Europa: Der Süden verliert massiv Vertrauen in “Demokratie”? Ähm, welche Demokratie?

Das ist keine Demokratie, das ist eine


IW-Studie: Südeuropäer verlieren massiv Vertrauen in „Demokratie“ und Wirtschaftssystem der EU

Die verfehlte Wirtschafts- und Finanzpolitik der EU kratzt zunehmend am Vertrauen, das die Bürger Europas in sogenannte liberale Wirtschaftsordnung und Demokratie haben. Dies belegt eine Studie des arbeitgebernahen Instituts der deutschen Wirtschaft (IW). Besonders betroffen sind die Länder Südeuropas. Dort haben 80 Prozent den Glauben an das kapitalistische Wirtschaftssystem verloren.


Europe/Switzerland: Many, once moved to Switzerland to find their fortune, will leave

Another prediction I made came true!

Backflash 16th of June 2015.

With the currencies and the related circulation, it is Switzerland being touched deep by this transit. Since the Swiss Franc is disconnected from the Euro, they will feel the impact in the coming weeks and month, especially at the working and household front as well as the health sector. They will have to deal with a harder daily routine concerning food shopping, clothing and household items/health costs. Many will have to face work-loss/business loss, because export business receiving cuts due the changes of the currency market, which will lower the income and as a result, the harder routine of shopping (food) and running costs of the household.
Many, once moved to Switzerland to find their fortune, will leave.
By the way, Switzerland is born as a Leo Nation with VirgoEnergy, but will have wait a while, till they can profit from Jupiter in Leo next year and the Jupiter/Virgo transit.

Zahl der Auswanderer steigt relativ starkFranken-Schock und Fremdenfeindlichkeit: 7000 Deutsche kehren Schweiz den Rücken

Europe/EU : Knock, knock – who is knocking at the Greece Door? Civil War!

Civil War is knocking on the Greece door.

Well, I told you month ago, it will come. Just as I analysed a long time ago: the EURO is a war-currency.

Tsipras career is over, just as I predicted.

Furious Greek politicians rip up bailout deal and throw it in prime minister Tsipras’s face as his own Syriza party seems increasingly likely to REFUSE €86bn agreement that even the IMF said was unfair

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Jupiter in Leo and the Sexual Secrets of the Royals


Royal Family may be investigated in child sex inquiry

Royal Family may be investigated in child sex inquiry