Get Ready for the October Surprise!



Mercury Retro: Surfing into Clinton’s Past


Back in October 2015, six days before her birthday, Clinton decided to quit the race, to escape the Benghazi-trap. But there are powers behind the public eyes. Powers who made sure, she keeps going.

Thirteen minutes later, this:

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USA. 2016 Election – End of Clinton-Dynasty


Not long ago I wrote, that the next chair for Hillary, will be the wheel-chair. The Clinton-Dynasty will come to an end, as their whole life falls apart. Also they will learn, karma (Saturn) always come back. No way to escape. No trix, no magic and no Wall-Street-money helps.—End-of-Clinton-Dynasty



USA/Clinton: When the Stars Rock you, it’s Saturn who Shatters your World and Wakes up Karma!

In April 2015, I already analyzed the US Election and Clinton.

I wrote:

Last time at the election day, the negative DragonTail was melting the “power” away in the Clinton Chart and the stars decided extremely wise, for denying her the seat in the oval office.

Well, this time, it will be Saturn/Capricornus/Pluto/Cancer, delivering their forceful energies. What is the nature of this energies? They proof the sense of responsibility and seriousness – especially all things connected to legal/illegal issues. He delivers difficulties, delays and serious obstacles – in her personal area. Having Saturn around so closely, affects always the health section and wakes up the sleeping diseases or malfunctions (digesting system/blood system) of the body on a serious level. The cosmic energies also point to secret/hidden diseases for her and/or her husband Bill.

I personally, would be not surprised, if she not even make it to the election day at the 8th of November 2016.

Even Lady Clinton will have to learn: When the stars rock you, it’s Saturn who shatters your world and wakes up the karma!

There are rumors in the net, about Hillary is faking this. This is with cosmic guarantee not faked. This is real. Her life is in danger! Strange is, that you don’t see Bill around her or hear any statement from him… He was not there, when she collapsed…

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Barack Hussein Obama: The Former Love-Child of the Elite in Free Fall?


Sadly, I can’t do an accurat analysis of Mr. Barack. The problem is, there is no real birthdate to find and for sure he ist not born at the beginning of August. I this would be true, he would have been on the high ride of his career – well, we all know, he is not.

So China made sure, the red carpet…