USA: Saturn Rocks Hillary Big Time – As Predicted in 2014!

Clinton in free fall!

Part of my analyze I did in April 2014:

Any negative attitude she lives out especially in this expanded period, when Saturn stumble through the 1st house, it will be a time of separations her from others. This is not the time for her to go public and expand, it is the time to follow Saturn’s isolation and rules.
Her personal ambitions will lead her into the classical Saturn trap. Actually, this is her personal Pandora’s box, waiting to be (re)opened soon.
Her personal ambitions are the path to serious difficulties and obstacles and they are linked to legal, governmental and partnership issues. All this will be deep connected to her and Bill Clinton’s past. A separation or even divorce and a melted circle of friends/money, seems to be the result.
Old wars and war activities turn up again and focused by the strong legal authorities. Partnerships, cooperation’s and co operations – mainly those kept in secrecy – will pop up in a total new light and sharp questions by the governmental authorities will be the result. Of course it is also about money. But anyway, Saturn (authorities) makes sure, there is no escaping. The sharp questioning will not go away. So to speak, they are carved in stone. They will keep coming back.

Even important and so called solid cooperation’s, will bounce.

There are no selfish motivations and/or ambitions allowed, when Saturn is around.

I personally, would be not surprised, if she not even make it to the election day at the 8th of November 2016.

Even Lady Clinton will have to learn: When the stars rock you, it’s Saturn who shatters your world and wakes up the karma!



USA: Army Boss Threatens War on Russia and China!

They are all insane!

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Vladimir Putin Xi Jinping War Graphic Alliance

World War 3 warning: US branded ‘REAL THREAT’ to Russia and China

Moscow and Beijing are squaring up to Washington as the superpowers face the looming threat of World War 3.

Vladimir Putin is on a collision course with the White House as he is accused of “war crimes” in Syria.

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Russia: War fear?


To be honest, looking at the real stars and analyzing the meeting between Mars the God of War and Pluto, God Hades of the Underworld in Sagittarius in a few days, wer are really have dangerous times ahead.

I do have fear, that the US might start a war, to cover up their  most scary election disaster in history. So far, Putin kept a cool head, but the other side of our wrecked planet, keeps going and going and won’t stop to wave the flag of WAR…

Russian Government Officials Told To Immediately Bring Back Children Studying Abroad

In Europe, when it gets serious, you have to lie… at least if you are an unelected bureaucrat like Jean-Claude Juncker. In Russia, however, when it gets serious, attention immediately turns to the children.

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The Coming LadyFullMoon in Sagittarius meeting God Hades of the Underworld

The LadyMoon will be FULL in a short time. Exactly it is the 2nd of July and touches deep into Gemini/Sagittarius areas. This will be a very special ground for the following two weeks of the negative transit phase, as Pluto will play a big role in this cosmic full moon party.
Get ready for fundamental transformations!

Stay tuned for more informations…

Impact areas:

Dollar > USA
Euro > Germany/Merkel
Stock Markets
EU: Spain, Austria, France, Portugal, Greece/Tsipras


Japan etc.

Nuclear Power (economical/political), Religions, Laws, long distance traveling, danger, chaos, political communication, natural disasters, more international terror, economical and political power, astronomical amounts of money, all or nothing, violance, dictatorships, debts/taxes/ accrued interest, credits

The Greek Tragedy: Where the Devil is to Pay!

The Greek Tragedy: Where the Devil is to Pay!

In my analysis back in Mai 2015 I wrote: “Tsipras Position im griechischen Volk sinkt in den kommenden Wochen von Tiefpunkt zu Tiefpunkt und es würde mich nicht wundern, wenn mili-tärische Gewalt gegen das Volk zum Einsatz kommt. Das wahre Ausmaß der finanziellen Multilöcher im griechischen Staatshaushalt zeigen sich erst noch und Tsipras Karriere wird genauso untergehen wie die Wirtschaft seines Land.”


„Tsipras position inside Greece will sink and sink in the coming weeks. The real disaster concerning the financial multi-layered holes in the Greek state budget has not emerged yet. The career of Tsipras will drown the same way, as the economy of his country.”

Greece Capitulates: Tsipras Crosses “Red Line”, Will Accept Bailout Extension

As mentioned many times before: Greece is a “Family State” and never ever was or will be in the position to fulfill the laws and orders of the EU. Tsipras is/was not really bad for Greece. One of the major problems is, he was never ever in the position to win the war of the wicked games, the banks with the help of the EU, played with Greece. Sadly Greece stepped into credit -traps, they did not focused in their most important details. I am sure Tsipras realized it, but he missed to take his time and give his folk the time, to prepare for leaving the trap of the Euro zone. Basically, it was the right move at the wrong time, without doing the home-work right.
The transiting Sol squares now the native Lady Moon of Greece. In a state chart Sol (male energy) is the leader (or king) of a government/state and LadyMoon always represent the folk and women (female energy). The next few days will be filled with difficulties concerning families, domestic and financial affairs and problems, when the secret cuts made in secret by the Greek government, hits the Greek folks and especially the families. Even we are in the positive transit phase of the LadyMoon – The Greek government would be advised well, not to ask anybody for money right now. Not to ask for favors from those in power or high positions, nor any authorities. This is not a good time for financial speculations, dealing with real estate or sign contract concerning the state budget. If they go for this, the result will be less money than before and losses, the people don’t know about yet, will turn out as a total shock. Even it might look like a solution in a short time – when Sol transiting Greeks Saturn soon – the loss will go public and the Greek people will not be amused.
The big winner will be again, the banks and the losers will be: Land owners, farmers, mine operators/workers (Greece has goldmines and much, much more!), the elderly people and anything connected to them as well as public buildings/workers.
Than, Sol/Saturn will show where devil is to pay! Sol/Saturn will show without any mercy the devil’s pay associated with misfortune and more crumbling trust from the Greek people into their government, the EU and the Euro.
Chances a very high, that the EU/Greek government and the rest of the planet Terra, will have to face soon, that the Greek folk is not weak. That is something they are all underestimating! The Greek people are not weak. They have Pluto’s power…
Greek born with a strong tension between the Greek folk and their government, has the most difficult energy a state chart can win in the karmic lottery. If there are enough negative emotional experiences saved up and stimulated by other forces – hell will lose! Both – the folk and the government – are easily trapped in past memories and lose to easily the focus of the HERE and NOW. Sadly, the pressure of the EU is not very helpful, as they are one of the forces, triggering this destructive cycles. By the way, the banks used this energy also, when they tricked Greece into more debt, while they had the Dollar sings in their eyes and Greece snapped the great illusion of the helping straw. You should do some research about the treasures of the soil in Greece. Well, the bankers did…
Looking out to the rest of the month of June and into July/August/September till the end of October 2015, expect surprising news from Greece. Impulsive acts, overexertion, conflicts of power (government vs people/people vs government/government vs EU/EU vs people) are likely to arise more and more in the open. Meaning: Riots. Protesting. Rebellion. This involves police and military actions and indicates a time of serious matters concerning life and death. There is a big chance, that the desire for power and dominance, if carried to excess, could turn out into ruthless and/or destructive tactics to reach the need for power. This involves foreign powers (money), countries and of course the authorities of the EU.
What a mess!

USA: The Path to the 3rd World Country

Detroit: High and Dry—a Mini Documentary
Detroit has shut off water to thousands of the city’s poorest residents. Meanwhile, some of its biggest businesses owe millions of dollars in water bills. A VOCATIV REPORT

DragonTail: More water crisis on the planet

Sao Paulo Told to Cut Water or Risk Running Out in 100 Days

Sao Paulo risks having its biggest reservoir run out of drinking water within 100 days unless it starts rationing, Brazilian federal prosecutors warned.

Water utility Sabesp and Sao Paulo Governor Geraldo Alckmin have 10 days to come up with measures to deal with the crisis, according to a statement on the prosecutors’ website. Both may be sued to force them to start rationing if they don’t take appropriate action, it said.

The utility disagreed with the recommendation, it said in an e-mailed statement to Bloomberg News. “That measure would penalize customers and may have the opposite effect,” it said.

Efforts by Sabesp and the population have already reduced demand equivalent to a rationing regime that would allow water for 36 hours, followed by a cut in supply for 72 hours, the company said.


USA/Detroit Water War: PlutoCRACY @ work

Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

…well, if you are interested to know who is so, hmmm, arrogant and said this:

Peter Brabeck.jpg

Thousands march in Detroit as “heartless” water shut-offs continue

By Sarah Lazare | Common Dreams

As crisis deepens, so does local resistance, say organizers

Thousands of people are expected to march through Detroit’s streets Friday afternoon to demand a moratorium on the city’s mass shut-offs of water to households, which they say has unleashed a public health emergency.

Dozens of local, national, and international organizations and unions are backing the rally, which is calling for an immediate renewal of water services to thousands of residences that have already been disconnected, with tens of thousands more slated to be next. “The more attention we can bring to this moment, the more likely we are to get action to alleviate a crisis that doesn’t have to happen,” Shea Howell of the communications working group for Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management and the People’s Water Board told Common Dreams.

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) announced last month it is implementing a plan to escalate the disconnection of water to households that have fallen behind on their bills to 3,000 a month. Nearly half of all residents are behind on their water payments—a pool that is likely to expand further as the city continues to increase its water rates and cut public services, including welfare and public pensions.


Prediction came true: Bitcoin gone

‘Where’s our money?’: Bitcoin investor may have lost £200,000 in £225million ‘virtual bank job’ on currency exchange as chief executive breaks his silence

  • Bitcoin value has fallen from high of £700 in December to nearer £300 today
  • Kolin Burges, 40, fears he has lost 250 Bitcoins deposited with the exchange
  • Mt Gox closed after 744,000 Bitcoins were apparently stolen
  • Fears that the crisis could trigger the demise of the virtual currency

People, any virtual currency has no real  energy, no real basic, no real structures. it is created out of the foggy chemtrails. This is no REAL money. And by the way, the Euro is a war currency. Exactly it is a neptunic-deceiving- religious-war-currency.Deceiving for the families, especially for the women.The Euro showed his true face to the people, when they recognized how many working slaves for little money are doing the hard work, with no rights. There where many scandals in the german press about that. All this people working full time and more and still need to beg at the governments back doors. Well, that was what the Euro was created for. Never forget, happy people don’t go and fight in wars.

Dragontail/Uranus in action: BANK RUN – I hate to say it, but, I told you it will happen!

BANK RUNS SPREADING TO SEVERAL COUNTRIES!!! Japan GDP Collapse, Spain Bad Debt Record, German ZEW Drops, Empire Fed, US Homebuilder Homebuilder Confidence Tumbles.

BANK RUNS SPREADING TO SEVERAL COUNTRIES!!! Japan GDP Collapse, Spain Bad Debt Record, German ZEW Drops, Empire Fed, US Homebuilder Homebuilder Confidence Tumbles.