The Great Destruction Of The Middle East

The Great Destruction Of The Middle East

Just wait, till Mars the Master of Wars, is moving into the dramatic und egoistic Leo at the 6th of September 2015. Military energy will boost up much more the global topics of  international national identities and the related confrontations, …

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US : The US Military and the House of Death

The US Military and the House of Death

Do we take a close look into the stars of the US, after the astronomical correction of course, we focus Mars, the king of war, sitting in the house of the underworld, ruled by god Hades. Mars signifies military, army/armour, the military leaders, engineers, police, guns, weapons, explosives/explosions, fire, surgeons, criminals, crime, violence and aggression. He rules the men, sex-drive, the lower instincts and animally needs. Mars is the power for short term. It’s a energy of fast decisions – often to fast without imagine the traps and the results. Mars activates the time of overhead, explosions and military matters to the fore. The Mars of the US-Chart, was born in the house of the death. Mars was once, before Pluto the planet has been re- discovered in 1930, Mars was the ruler of the eight house and the constellation of Scorpius.

Hades. Pluto. World of the underground. The hidden skeletons in the backyards. He rules the corresponds to the morality rates, funerals, taxes & morgue, foreign stock markets and bonds. He exposes the real national dept (even the US went in hiding with the publication of the national debt), rules interest rates, inheritances, insurance companies, pension as well as Social Security benefits – pay outs. Public income and earning POWER from investments, deep-frozen assets and the financial relations between nations/debts from foreign countries. Pluto is about the hidden, secret deals and connections, as a result from Pluto’s transit through the Ophiuchus, the place of conspiracies, secret societies and forbidden knowledge about micro- healing, history, archaeology etc… By the way, Pluto rules the extreme destructive drugs, sex and power/money and he never, ever forget anything. He is very excessive. Especially what’s hidden so genius in the dark corners of the souls/life, is coming alive. Karma always come with a price tag.

Do we focus reality now, we can observe that this sex-scandal connected to the US military, is nothing else than the responding of the cosmic energy. For a very long time, the US and it’s military, will have to deal with this kind of pressure. The stars tell a story about hidden secrets, related to health/diseases of/from/to soldiers, betrayals in friendships, guerrilla fighters, armies for hire, secret wars and warlike activities for or against “friends”, behind their back. The Navy Bribery Scandal, will be fore sure, not the last one. Others will have written “murder” all over and it includes also mass-murder. More soldiers will “trip out” and use their weapon against their families, their children, friends or other soldiers, governmental/military facilities or/and themselves. Many problems for the army of the US are luring in the shady use of pharmaceutical and chemical drugs, causing astronomical sums of debts and damaged health of people. Also all the veterans with their psychic wounds and left alone from their government, will deliver strange events and tragedies. It seems there is an army with a dark shadow. An army without really an identity. A military, not really knowing what their purpose is and unclear/weak structures. Enemies within and under friends/groups. The scandal with spying here in Germany has for sure, never stopped. So now, there is a big chance, that the Ukraine-Russia/Putin-USA/EU-drama getting fed by delicate information/spying, causing fatale consequences.

The power of an army always lies in their health.

Analysing the serious constellations of Obama’s military, I get to wonder, if their Commander in Chief also deals with extremely healthy malfunctions? Surfing back in history, focusing former presidents of US, it is quite amazing, how many of them had a very poor health!

The military of the US fights foggy wars, for deceiving reasons against invisible enemies. But who’s wars are they really fighting? Well with Mars (fight) in the house of death (Hades) – it’s the bankers wars. Taxes wars. Currency wars. The wars on the Stock Markets. The wars of power and prestige. Actually, Mars on that specific position of the US chart, indicates the nuclear military activities (Hiroshima/Nagasaki) . Nuclear power and the controlling of the handling other nations nuclear energy (Iran/Pakistan/India etc.) seems another order for the US military. Foreign politics of the US, based on military actions – especially on foreign land – will cause very soon and for a long time – more delicate situations where patience and fortitude are required and not the fiery bullhead! In some cases, desire for power is the path for perverted, dishonesty, shady actions and/or misusing of occult power/knowledge. There is a strong tendency for some more corruption (big money/high positions/government!), blackmailing and/or oppressing, delivered from people with power. Real power. For sure, the US will find themselves exposed as parts of evil plots around the world. God Hades will open the gates for the American military-karma!

Military personal will have to face some more cuts of supporting and pay, higher taxes, problems with health care coverage, income and retirement/pension. Many will ask themselves: what I am fighting and risking my life for?

Explaining the combinations of other energies of the US stars, I explore, that secretly the Obama Care health insurance connects bitterly strong to finance more wars/military – and that will bounce back big time on them. The Obamacare had been right from the start an illusion of security.

Be happy, be safe!

Your Astronomologer


Did you Hear about the Navy Bribery Scandal Involving a Dozen Admirals, “Yummy” Prostitutes and “Fat Leonard”?

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This Source: All Gov.

One of the U.S. Navy’s biggest embarrassments continues to stir headlines and produce serious fallout for top military personnel. Two years ago, the fraud investigation of Singapore-based defense contractor Glenn Defense Marine Asia revealed naval officers had accepted bribes in the form of sex, money, tickets to a Lady Gaga concert and other valuables.

Chris continues to stir headlines and produce serious fallout for top military personnel. Two years ago, the fraud investigation of Singapore-based defense contractor Glenn Defense Marine Asia revealed naval officers had accepted bribes in the form of sex, money, tickets to a Lady Gaga concert and other valuables.

Nato: Russia join the “Anti-Terror Ally”?

The danger in this is, that the Nato knocks on Russia’s door. Looking at the past, all this “Anti-Terror-Ally” dragged us in this evil mess in the first place…
With Sol/Pluto/NeptuneEnergies in Sagittarius it will be wise, to take no action and no agreement now, as of the danger of being trapped in something behind Neptune’s fog. There are important facts missing or hidden in purpose and there is no clear sight. Never, ever sign contracts under a wounded Neptune!

Where Sagittarius, Pluto and Neptune are involved, you always find the Religion’s, their hidden agenda’s and targets. If you find in a state-chart Mars (Military/Police/Energy/Dynamic/speed/male energies/sex etc.) in Pisces or negative to Neptune, all his qualities are soft/weak/deceiving/drugs/traps/secrets/mental illness/antidepressants/hospitals/hidden places. If a man has this constellation, he will have problem’s with sexual life or potency.
Having Mars in such a unlucky position in a state-chart…

NATO calls Russia anti-terror ally after Paris attack

Published time: January 08, 2015 16:01

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (AFP Photo/John Thys)

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (AFP Photo/John Thys)

NATO, which was at loggerheads with Russia over the Ukrainian crisis, will be seeking ‘a more cooperative and constructive relationship’ with Moscow in the fight against terror, the block’s chief said after Wednesday’s deadly attack in Paris.


Europe: When US-Military closes bases….

…it is nothing else, than troops being moved. I let you guess, what that new locations will be and what is the real reason for this. This is Sol/Pluto in Sagittarius and Russia will need to watch out for their borders.

Pentagon cutting expenses, consolidating bases in Europe

Published time: January 08, 2015 19:11

Soldiers of the 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry Regiments of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Teams (Luftlandebrigade) enter a CH-47 'Chinook' helicopter during an exercise at the U.S. military base in Grafenwoehr. (Reuters/Michaela Rehle)

Soldiers of the 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry Regiments of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Teams (Luftlandebrigade) enter a CH-47 ‘Chinook’ helicopter during an exercise at the U.S. military base in Grafenwoehr. (Reuters/Michaela Rehle)

The United States Department of Defense has announced a restructuring of operations in Europe, including the closure of 15 American bases that will be offered over to host nations.

Europe: Paris – shooting kills 12

UPDATE 09.01.:


I hope you remember what I said about be careful who you raise your flag for? What I said about “wrappings” are no guarantee for the ingredients? To often the religions are just a tool for secret  and hidden motivations.
France, Germany and Russia are in great danger till middle of March 2015!
Mr. Putin, you have an unlucky bad timing with the open door to foreign fighters – your military is born in Neptune’s kingdom…

Breaking news

‘Three criminals’ involved in Charlie Hebdo attacks – French interior minister

12 dead in shooting at French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Published time: January 07, 2015 11:02
Edited time: January 07, 2015 14:41

Twelve people, 10 journalists and two policemen, have been killed, and 10 others wounded in the shooting massacre at the Paris headquarters of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Three of the wounded are in critical condition.




The hooded gunmen stormed the offices at 11.30 am Paris time (10.30 am GMT), reportedly having forced a staff member to open the door at gunpoint.

They shot Wolinski, Cabu… it lasted about five minutes… I took cover under a desk… they spoke perfect French… they said they were Al-Qaida,” cartoonist Corine Rey, aka “Coco”, was quoted as saying by the weekly Humanité. The woman told the paper she was the one who let the men inside, with them pointing a gun at her.

Gemini FullMoon International

Gemini FullMoon International

This full moon lady will have a great impact on energy for the USA, as she is transiting across major planets in the US chart, creating disharmony to Terra and Pluto in America’s zodiac.
The coming two weeks will be a trend of serious concerns, problems and/or even the death for big national and international business, for financial affairs – especially if these are connected to joint funds, investments, taxes, insurance and legacy and it indicates the political/physical death of important and powerful/famous person(s) of the American government.
Since the USA will have a hurting deep Pluto (karma) impact, expect much more headlines in the news about sexual secrets, big money, drugs, child abuse, sex slaves and the connections to global politics, global business/banking, the Royals in the UK and other of the worldwide aristocracy/monarchies, the elite, entertainment business, stars and show business.
Some will fall into the trap of a public egoistical behaviour, offending those they come in contact with.

Speculative financial affairs are on high risk for great losses!
With this energy mix, the past will rise again for the USA and Pluto awakes the dead from their graves, raising their voices for justice… well, Saturn and Jupiter are involved, to take action.
Just like for Germany, the US chart indicates big state-funerals.

For Germany this lady full moon will bring serious trouble with a misdirected sympathy in the day-to-day affairs. Religion, ethnic, culture and/or political views and matters are on the rise again and surface in this trend, sending events of extreme attitudes, which will rise the eyebrows outside Germany’s borders. Since this full moon is in disharmony to Germany’s Neptune/Saturn/Uranus with Pluto also around – big karma will knock on Germany’s door and shocking secrets will be revealed. Mr. Edathy will be not the last one, ending on Pluto’s karmic list. What started – concerning sexual secrets and a Royal being involved – will also impact Germany. Be ready for big surprises!
Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, will have to deal with serious rejections from her own government, from people she thought, they are her friends, which will result later in blocking further plans for her career. There might be popping up secrets about her own past, which indicate a dramatic change about her status quo outside the country. I guess the spying of her friends where extremely fruitful.

She also should watch out for her health and hidden diseases.

The stars of Germany also indicate one, maybe two big state-funeral in 2015 of a former chancellor.

Many people will be misguided in this trend and hold their flag to the wrong cause. Educational, cultural and religious groups/organisations – even their goal looks so nice and bright and shiny – be careful who you get involved with! Be careful who you trust!
Travelling long-distance from and/or to Germany could be connected with serious problems. Bad weather/storms, electronic failures, delays or strikes are to expect.

Russia, the Taurus not the bear, will go through a heavy ride of instability and unexpected developments of a disruptive energy, which will activate sudden events concerning domestic affairs and family relationships, which will be very destructive. Especially woman (female energy) could be act in an unpredictable, an uncooperative way, which is a sign for Russia, to change their view of female energy!
New business ventures/dealings concerning joint finances, taxes, insurance, alimony and inheritance should be transferred to a better time – in a few days.
Relationships to other countries will experience more difficulties –especially because of the dramatic Ukraine issue, the sanctions, the manipulated oil price and major currencies at war (Rouble/Dollar/Euro – I told you, the Euro is a war-currency!!). Confusions, vagueness and shady/untrue information’s will create more fog than clearing it up. Russia need to pull back for a few days about reacting to any attack.
With those negative NeptunEnergies it will be advised wise, that the Russian people stay’s away from any emotional-oriented religious notions. Especially those, who are in the military/police. Russia has some of their secret enemies in the military/police/secret services – this is connected to a religion/cult and it is indicated that there is a controlling problem of some forces. This time it will be the water-borders/ocean, ports, ships, and submarines, that should be in special focus.

A great urgency lies for Russia in a realistic outlook. In practically relationships and safety plans for them and their neighbours – especially when female energy is involved. So Russia has with JupiterEnergy for a few days, the chance to realize the potential, that lies in female energy.
The lady moon always represents woman/female energy and in a state chart, the people.
Just like united Germany, Russia is a very young state, born in 1990 and this means out of the astronomological view: this new Russia is still a cosmic kindergarten of a world society, that is itself still in the cosmic kindergarten.

For Vladimir Vladimirowitsch Putin, this lady full moon has some serious surprises in store. She will activate sudden and unexpected events concerning home/family and the routine and/or family affairs, female energy/woman – so he should stay away from woman in the coming days, especially from Mrs. Merkel…

USA: Obama just lost another “star”…

Whow, he will pay for dis-respecting military rules! And he suppose to be the commander-in-chief? He will never be. Even he just startet to bomb the 7th country, since he is in charge.

Obama’s tea cup salute tempest: Commander-in-chief sparks fury by saluting Marines with a drink in his hand

  • President was exiting his Marine One helicopter after landing in New York City for speeches about global warming and fighting ISIS in Syria
  • Commander-in-chief is a military title that entitles Obama to a salute, and he’s expected to return the gesture
  • On Tuesday he saluted two uniformed US Marines while holding a cup in his hand, a breach that won’t win him fans among veterans or servicemen
  • Twitter erupted with the president’s indignant detractors
  • The White House put a short video of his arrival in New York on its own Instagram page, creating a public gaffe that no photographer had shown

The Big Cosmic Cleaning Broom: DragonTail, Neptune, Uranus – and Terra 2014/Dragontail @ work: Destructive for Money&Religions

First it was the Bankers up to 14 Dead – Now 4 Dead Pastors From Suicides! – YouTube Video

First it was the Bankers up to 14 Dead – Now 4 Dead Pastors From Suicides! – YouTube Video
May 7th, 2014

As predicted, the destructive energy of the DragonTail, cleaning the house of:  Finances, Religions, the Element Water and all related topics (Oceans, Rivers, Lakes etc.) , Alcohol, Drugs, Psychiatry, Investments, Oil/Gas, Middle East –  just to name a few areas.

For deeper informations, please read here:

Those dead priests and dead bankers will not be the last ones, till the DragonTail and Uranus are done with their work in “Neptunes Kingdom”.

What does this DragonTail-Energy is doing?

This energy uncovers all the lies, deceptions and shady businesses in all namend areas.

The Big Cosmic Cleaning Broom: DragonTail, Neptune, Uranus – and Terra 2014

As predicted in my MoonSurfer, the destructive energy of the Dragon Tail, cleaning the house of: Finances – incl. the world stock markets/banks/insurances, the elements Water and all related topics (Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, water pipes, fracking, rain/storms, tidal waves, spring tides, ships, water sports, flooding, fog, insurances for/against water related disasters etc.), Element Air, Alcohol, Drugs/Pharmacy, Psychiatry, nursing homes and alt folks home, paedophiles and her victims, social and religious establishments, charity, voluntary, donations, Investments/retirements, corruption in all named areas, Oil/Gas, Middle East – just to name a few areas.
Many people react with depressions, suicides and/or flee into psychic drugs, sects, religions, alcohol, illusions concerning relationships/friendships and unethical sexual/social behaves.
For deeper information, please read here:
What exactly is this Dragon Tail doing till end of January 2016?
This energy uncovers all the lies, deceptions, abuses, social injustices and shady businesses in all named areas. If you are born between the 12th of March and 19th of April, you are directly affected by this changes. Many others are born with other planets than the Sol (Sun) in “Neptune’s kingdom” and will hate to deal with the Dragon Tails influences. Be ready for delays, failures and losses. Each month, our Lady Moon is transiting through this danger area of the real sidereal zodiac.
On this dates you should be extra careful. Do not sign (new) contracts. Do not deal with money and finance matters – except you want to clean an unhealthy situation. Do not apply for a credit/credit card. No investments. No money lending or lend out. Do not mix money and love, money and religion or mixing up religion and business. Keep private and business apart. Be extreme cautious when you do business or money matters with friends. Observe your business and money accounts for possible failures. Have some cash at home, just in case, the cash-terminal isn’t working. Pay extra attention where you put your wallets, your key, your credit card! Did you lock the door? Did you disconnect the iron from the electrical grid?
The complete electronic grid is under cosmic fire and delivers failures and break-downs.
Since Uranus is also a guest of this cosmic party. Be ready for surprises, sudden changes and headlines news beyond your beliefs. Problems with friends, groups or organisations, Rebels and “revolutionary people”. Try not to tie anything down in your life under this cosmic energy. This is not for grounding and to install security or a fundament. Be careful with travelling by air or water on this dates. Expect heavy fog or smoke, storms, electronic failures and volcanic activities. Bad weather conditions for driving. Plan more time for your rides and trips.
Do not get involved with old lovers or starting new relationships. It will not work.
You should not trust NEW things and people, entering you life on this critical dates. No matter if the Lady Moon is in her positive or negative energy process!

This are the critical dates:
23rd – 25th of Mai
19th – 21st of June
16th – 19th of July
13th – 15th of August
09th – 11th of September – this one is very bad – FullMoon is kicking in and she is in perigee. In a bigger view, basically in the timeline starting at the 09th of September till 21st of October it is a very dangerous energy mix our misused planet Terra will have to deal with. Chaos in so many different places, it will be too much to list them. Many system/money/religion related people will not come up with so many new lies, as the old ones pop up. The same time Sol (Sun) is in a fight with Pluto, Mars with Chiron and Neptune, Mercury with Uranus and Pluto and also Jupiter with Saturn. Now, please project this into our world. Our people. This means everybody seem to fight against everybody – but somehow, the real “enemies” seems to escape all the time and the innocent pays the price. At the end nobody knows, who was the “enemy” in the first place. So, many will be misleaded and tricked into fighting for other peoples wars. Be careful in this time, for who you raise your flag. Especially in October, when the speedy Mercury has his correction window open and delivers chaotic communication, misunderstandings, delays, karma, old topics pop up again and he is tearing friendships apart. Personal friendships, business, politic, countries. Political/Military and religious Leaders (Pope, Dalai Lama). This will also affect NATO, EU, UNO and all this kind of institution, with old allies fall apart and news ones come together. And of course like all the time, decisions are not made out of wisdom and ethic, they are made out of illusions, eccentric and power with money, with money, with money. Mercury is actually a scandal monger and a chatter box. He has fun to mix up the words and make people say things or write words, they later bitterly regret. But damage is done. This is also a time of many fairytales, planted in to the news concerning some news and keep the truth in the shady fog of Neptune. But, this is when the DragonTail kicks in, and by the end of October piece by piece, the truth come either full of a surprise or emerge slowly out of the fog of deception and frauds. This energy-mix in September und October 2014, will be Pandora’s Box for the stock market and the world of banking. This timeline is full of shady traps – be careful WHO you trust and what you trust.

In October 2014 we have a kind of energy, as the earth was facing in June, July and October 1929 and also back to 1914.

Der Schwarze Donnerstag am 24. Oktober 1929 gilt als einer der Auslöser der Weltwirtschaftskrise.

7th – 9th of October – another FullMoon and the 2nd BloodMoon this year/Total Lunar Eclipse
03rd – 05th and 30th of November – 02nd of December
27th – 30th of December
Stay cool, be safe!
Your Astronomologer

Navarro’s MoonSurfer Astronomology

Sterne. Macht. Zukunft.***





Pilots – a thing of the past?: U.S. military look into remote controlled ‘helicopter truck transformers’


It utilizes the vertical take off and landing of a helicopter and couples it with the off road driving capabilities of a truck.

And, what’s even better, is that this robotic warrior is remote controlled.

The machine was built as part of a U.S. military desire for a ‘multi-mission medical and casualty evacuation unmanned air vehicle/unmanned ground vehicle’, according to Pop Science.

…aha… für Rettungsmissionen?