La Luna FullMoon 09th of June




At the 9th of June the smallest Lady FullMoon of the year and till 2029, will take place.

During the night from Friday to Saturday she will be floating through the secret constellation of Ophiuchus and have a close meeting (2°) with the big teacher, Saturn – who is traveling through his planet-loop and is back in Ophiuchus since mid of May 2017.

This is big karma time!

The FullMoon is exactly at 15:19h (German time).


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Europe/EU : Knock, knock – who is knocking at the Greece Door? Civil War!

Civil War is knocking on the Greece door.

Well, I told you month ago, it will come. Just as I analysed a long time ago: the EURO is a war-currency.

Tsipras career is over, just as I predicted.

Furious Greek politicians rip up bailout deal and throw it in prime minister Tsipras’s face as his own Syriza party seems increasingly likely to REFUSE €86bn agreement that even the IMF said was unfair

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The Greek Tragedy: Where the Devil is to Pay!

The Greek Tragedy: Where the Devil is to Pay!

In my analysis back in Mai 2015 I wrote: “Tsipras Position im griechischen Volk sinkt in den kommenden Wochen von Tiefpunkt zu Tiefpunkt und es würde mich nicht wundern, wenn mili-tärische Gewalt gegen das Volk zum Einsatz kommt. Das wahre Ausmaß der finanziellen Multilöcher im griechischen Staatshaushalt zeigen sich erst noch und Tsipras Karriere wird genauso untergehen wie die Wirtschaft seines Land.”


„Tsipras position inside Greece will sink and sink in the coming weeks. The real disaster concerning the financial multi-layered holes in the Greek state budget has not emerged yet. The career of Tsipras will drown the same way, as the economy of his country.”

Greece Capitulates: Tsipras Crosses “Red Line”, Will Accept Bailout Extension

As mentioned many times before: Greece is a “Family State” and never ever was or will be in the position to fulfill the laws and orders of the EU. Tsipras is/was not really bad for Greece. One of the major problems is, he was never ever in the position to win the war of the wicked games, the banks with the help of the EU, played with Greece. Sadly Greece stepped into credit -traps, they did not focused in their most important details. I am sure Tsipras realized it, but he missed to take his time and give his folk the time, to prepare for leaving the trap of the Euro zone. Basically, it was the right move at the wrong time, without doing the home-work right.
The transiting Sol squares now the native Lady Moon of Greece. In a state chart Sol (male energy) is the leader (or king) of a government/state and LadyMoon always represent the folk and women (female energy). The next few days will be filled with difficulties concerning families, domestic and financial affairs and problems, when the secret cuts made in secret by the Greek government, hits the Greek folks and especially the families. Even we are in the positive transit phase of the LadyMoon – The Greek government would be advised well, not to ask anybody for money right now. Not to ask for favors from those in power or high positions, nor any authorities. This is not a good time for financial speculations, dealing with real estate or sign contract concerning the state budget. If they go for this, the result will be less money than before and losses, the people don’t know about yet, will turn out as a total shock. Even it might look like a solution in a short time – when Sol transiting Greeks Saturn soon – the loss will go public and the Greek people will not be amused.
The big winner will be again, the banks and the losers will be: Land owners, farmers, mine operators/workers (Greece has goldmines and much, much more!), the elderly people and anything connected to them as well as public buildings/workers.
Than, Sol/Saturn will show where devil is to pay! Sol/Saturn will show without any mercy the devil’s pay associated with misfortune and more crumbling trust from the Greek people into their government, the EU and the Euro.
Chances a very high, that the EU/Greek government and the rest of the planet Terra, will have to face soon, that the Greek folk is not weak. That is something they are all underestimating! The Greek people are not weak. They have Pluto’s power…
Greek born with a strong tension between the Greek folk and their government, has the most difficult energy a state chart can win in the karmic lottery. If there are enough negative emotional experiences saved up and stimulated by other forces – hell will lose! Both – the folk and the government – are easily trapped in past memories and lose to easily the focus of the HERE and NOW. Sadly, the pressure of the EU is not very helpful, as they are one of the forces, triggering this destructive cycles. By the way, the banks used this energy also, when they tricked Greece into more debt, while they had the Dollar sings in their eyes and Greece snapped the great illusion of the helping straw. You should do some research about the treasures of the soil in Greece. Well, the bankers did…
Looking out to the rest of the month of June and into July/August/September till the end of October 2015, expect surprising news from Greece. Impulsive acts, overexertion, conflicts of power (government vs people/people vs government/government vs EU/EU vs people) are likely to arise more and more in the open. Meaning: Riots. Protesting. Rebellion. This involves police and military actions and indicates a time of serious matters concerning life and death. There is a big chance, that the desire for power and dominance, if carried to excess, could turn out into ruthless and/or destructive tactics to reach the need for power. This involves foreign powers (money), countries and of course the authorities of the EU.
What a mess!

Finance: Goldman Sachs, Greece and the Trap

Goldman Sachs Secret Take Down Of Greece

()  Greece’s secret loan from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. was a costly mistake from the start.

On the day the 2001 deal was struck, the government owed the bank about 600 million euros ($793 million) more than the 2.8 billion euros it borrowed, said Spyros Papanicolaou, who took over the country’s debt-management agency in 2005. By then, the price of the transaction, a derivative that disguised the loan and that Goldman Sachs persuaded Greece not to test with competitors, had almost doubled to 5.1 billion euros, he said.

Goldman Sachs Secret Take Down Of Greece

NewMoon in Taurus 16th of June 16:05h (German time)

NewMoon in Taurus
16th of June 16:05h (German time)

The transiting LadyMoon marks a period of general concerns especially to the practical side of financial affairs. Taurus and it’s connection to the 2nd house rules resources, financial affairs/daily income, security, stability, comfort, art, beauty and the ability to make profit.
While the LadyMoon travels the earthy Taurus, it is the nature, that the people reach out for comfort and security. So do also states and governments.
Corresponds with the economy, national wealth and prosperity belongs to the 2nd house. The NewLadyMoon activates possibilities purchasing the power of nations, liquid assets revenues, national expenditure and the ability to rise and/or make profits. In this cosmic house we find the banks and all financial institutions as well as the money market, the investment/bond/share and stock markets. The 2nd cosmic house is the home of the currencies and the related circulation, the liquid assets any activities connected with money and financial affairs and the consumer spending. Art, museums and galleries are also connected to Taurus und the 2nd house. Combined this with the LadyMoon, we find the families, food and material resources, family homes and real estate being touched as well, as the resources of nations and/or the national debt.

With the energy of the NewLadyMoon there are great chances, to make progress and reach stability/security in all those areas. But it will only work, if things are really cleaned and sorted out, while Mercury was in his retrograde. Those, who did not do their homework, will not be able to make profits of this energies and will find themselves in chaotic positions and will have to deal with painful cuts.

Impact LadyNewMoon State-Charts


This LadyNewMoon in Taurus touches the area of partnerships, and relationships to other nations. For the US and their partners, this is a kind of a tricky thing, because the planet of big surprises, Uranus, joins the party! This could trigger sudden and unexpected changes affecting the homes and/or family affairs. There are many possibilities of some unexpected financial gains or losses during this transit. Relationships – especially with women – could take turns of an unusual impact. As the aggressive energies of Mars are not far away in the US-Chart many people could act emotional upset and the behavior between male and female energies could turn out in worst case – violent.
The government of the US triggers more war energies and stamp their “enemies” in public, selling it to their own folk.
In the coming days after the LadyNewMoon will triggers more concerns about business and financial affairs, especially involving joint funds and/or investments. Decisions made by the authorities will affect family budgets, inheritances (taxes) and wills.

And again – the USA is not a Cancer-Nation! This is a myth.


With the currencies and the related circulation, it is Switzerland being touched deep by this transit. Since the Swiss Franc is disconnected from the Euro, they will feel the impact in the coming weeks and month, especially at the working and household front as well as the health sector. They will have to deal with a harder daily routine concerning food shopping, clothing and household items/health costs. Many will have to face work-loss/business loss, because export business receiving cuts due the changes of the currency market, which will lower the income and as a result, the harder routine of shopping (food) and running costs of the household.
Many, once moved to Switzerland to find their fortune, will leave.
By the way, Switzerland is born as a Leo Nation with VirgoEnergy, but will have wait a while, till they can profit from Jupiter in Leo next year and the Jupiter/Virgo transit.


Greece, being a permanent guest in all headlines these days, will not really profit from the NewLadyMoon and the coming positive transit phase. As mentioned in my last explanation of the LadyFullMoon, with their DragonTail in the State chart, this transit is devastating. This will have an impact, of the Greece government becoming more aware of the trap they sit in. Corresponds to disturbances or conditions that work against the public welfare and the Greece folk, will be very destructive for Tsipras in his own country. Very painful cuts are to expect in hospitals, retirement homes, charities, jails and prisons. The LadyMoon transits through all things that are hidden in the state chart of Greece, secret groups, secret government entities, spies and the enemies of secrecy. In the coming two weeks it is the deals will be made behind the scenes manipulations. This is touching involuntary services, ordered by law (who’s laws?) organizations devoted to forcible control of people, modern slavery, covert aggression and/or conditions of exile.
They all know very well, the banks of Greece are bankruptcy and every day, the Grexit takes longer, makes the whole situation much worse.
Hell will be loose in Greece and foreign powers will stir up the Grexit, making it more bad as it should be.
The best way Greece can use this NewLadyMoon is: Get out of the EU, keep the Euro for international business and a second currency to deal inside the county. Close this chapter in your history and run your own show!


For Russia this LadyNewMoon will be very constructive. As a reminder: Russia is not a Bear – it is a Bull – a Taurus – born with Sol in Taurus at the 12th of June 1990. This LadyNewMoon will help Russia to exit even more the dependency from Euro/$$$-ruled markets, from foreign controlled Oligarchs and will have the chance to lay the ground for their own independent financial markets. This will become very important, when the Euro/Dollar will take the path down in histories dust and the EU, falls apart. And it will. Cosmic guarantee on that one.
Basically the international sanctions against Russia, are the best that could happen to Russia, even it sounds paradox. Russia is advised well, to keep the path Wladimir Vladimirowitch Putin has started a few years ago. But Russia will need to keep a very cool head about the military actions/movements of the NATO/US and watch out: do not fall into silly traps!

The positive transit phase will be active till the 1st of July.

Next LadyFullMoon is a the 2nd of July in Sagittarius (Pluto) at 04:19h German time.

Be happy, be safe!

Your Astronomologer


FullMoon in Libra/Scorpius and Ophiuchus 02.06.2015

FullMoon in Libra/Scorpius and Ophiuchus 02.06.2015
This is big karma time!
The FullMoon is exactly at 18:19h (German time).
How can it be, a FullMoon covers three star signs? Let me explain…
Well Libra, compared as example to Virgo, is a small star sign. Next to it, Scorpius, touches only with a small part into the ecliptic. That is the reason, why all planets – including the Lady Moon – travels so quickly through the Scorpius. Sol, as an example, needs only eight to nine days for the cosmic journey through the magic Scorpius.
The Lady Moon spends a few hours in Scorpius and based to her ellipse, sometimes passes him, without entering.
In June she enters Scorpius at the 02nd / 00:20h and exit him at 9:41h German time, to enter quickly Ophiuchus. Here she spends more time and leave this star sign at the 3rd of June at 20:12h.
Please, do not trust the mass-astrology an their calculations! They are bogus and do not represent the real-time astronomical ephemeris.
The next days will become for many of us earthlings a very busy time. The transit of the LadyMoon in Libra, started at 31st of May at 1:29h, is in general a period of increased social interaction/concerns about psychological issues as well as public relations. Legal matters (as example against the Clintons/or personal) rises in the public.
Since Saturn the strong teacher, went back into Libra at the 13th of May, this combinations activates a period of emotional depressions, often based on painful memories concerning family matters and/or unpleasant past experiences, reborn from the past. Both, Lady Moon and Saturn are karmic energies. As we learned already, the LadyMoon represents women, the female energy, home &family and in a state-chart the people (folks).
Saturn is the male energy, the father, the grandfather, authorities, the strong teacher and Uncle Sam.
All those areas will have to deal in this phase with obstacles to professional progress and/or problems. Dealing in financial affairs, public relations and/or delicate emotional family matters or with women, should be shifted to another time. Family responsibilities could place a heavy emotional load or difficult financial burden into your life. Those who have energies/planets in their own Libra (REAL Libras are born 31.10. – 23.11.), should expect the real heavy side of this transit.
In the few hours of the transit the Lady Moon travels through the secrets of the magic Scorpius, the weight of the energies are on finances, taxes, corporate businesses, financial affairs, joint financial affairs, sex secrets/dirty and or violence sex, drugs and black magic. And of course: karma. Scorpius is rules by Pluto, the God Hades of the underworld. And yes, he is still a planet.
Many people are likely to dredge up emotional resentments, based on previous finical and sexual dealings. Be careful what you do! Emotional confrontations connected to these considerations is a risky danger!
This FullMoon period is not favorable for surgeries, buying or wearing new clothing or jewelry.
Financial speculations turn out to be very problematical and/or result in disastrous amounts. Stay away from the stock market or any other investments. The initiation of any NEW projects is not advised during this FullMoon or in the following negative transit phase of the Lady Moon. Keep in mind, we are still in the Mercury Correction Window.
This is the time, to clean out old businesses. At home and work related.
With the FullLadyMoon entering Ophiuchus, more secrets are coming to light concerning health and the dirty business related to health, hidden truth about medicine/secret societies, Global Players (aka Monsanto), the lies about vaccinations and the poison in our food, water and secrets about healing. Many scientists, ready to spread the truth, are in great danger, risking their life.
Be very careful in all your actions, if you are born between the 31.10. and 18.12.
FullMoon Impact State-Charts

This LadyFullMoon will activate even more instability and sudden disruptive developments in the State-Chart of the US. Relationships from and to other nations and/or their governments, seems to suffer more damaging, than the global public notice. Behind closed doors, it’s the fight of the hidden enemies, the US will have to deal with. Friend and enemy change from one moment to the other and reverse. The US is in a risky period of an unusual freaky and provocative behavior against other nations (as example China), so bad, that they upsets their own home zone and environment. Even the American people won’t like it. Especially the women with whom the US will have to deal with – inside and outside the country – could conduct themselves in an unpredictable and uncooperative way (Merkel?).
Factors, totally unexpected, are a base for upsettings and/or overturning ANY previously fixed plans and expatiations. Focusing new business ventures, dealings and contracts concerning taxes, TTP, joint finances, inheritances, insurances, spy issues and alimony should be shifted to another, better times. Any restructure of this issues will make things only worse. Being eccentric or dealing with eccentric “friends”, organizations or groups, in this times – will lead to fatal failures. Especially if this matters concerns the state budget /national finances and all legal contracts connected to.


Even Russia, the Taurus, has better stars than the US, they will need to be very careful. This LadyFullMoon produces confusion in the handling of practical matters, concerning everyday duties. The Russian government will have to deal with written and all electornic communication, which will be greatly misunderstood, garbled, misinterpreted/overlooked and this will result in annoyances, more confusion that already took place und last but not least – inefficiency. The Russian government would be wise advised, to avoid unnecessary idle conversations (smart move not to enjoy the G7), especially with all issues related to work, international affairs and border issues. Russia will have to be careful, while dealing with germs (also made in laboratories/food/imported things), infections and places with unsanitary conditions. Sloppiness in dealing with household organizations, in clinics and foster homes, hygiene could affect relationships with others. A great risk for unwanted hazardous diseases could travel the Russia borders. Extra care should be also focused on imported items for the health sections.

In this period a diplomacy dealing with neighbors (Ukraine), other nations and coworkers is an absolutely must.


During this transit, it is the subconscious emotional factors, that come to rise in the Greece-Chart. Not the energy, to deal with the coming national bankruptcy. The LadyFullMoon activates a deep spiritual impact about ethics, imaginations, creative abilities as well as spiritual awareness. Since Saturn is around, Greece receives a powerful and extremely subtle energy combination. Sadly Greece is lacking discipline and this will result in unrealistic dreams, chattered by the dogmatic reality, the EU (Saturn) slams in their faces. Whatever the Greece government is into – they are wise advised, to stay away from any magical practice. You think governments don’t use this kind of “power”? Well, they do! Study history – of course not the one written by the winners in the official book for the public schools…
Do they still beg on Russians door for financial help? Of course they do! I do can understand that the Greece government reaches for any straw , but if Russia /Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin uses half of the smart brain, I sense in his stars, Russia sends Greece their own way. Because that is, what the cosmic powers expect. I am truly sorry for Greece, but with that DragonTail they have in their charts, they need to walk their own path. I told you before: Greece is a family state and are never ever be able to fulfill the law and order of the EU.
The state bankruptcy is not knocking anymore on the door of the Greece nation – it is already inside!

This FullMoon period is active till the 15th of June.

At the 16th we will have the LadyNewMoon in Taurus.

Be happy, be safe!
Your Astronomologer

Greece: Floods & Earthquake / Japan: Volcano near Sendai nuclear plant

Athens flood: Heavy rains bring chaos to Greece capital

…and Japan wants to build more nuclear plants? Sorry, but they are totally nuts!

Volcano near Sendai nuclear plant is shaking and may erupt: Japan weather agency


Authorities warned on Friday that a volcano a few dozen kilometers from the Sendai nuclear plant in Kagoshima Prefecture was showing signs of increased activity and may erupt. It warned people to stay away from the summit.

The warning comes nearly a month after another volcano, Mount Ontake, erupted suddenly while it was crowded with hikers, killing at least 57 people in Japan’s worst volcanic disaster in nearly 90 years.


Zahlreiche Fahrzeuge wurden von den Wassermassen weggespült. Zahlreiche Fahrzeuge wurden von den Wassermassen weggespült.(Foto: dpa)
Samstag, 25. Oktober 2014

Straßen werden zu SchlammflüssenSturm und Erdbeben setzen Griechenland zu

Heftige Regenfälle sorgen in weiten Teilen Athens für plötzliche Überschwemmungen und ein Verkehrschaos. Zu allem Unglück bebt im Norden des Landes die Erde. Dort soll es an diesem Wochenende auch noch schneien.

In weiten Teilen Griechenlands hat es am Freitagabend schwere Überschwemmungen als Folge des Tiefausläufers “Gonzalo” gegeben. Besonders betroffen war die Region Attika, in der auch die Hauptstadt Athen liegt.

Der Sturm hatte sich bereits am Freitag angekündigt. Der Sturm hatte sich bereits am Freitag angekündigt.(Foto: dpa)

In Attika rückte die Feuerwehr zu mehr als 600 Einsätzen aus. Zuglinien waren unterbrochen, zahlreiche Schiffe im Hafen von Piräus liefen vorerst nicht mehr aus. In Athen selbst trieben Autos durch die Straßen, in vielen Wohnhäusern und Geschäften stand kniehoch schlammiges Wasser. Nach Angaben der Feuerwehr liefen hunderte Häuser voll Wasser. Im Westen der Stadt schoben Schlammlawinen Autos in Straßengräben.

Auch in der zweitgrößten Stadt Thessaloniki gab es größere Schäden durch starke Stürme: Bäume und Strommasten stürzten um. Zeitweise fiel auch der Strom aus. Griechenlands Ministerpräsident Antonis Samaras versprach den von Schäden betroffenen Menschen Entschädigungen.


Terra: It’s starting

Just as I predicted – after the two full moon’s in Pisces (Neptune) on the DragonTail took place, the shady financial markets will react with bad surprises (Uranus)!


As if the world didn’t have enough to be worried about (ISIS, Ebola, slowing China, Ukraine, slowing Germany, Fed tightening, etc.) now look what’s back: Greece. And in a big way.

The stock market is down over 9% on Wednesday, which is about as big as crashes come.

And the banks are getting absolutely smashed.

Greece, which had been calm for a while, is now being wracked by two separate but related things.

One is the rise in the political popularity of left-winger Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the Syriza party, who if he ever got elected to power would take a much more confrontational stance with the rest of the eurozone with regards to austerity.


Stocks are lower across the board, but have pared some of their losses after opening sharply lower.

US stocks opened deep in negative territory while bond yields were tumbling all around the world as the US 10-year yield fell as low as 1.86%.

The Dow is currently down about 200 points, the S&P 500 is down 21 points, and the Nasdaq is down 37 points.

The Dow and S&P are off more than 1%, while the Nasdaq is off 0.8%.

The Dow was down as much as 386 points, the S&P 500 was down as much as 30 points, and the Nasdaq was down as much as 75 points.

With Wednesday’s early drop, the S&P 500 turned negative for the year.

The drop in US stocks also follows a sharp sell-off in European stocks.

Italy’s FTSE MIB is down 2.8%, Germany’s DAX is down 2.0%, Britain’s FTSE 100 is down 1.5%, and France’s CAC 40 is down 2.2%. Greece is down a whopping 9%.

Meanwhile, global bonds are surging, with the 10-year Treasury yield falling below 2% for the first time since June 2013, falling to as low as 1.86%.