacting to any attack.
With those negative NeptunEnergies it will be advised wise, that the Russian people stay’s away from any emotional-oriented religious notions. Especially those, who are in the military/police. Russia has some of their secret enemies in the military/police/secret services – this is connected to a religion/cult and it is indicated that there is a controlling problem of some forces. This time it will be the water-borders/ocean, ports, ships, and submarines, that should be in special focus.

A great urgency lies for Russia in a realistic outlook. In practically relationships and safety plans for them and their neighbours – especially when female energy is involved. So Russia has with JupiterEnergy for a few days, the chance to realize the potential, that lies in female energy.
The lady moon always represents woman/female energy and in a state chart, the people.
Just like united Germany, Russia is a very young state, born in 1990 and this means out of the astronomological view: this new Russia is still a cosmic kindergarten of a world society, that is itself still in the cosmic kindergarten.

For Vladimir Vladimirowitsch Putin, this lady full moon has some serious surprises in store. She will activate sudden and unexpected events concerning home/family and the routine and/or family affairs, female energy/woman – so he should stay away from woman in the coming days, especially from Mrs. Merkel…


Bottled Water: Is it really healthy or making sick?

By my own experiences, I can confirm the informations discussed in this article. I went through all: From meat eater, to a vegetarian and vegan diet drinking filtered tab water – and back to eating meat and good bottled water.

I can promise you, the worst decision I ever made, was my vegan diet and the filtered tab water. There is no way, to live healthy for a long time with a vegetarian/vegan diet – especially without supplements.

Forget it. Those who have been there, know, it is a trip right to hell and playing with the own life.

You can eat healthy as much as you want, if your combination in your diet do not match the needs of your body, you turn out being sick. Very sick. With lots of dysfunctions of your body and this is no fun.

The perfect combination of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium is just the start of a healty diet.

We know our body needs per day:

1000- 1200 mg of calcium

2000 mg potassum

300 -400 mg magnesium

1000 mg sodium – or equal 5-6g salt – of course when you sweat much, you will need more

plus all the vitamins etc.

If you get your 1000 mg calcium right per day – and yes you get it also from good bottled water and not from tab water (I saw this in the analysis from the tab water here) – you are far from being on the safe side of a healthy diet.

Exmple: My bottled (glasbottle!) water here in Germany contain:.

460 mg calcium,

58 mg magnesium 

15,5 mg potassum per liter.

Do the math for yourself!  So, of course I do need to find out, what I do need in my diet daily, to equal the imbalance. If not – I will get sick! Go to google and search for all the food and find out what they contain! Just to turn out in your diet with 2000 mg potassum a day – not that easy!

  So, if you like to eat very salty (sodium) of course you will need more calcium, because the body lose calcium when you consume to much salt… one imbalance activates another one  and any imbalance causes the body dysfunctions  – ergo the doctors diagnosis: “diseases”.


It is not just the wrong type of water that makes ill. You need  to focus the whole picture. It is the right combination of water and food, which makes the difference between health and illness. Between life and dead.


google the deficiency of potassum!

Is your bottled water making you ILL? From nausea to exhaustion and even osteoporosis, there may be a surprising cause…

  • Many of us have swapped a significant source of magnesium — tap water — for bottled water, which often has a far lower content 
  • Ahlem Gamri, 37, from London felt bloated and wiped out, no matter how much sleep she got
  • The recommended daily magnesium intake for adults is 420mg for men and 320mg for women 
  • Nutritional therapist Dr Christy Ferguson says magnesium deficiency is hard to diagnose
  • Mary Wood, 60, from Warwick suffered from acid reflux for years

By Anna Wharton And Claire Coleman For The Daily Mail

Ahlem Gamri was always sipping bottled water in an effort to drink the recommended eight glasses a day

Ahlem Gamri was always sipping bottled water in an effort to drink the recommended eight glasses a day

Like many women, Ahlem Gamri was always sipping bottled water in an effort to drink the recommended eight glasses a day.

As a consultant in the oil and gas industry, who travels around the world, she kept a bottle in her handbag to drink on the move.

‘It’s common knowledge that drinking water is fundamental in maintaining health,’ she says.

But despite her best efforts to stay healthy, she was baffled when she began to suffer from a range of symptoms.

‘I felt bloated and wiped out, no matter how much sleep I got,’ says Ahlem, 37, from London.

‘I tried cutting out bread and exercised more in a bid to boost my metabolism and snap me out of it, but I still felt terrible. I had odd symptoms that would flare up and subside without warning — muscle aches, joint pain, dizziness, palpitations, nausea.’

For three years, she consulted endocrinologists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, rheumatologists and immunologists.

Every expert offered different solutions to the symptoms — but none could explain what was actually wrong.

‘It wasn’t until I saw naturopathic doctor Nigma Talib that I got any answers,’ says Ahlem. ‘After a battery of tests, she identified I had a magnesium deficiency.’

Surprisingly, drinking bottled water can cause it.

This little-heard-of deficiency is surprisingly common among women — one survey found one in ten suffers from it, but some experts cite figures as high as seven in ten — and the effects can be devastating.

Sunny California: A nice home, a nice pool with a nice garden – and no WATER…

There are to many rich & powerful people on this planet who took the right away, of water being a fundamental human right. Well, this time the work of the DragonTail in a watersign, activates the payback for them and charges up to 15,000 $ a month for trucked-in water. 

…Bob Hazard, a retired hotel CEO who writes a news column for the Montecito Journal, says he would not be surprised if some of the town’s wealthiest are “paying as much as $15,000 a month for trucked-in water.”

Please, DragonTail, do not forget this one on your to-do-list:

But Chairman, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, believes that “access to water is not a public right.” Nor is it a human right.

I told you there will be tons of problems, concerning the element water:

“Rich People Trucking Their Own Water Into Drought-Ridden California”

USA: The Path to the 3rd World Country

Detroit: High and Dry—a Mini Documentary
Detroit has shut off water to thousands of the city’s poorest residents. Meanwhile, some of its biggest businesses owe millions of dollars in water bills. A VOCATIV REPORT

DragonTail: More water crisis on the planet

Sao Paulo Told to Cut Water or Risk Running Out in 100 Days

Sao Paulo risks having its biggest reservoir run out of drinking water within 100 days unless it starts rationing, Brazilian federal prosecutors warned.

Water utility Sabesp and Sao Paulo Governor Geraldo Alckmin have 10 days to come up with measures to deal with the crisis, according to a statement on the prosecutors’ website. Both may be sued to force them to start rationing if they don’t take appropriate action, it said.

The utility disagreed with the recommendation, it said in an e-mailed statement to Bloomberg News. “That measure would penalize customers and may have the opposite effect,” it said.

Efforts by Sabesp and the population have already reduced demand equivalent to a rationing regime that would allow water for 36 hours, followed by a cut in supply for 72 hours, the company said.


DragonTail: As predicted – Element water – expect more events like this!

Thousands of dead anchovies wash ashore in Oregon Coast town
Posted: Jul 29, 2014 9:25 PM Updated: Jul 30, 2014 12:53 AM By Ian Forrest – email

SEASIDE, OR (KPTV) – Brace yourself, Seaside. It’s about to get smelly.

Thousands of dead anchovies washed ashore along the Necanicum River in downtown Seaside on Monday.

The anchovies entered the river en masse from the Pacific Ocean and, unfortunately for the fish, there was only so much oxygen to go around.

“There’s just so many fish in this little tiny river that they deplete the oxygen and some of them start to die,” said Tiffany Boothe, of the Seaside Aquarium.

The unusually large anchovy run started to line the river after high tide Monday night.

“I saw thousands of fish and I thought, ‘That’s sad. What’s happened?'” said Penny Russell, who was visiting the coast from Portland. “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

For Oregon Coast tourists, it made for a unique sight. For birds, it made for a feeding frenzy.

Video here:


Know the past, predict the future:

Lebanon: 45 Days of No Rain Hits Farmers and Residents

Current demands for water are almost 900 million cubic meters per year, including 630 million cubic meters for agriculture. (Al-Akhbar).

By: Abdel Kafi al-Samad, Danny al-Amin

Published Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A water crisis is on the horizon in Lebanon. Last year’s rainfall didn’t exceed 15 percent the average rate, and the cost of well water has increased. Some Lebanese are starting to pray for rain.

It looks like Lebanese will be facing a water crisis this spring and summer due to unprecedented scarcity in rainfall. The country’s rainiest month, January, was no different than the summer. Now, it has been 45 days without rain.


As predicted, written in the Stars of the MoonSurfer:


Biblical! Turkey Just Stopped the Flow of the Euphrates River!

Turkey cuts off the Euphrates River

| May 31, 2014 | Comments


The Euphrates originates in eastern Turkey before flowing into Syria and Iraq. It’s the longest river in Western Asia and has been critical to the region for thousands of years, even being mentioned in the Book of Genesis and helping form the Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia. With most of the water forming the river coming from Turkey, the Islamist (member of NATO) is in quite the position of power over its neighbors. In 1987, a bilateral treaty was signed between Turkey and Syria ensuring a flow of at least 500 cubic metres per second from Turkey into Syria. In 1989, a similar treaty between Syria and Iraq guaranteed 60 percent of the amount Syria receives from Turkey. Two weeks ago, the Turkish government has cut off the flow of the Euphrates to Syria and Iraq after reducing its flow over the past month and a half.

Translation: Blocking and controlling the water for the Middle East. Oil/Gas for Water, Water for Oil and Gas. Well, many will find out soon, you can not drink the oil…

THINKING BIG : Politics : Ataturk Dam a Source of Power and of Conflict : Huge Turkish project shows how competition for water shapes Mideast.

All this conflicts will re-appear from the past and move to the next higher stage. Developements of the Element Water – and here we need to look at the big picture worlwide – will deliever many surprises, wars, conflitcs and reveal secret enemies and their dirty tricks, to expand power by controlling water. Expect many problems with dams – don’t buy the deceiving, about how safe they are… Remember, what they said about the Titanic…

The stars reveiled another interesting information: To blackmail somebody into doing something.

Who has REALLY the power over the dams in Turkey and who benefits?

As predicted: Be ready for serious problems with the element water and dams….

Dam crack in Washington raises breach concerns (0:41) 

March 1 – A 65-foot crack in a Washington dam has investigators worried whether it could cause a breach. Gavino Garay reports.