Russia: War fear?


To be honest, looking at the real stars and analyzing the meeting between Mars the God of War and Pluto, God Hades of the Underworld in Sagittarius in a few days, wer are really have dangerous times ahead.

I do have fear, that the US might start a war, to cover up their  most scary election disaster in history. So far, Putin kept a cool head, but the other side of our wrecked planet, keeps going and going and won’t stop to wave the flag of WAR…

Russian Government Officials Told To Immediately Bring Back Children Studying Abroad

In Europe, when it gets serious, you have to lie… at least if you are an unelected bureaucrat like Jean-Claude Juncker. In Russia, however, when it gets serious, attention immediately turns to the children.

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The Great Destruction Of The Middle East

The Great Destruction Of The Middle East

Just wait, till Mars the Master of Wars, is moving into the dramatic und egoistic Leo at the 6th of September 2015. Military energy will boost up much more the global topics of  international national identities and the related confrontations, …

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Dying Pisces & awakening Aquarius Age

This is the dying Pisces (Religion) Age and the awakening Aquarius (Future/Freedom) Age at war. Right now, till February next year, the uncovering DragonTail travels the Pisces and shatters the lies about religions. This is the chance for mankind, to clearly see the differences between reilgion and real spirituality. Starting February next year, it will the Aquarius, the DragonTail travels through. New Age & New Age sects, the lying Astrology, the deceiving of some esoteric rules and disinformations will be liftet. All Aquarius thermes will go through painful restructuring and destruction. Time, to pay the karmic debt.
It will affect the following areas:
· Element Air
· Computers/Internet/Electronics
· Drones/Wars with Drones
· Groups/Friends
· Aeronautics/Aviation> Industry
· Air Force/Air Force ONE
· NASA/JPL/Shuttle/ISS
· Airplanes/Airlines/pilots
· Nuclear devices/missiles/uranium/Laser Electro-magnetic weapons
· Satellites
· Light Bulbs (!again!)
· Star Wars Technology
· Paratroopers/skydivers
· UFO sightings
· Earthquakes/ Volcano’s/Storms
· Explosions/Implosions/Eruptions
· Tsunamis
· Astronomy/space programs
· Astrology
· New Age
· Inventions/Patents
· Scientists-Astrophysics, Aerospace
· New age products/devices
· Esoteric Sects/Deceiving Guru’s
· Humanitarian efforts/daily activities/global
· Mathematicians
· Investigation of new inventions/Technological innovations
· Time travel
· Esoteric services/consulting
· Unpredictable behavior/developments
· Chakras/Electrical components of body
· Autism/Indigo Children
· Eccentric
· Panic attacks/anxiety attacks

The Forbidden Secrets of the Church

Religion is a very powerful system to use for shaping cultures and societies. Throughout human history, religion has played an important role for helping the human race evolve. Unfortunately, most of the knowledge in religion has been heavily distorted. To make matters worse, the enlightening and empowering knowledge in religion is encoded to prevent us from knowing the “forbidden” secrets of our history.…/the-forbidden-secrets-of-the-…/

US : The US Military and the House of Death

The US Military and the House of Death

Do we take a close look into the stars of the US, after the astronomical correction of course, we focus Mars, the king of war, sitting in the house of the underworld, ruled by god Hades. Mars signifies military, army/armour, the military leaders, engineers, police, guns, weapons, explosives/explosions, fire, surgeons, criminals, crime, violence and aggression. He rules the men, sex-drive, the lower instincts and animally needs. Mars is the power for short term. It’s a energy of fast decisions – often to fast without imagine the traps and the results. Mars activates the time of overhead, explosions and military matters to the fore. The Mars of the US-Chart, was born in the house of the death. Mars was once, before Pluto the planet has been re- discovered in 1930, Mars was the ruler of the eight house and the constellation of Scorpius.

Hades. Pluto. World of the underground. The hidden skeletons in the backyards. He rules the corresponds to the morality rates, funerals, taxes & morgue, foreign stock markets and bonds. He exposes the real national dept (even the US went in hiding with the publication of the national debt), rules interest rates, inheritances, insurance companies, pension as well as Social Security benefits – pay outs. Public income and earning POWER from investments, deep-frozen assets and the financial relations between nations/debts from foreign countries. Pluto is about the hidden, secret deals and connections, as a result from Pluto’s transit through the Ophiuchus, the place of conspiracies, secret societies and forbidden knowledge about micro- healing, history, archaeology etc… By the way, Pluto rules the extreme destructive drugs, sex and power/money and he never, ever forget anything. He is very excessive. Especially what’s hidden so genius in the dark corners of the souls/life, is coming alive. Karma always come with a price tag.

Do we focus reality now, we can observe that this sex-scandal connected to the US military, is nothing else than the responding of the cosmic energy. For a very long time, the US and it’s military, will have to deal with this kind of pressure. The stars tell a story about hidden secrets, related to health/diseases of/from/to soldiers, betrayals in friendships, guerrilla fighters, armies for hire, secret wars and warlike activities for or against “friends”, behind their back. The Navy Bribery Scandal, will be fore sure, not the last one. Others will have written “murder” all over and it includes also mass-murder. More soldiers will “trip out” and use their weapon against their families, their children, friends or other soldiers, governmental/military facilities or/and themselves. Many problems for the army of the US are luring in the shady use of pharmaceutical and chemical drugs, causing astronomical sums of debts and damaged health of people. Also all the veterans with their psychic wounds and left alone from their government, will deliver strange events and tragedies. It seems there is an army with a dark shadow. An army without really an identity. A military, not really knowing what their purpose is and unclear/weak structures. Enemies within and under friends/groups. The scandal with spying here in Germany has for sure, never stopped. So now, there is a big chance, that the Ukraine-Russia/Putin-USA/EU-drama getting fed by delicate information/spying, causing fatale consequences.

The power of an army always lies in their health.

Analysing the serious constellations of Obama’s military, I get to wonder, if their Commander in Chief also deals with extremely healthy malfunctions? Surfing back in history, focusing former presidents of US, it is quite amazing, how many of them had a very poor health!

The military of the US fights foggy wars, for deceiving reasons against invisible enemies. But who’s wars are they really fighting? Well with Mars (fight) in the house of death (Hades) – it’s the bankers wars. Taxes wars. Currency wars. The wars on the Stock Markets. The wars of power and prestige. Actually, Mars on that specific position of the US chart, indicates the nuclear military activities (Hiroshima/Nagasaki) . Nuclear power and the controlling of the handling other nations nuclear energy (Iran/Pakistan/India etc.) seems another order for the US military. Foreign politics of the US, based on military actions – especially on foreign land – will cause very soon and for a long time – more delicate situations where patience and fortitude are required and not the fiery bullhead! In some cases, desire for power is the path for perverted, dishonesty, shady actions and/or misusing of occult power/knowledge. There is a strong tendency for some more corruption (big money/high positions/government!), blackmailing and/or oppressing, delivered from people with power. Real power. For sure, the US will find themselves exposed as parts of evil plots around the world. God Hades will open the gates for the American military-karma!

Military personal will have to face some more cuts of supporting and pay, higher taxes, problems with health care coverage, income and retirement/pension. Many will ask themselves: what I am fighting and risking my life for?

Explaining the combinations of other energies of the US stars, I explore, that secretly the Obama Care health insurance connects bitterly strong to finance more wars/military – and that will bounce back big time on them. The Obamacare had been right from the start an illusion of security.

Be happy, be safe!

Your Astronomologer


Did you Hear about the Navy Bribery Scandal Involving a Dozen Admirals, “Yummy” Prostitutes and “Fat Leonard”?

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This Source: All Gov.

One of the U.S. Navy’s biggest embarrassments continues to stir headlines and produce serious fallout for top military personnel. Two years ago, the fraud investigation of Singapore-based defense contractor Glenn Defense Marine Asia revealed naval officers had accepted bribes in the form of sex, money, tickets to a Lady Gaga concert and other valuables.

Chris continues to stir headlines and produce serious fallout for top military personnel. Two years ago, the fraud investigation of Singapore-based defense contractor Glenn Defense Marine Asia revealed naval officers had accepted bribes in the form of sex, money, tickets to a Lady Gaga concert and other valuables.

Uranus/DragonTail in Pisces: The Coming 3rd Empire

While DragonTail, Uranus, Sol and Mercury in dreamy-religious Pisces and LadyMoon in Ophiuchus, all Religions are touched by this mix of energy. As always, when the watery DragonTail exposes the secrets – Uranus suddenly pulls the trigger and things implode and explode at the same time. Last time zone Uranus spend in the same constellation has been from 1925 and 1932. Well, we all know what happened back than. Worldwide. Especially the rise of Hitler and anything connected to it. The open as well, as the hidden. One topic is the secrets of the Vatican, sneaking out at the end of the war, all those Nazi VIP’s… The 3rd Reich of the Nazi’s was a deceiving structure. It started with the PiscesEnergy and it died in them. So, the cosmic card played back than, was the one of “The Religion” and the currency of a neptunic character supporting delicate Empires and raise them to power or – destroy them. So, travelling from the past to the present, we face the same wicked games. Religion > Money > War – Empire.
Never change a winning concept?
Well, last time Uranus dived the deep waters of Religion and money, there where also a DragonTail around, the one from the Dollar Chart. Well, in short, it’s result has been the destruction in 1929 and the great depression, that followed.
Be ready, the implosions/explosions in all those described areas, will have to face some more troubles, scandals and surprises. Just like the new documentation about Scientology.
For the Vatican and the roman catholic church, the storms are adding up. This damn thing called karma, just won’t go away. Not even with tons of money and gold and material possessions. The universe send the cosmic cleaning broom for the big cleaning.
Like I said, many will have to learn, nobody is above the real cosmic laws. Even the religions and sects and so called spiritual groups will have to learn that.

Soon there will rise another 3rd Empire on this planet and just like others before, they will learn the hard way: never, ever rise an Empire, while the DragonTail sits in the backyard and Uranus clears up a dying age.

Gay orgies and ‘murder’ scandals engulf Vatican

Separate incidents in Italy are latest for the Roman Catholic Church

Israel: US bans flights – Israel on it’s way to international isolation


US bans all planes from flying to Israel




Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:6PM GMT
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The United States has banned all American aircraft from flying to Tel Aviv for at least 24 hours for security concerns.

The Federal Aviation Administration made the decision after a rocket attack happened near Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

Israeli police officials have confirmed that a rocket from Gaza hit an area near the airport.

According to Israeli police spokeswomen, Luba Samri, the rocket landing was the closest to the airport since Israel began its military assault on Gaza on July 8.

Earlier in the day, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines Group Inc. and United Continental Holdings Inc. said they were canceling flights to Israel.

A Delta Boeing 747 en route from New York to Tel Aviv turned around and flew to Paris instead.

In addition, United Airlines suspended service between the US and Israel indefinitely.

United said it was suspending its two daily Tel Aviv flights, adding one of its planes took off from the airport in Tel Aviv earlier on Tuesday but a second was still on the ground there.

Israel’s transport minister, Yisrael Katz, responded furiously to US move. “There is no reason for these companies to stop flights. They have given a prize to terror.”

USA: The battlefield expands and Obama is the Target from within

Update 16.09.:

If you can, leave the US:

Rache für Banken-Strafe:

Frankreich droht mit dem Ausstieg aus dem Dollar-System

Frankreich möchte offenbar seine Währungsreserven nicht mehr in US-Dollar halten. Nach Angaben des Notenbank-Chefs Christian Noyer ist die US-Währung risikoreich. Zuvor hatten die USA die BNP Paribas zu einer milliardenschweren Geldstrafe verurteilt. Die Bank hatte US-Sanktionen gebrochen und Geschäfte mit dem Iran, dem Sudan und Kuba betrieben.

Anti-Dollar Alliance Prepares Launch Of BRICS Bank

France ist kissing god-bye to the $$$. As will many other countries follow them.

Like I predicted, old allies fall apart and new ones will form. Friend turn to enemy and and enemy turn to friend. I told you, America will transform from a WorldPower to a 3-rd-Wold Country and no luck in the coming years, as Jupiter moved on, and left the US and it’s leaders behind.

Some special persons in the White House better get ready for the big fall. I told you, Jupiter’ s luck bringing potential is gone: left the USA and elected elite-slave(s). If you want to picture that with the astronomical alignment of the stars, this is the beginning of a huge fall. Saturn turns direct in these days and will FORCE, yes, force, a re-structure of many diseased governments on this planet. This re-structure will touch many diplomatic connections between certain countries. The spy-disaster of the USA will drag a load of consequences with it, concerning many other countries besides Germany. The damaged image of Obama (and  because of strong Obama-related rumors), as well as the damaged image of the USA and their shady/secret operations, spy actions, Mexican-Border-Transaction and Health Care System, as well as the secret military action all over the world, all this will come back now and hunt them. Karma-pay-day’s for Obama and the US. Of course, all those other countries/governments/secret services, those are involved in all this, will get theirs to. Rough times ahead. Especially for the USA.

“The three world’s richest persons unite against US Congress”. This is one more battlefield in this global war on the back of the “little people” all over the world. The motivation might not what you think and wish and hope for.

Once again, from me to you: watch out, who’s flag you are waving. Judge by the fillings, not the wrappings!

The American people will be good advised, to remember that the first and solid ground in life, suppose to be a healthy family and of course a happy mother. Nations security basics are always the family and the women acting as a mirror of a  nations “health” in general. Look how damaged and sick the families and the women are and you now how sick is a nation. A sick nation is easier to control, then a healthy one.

If America don’t watch out, the once peaceful waters will out of reach and that for a very long time.

Be happy, safe!

Your Astronomologer





Three world’s richest persons unite against US Congress

Three world's richest persons unite against US Congress

Three persons included in the list of the richest people of the world have united against the US Congress, which, in their opinion, had made a mess of the immigration reform, and published a joint column in The New York Times. “Americans deserve better than this,” the billionaires, who believe that Congress is not able to reach compromises and endangers citizens, write.

“The current stalemate – in which greater pride is attached to thwarting the opposition than to advancing the nation’s interests – is depressing to most Americans and virtually all of its business managers,” they write. According to Gates, Buffett and Adelson, the majority of Americans believe that it is in the interests of the country to create an immigration bill that would satisfy the interests of both migrants living in the United States and citizens of the country, but so far, the American policy fails on both fronts.

The billionaires note that they decided to speak out together, despite political differences: Gates and Buffett supported Obama, but Adelson spent almost $ 100 million in 2012 trying to prevent his re-election.

A separate column on the same topic for the Breitbart website was written by another famous American billionaire – Donald Trump. The businessman believes that the migration problem on the border with Mexico can be solved quickly. But, according to Trump, Obama proved that this problem was of no consequence to him. “A country that cannot protect its borders will not last long,” Trump emphasized.

US weakness ‘is right in the center of the White House’ – Former Vice President Cheney

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney stated that the weakness due to which US influence in the international arena decreases “is right in the center of the White House,” reports Fox News. Dick Cheney stated on Wednesday that he believes President Obama is a “very, very weak president.”

It seems to him that Obama doesn’t completely understand the current obligations that the US has in the world.

Cheney also claimed that he has spoken with many people in the Middle East and those people have doubt in Obama’s actions. They also tend to think that his leadership has reduced American’s influence around the world.
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Israel/Gaza: …they don’t realize, this is a WAR, not a GAME! How can humans be so full of hate???

Israelis pictured eating POPCORN and clapping as they watch deadly bombardment of Gaza

The picture was posted by a Danish journalist on Wednesday as the bombing campaign began and has sparked a fierce backlash online

Getty / @allansorensen72
Controversy: Israelis are pictured watching the aerial bombardment of Gaza, inset, which has killed hundreds of Palestinians, right

This is the incendiary picture of Israelis eating popcorn and cheering as they watch the bombardment of Gaza which has sparked outrage on Twitter.

The photograph was tweeted Danish journalist Allan Sørensen, the Middle East Correspondent for a Danish newspaper.

Along with the picture he wrote: “Sderot cinema: Israelis bringing chairs 2 hilltop in sderot 2 watch latest from Gaza. Clapping when blasts are heard.”


The Future of Wars: Weather-Weapons…

The laser that can make it rain: Researchers unveil radical system to start storms and create lightning on command

  • Technique uses a ‘double laser’ to stimulate particles within a cloud
  • Could one day be used to create rainstorms and even lighting on command

By Mark Prigg

Cardinal Grand Cross – Hoax

Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase, do not fall for this trap…

Cardinal Signs are:

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

April 2014 – Cardinal Grand Cross – Astrology

Created on: 19/03/14 | Category: Articles / Astrology / Cosmology / Blog / Monthly Energy Reports

As we now pass the March 2014 Equinox, April 2014 heralds a very rare astrological event, where four planets (PLUTO opposing JUPITER  &  MARS opposing URANUS), are at exact 900 angles  to one another, hence forming a Grand Cross in our celestial skies.

To add to this melting pot of transformational energies, the climax of this Cardinal Grand Cross on the 23/24 April 2014 takes place between two eclipses; a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 14 April 2014 followed by a Solar Eclipse on the 28 April 2014.

Mass-Astrology is selling that all 4 planets – Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are transiting now through CARDINAL SIGNS.

Sorry, but that is not true, because Mass-Astrology is not based on real calculations (sidereal) of the planets movements. Let me show you the REAL positions of the planets:

As you can see, Mars is transiting through Virgo (till summer) and Jupiter is still in Gemini, till beginning of Juli. No cardinal signs NOW.

Sternkarte für morgen früh um 6 Uhr.
Sternkarte für heute Abend gezeichnet für Süddeutschland, Schweiz und Österreich.

It is clearly to notice, that the only “cardinal” sign with a visitor, is Libra. But It is  Saturn transiting through cardinal Libra – not Mars. Not visible is Pluto on his slow journey through Sagittarius till 2020. So he will move in realtime to the cardinal sign Capricorn, in about 6 years. You can see, no planets in Capricornius -one of the so called cardinal sign. If you are looking for Uranus, you see him located in the sign of Pisces on the left side and not as the Mass-Astrology claims, in Aries.

Venus and Neptun have a short meeting in Aquarius. Because Venus is one of the faster bodies, she will leave Aquarius by the end of the month April, to move on into Pisces.

Are you still searching for the Cardinal Grand Cross? 🙂

What we have, in the coming weeks and month, are critical constellations of the planets, but  no Cardinal Grand Cross of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

If you would like to proof me, download the wonderful Astronomie software:

It is free and a very friendly Astronom of a german planetarium gave me the hint!

April 2014 guide to the five visible planets

April 2014 is Mars’ time! We’re closer to Mars – and it’s brighter in our sky – than it has been since December 2007. On April 8, we pass between Mars and the sun.

The constellation Orion serves as your guide to the planet Jupiter and the star Sirius in April 2014.

Extend the Big Dipper handle to arc to the star Arcturus, spike the star Spica - and, in 2014, locate the red planet Mars. Read more

The moon and Mars as they appear at evening on April 12. Read Two planets at nightfall. Three planets at dawn

Jupiter and Mars both pop into view as soon as darkness falls on these April 2014 evenings. Both are very, very bright. It’s not likely that you’ll mistake one planet for the other. They are in different parts of the sky, and they are different colors with Jupiter bold white and Mars reddish.

Jupiter is the more brilliant of these two stunning worlds. It’s by far the brightest starlike object in the evening sky. At nightfall, Jupiter resides high in the south to southwest sky (or if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, in the north to northwest). Watch for the moon to swing close to Jupiter on April 5, April 6 and April 7.

Mars at opposition on April 8, out from sundown to sunup

Mars is the planet to watch in April 2014. Its cycle of visibility in our sky is about two years – two long years between good apparitions of the Red Planet – and the time is now. As seen from the whole Earth, Mars now sits low in the east to southeast at nightfall and early evening, this month challenging the star Sirius for being the second-brightest point of light (after Jupiter) in the evening sky. Why is Mars so bright now? We go between the sun and Mars on April 8, bringing the planet to opposite the sun in our sky (opposition). In 2014, Mars is near Spica, Virgo’s brightest star, and the proximity of the two – reddish Mars and blue-white Spica – should help draw your eye. Plus there is a total lunar eclipse the night of April 14, and Mars will be shining next to the eclipsed moon. That’ll be something to see!

Total lunar eclipse for the Americas on night of April 14-15

Saturn is found in front of the constellation Libra the Scales. It rises in the east-southeast around 11 p.m. local Daylight Saving Time in early April, and by dusk or nightfall at the end of the month. Saturn climbs to its highest point in the sky 3:30 a.m. local Daylight Saving Time in early April and around 2 a.m. at the end of the month. See the close pairing of the waning moon with Saturn from mid-evening until dawn on the night of April 16-17 and April 17-18.

Venus, the sky’s brightest planet is still very prominent in the eastern predawn and dawn sky throughout April. In fact, dazzling Venus will remain the most brilliant starlike object in the morning sky until late October 2014, at which time it will shift over into the evening sky. The lovely waning crescent moon swings close to Venus on April 25, April 26 and April 27.

…and by reading this astronomical explanation, we also know that Terra (earth) is transiting through Virgo, till the end of April. The lady moon, this one a so called blood-moon today, has a meeting with us and Mars in Virgo.

Be careful, as this energy mix ist stimulating violence, accidents, fire, weopons, war, vulcanoes, fights, arguments, sudden irrational acts, earthquakes, food-wars & fights and of course, about money and material things. Be extra careful while your are driving, handle sharp things, fire, explosives or weopons or do sports. You should not go for the extreme sports in these days. But it also stimulates the workers word & world! Many around the world will be ready soon, to go and “fight” for better income, rules etc. – that means: Strikes!Riots! People in general will be very  stubborn and over-react…

Watch very closely Ukraine and this desaster,  many foreign powers created and supported and still do.

The whole week and Easter and for the rest of the month April, are very difficult and danger times- without a Cardinal Grand Cross.

Stay cool and be safe!