USA: Stars are sinking, voice of impeachment is rising – for Obama!

If this happens, you know for sure, as I always clame , he is not a “Leo” :-), even he is born on a 4th of August.

What Paul Ryan Just Said Will Have Obama Shaking In His Boots

House Speaker John Boehner made waves on both sides of the aisle this month when he announced his intention to file a lawsuit against Barack Obama over alleged misuse of executive power.
Though Boehner indicated that he does not support impeachment as an ultimate resolution, a White House source this week brought up the suit in a statement suggesting that such an effort by GOP leaders is a growing possibility.

In a 7-4 vote this week, Politico reports that members of the House Rules Committee paved the way for the lawsuit to be presented to Congress, likely in a legislative vote to take place next week.

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan recently spoke out in favor of the lawsuit, indicating that he will support the initiative when the time comes to cast his vote.

During an MSNBC interview Friday, Paul addressed concerns that pursuing the suit would take focus off of more pressing issues legislators currently face.

“We can walk and chew gum at the same time,” Ryan said. “We can juggle a lot of bills. We are working on border security, foreign policy, appropriations and many things at one time.”

He concluded that exploring action against Obama can also be added to the mix, noting that “it’s not as if this displaces action on other items.”

Obama Doesn’t Know His Birth Date!

Uploaded on Jul 17, 2011

President Obama just can’t seem to keep track of
birthdays,especially his own!”You know, I’m going to
be turning 50 in a week, so I’m starting to think a little
bit more about Medicare eligibility,” Obama said at a
news conference.But according to the document he
claims to be his official Hawaiian birth certificate that
he released April 27,2011 his birthday was not until
August 4, which was actually 3 weeks away from the
time he said it, not one.


White House Aide Says Republicans Might Try for Obama Impeachment

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Steve Holland

A top White House adviser said on Friday Republicans might try to impeach President Barack Obama over his go-it-alone immigration strategy, as Obama prepared to talk about the U.S. border crisis with Central American presidents.
Dan Pfeiffer, one of Obama’s longest-serving advisers, told reporters that the executive actions Obama will approve at the end of the summer aimed at tackling illegal immigration will likely generate ire from Republicans who have blocked comprehensive immigration legislation.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are expected next week to authorize a lawsuit against Obama on charges he has overstepped his constitutional authority by signing a series of executive orders this year on issues such as raising the minimum wage for federal contract workers.

Pfeiffer, speaking at a reporters’ breakfast organized by the Christian Science Monitor, said he could easily see Republicans moving to impeachment proceedings to try to remove Obama from power in retaliation for the immigration orders he is expected to unveil by the end of the summer.



Monsanto: $93 – Million – Justice for a small place

Great news for the people in Nitro. But… none of this criminals go to jail?

Monsanto Ordered to Pay $93 Million to Small Town for Poisoning Citizens


Big wins can happen in small places. The West Virginia State Supreme Court finalized a big blow to the biotech giant Monsanto this month, finishing a settlement causing Monsanto to pay $93 million to the tiny town of Nitro, West Virginia for poisoning citizens with Agent Orange chemicals.

The settlement was approved last year, but details were worked out only weeks ago as to how the funds were to be spent.

The settlement will require Monsanto to do the following:
$9 million will be spent to clean dioxin contaminated dust from 4500 homes.
$21 million will be spent to test to see if people have been poisoned with dioxin.
Citizens will be monitored for such poisoning for 30 years, not just a few months.
An additional $63 million is to be allotted if additional tests for dioxin contamination testing is necessary.
Anyone who lived in the Nitro area between Jan. 1, 1948, and Sept. 3, 2010 will be tested for dioxin. Although they must show proof they lived in the area, they will be eligible for testing even if they no longer live in Nitro.
Former or present employees of Monsanto are not eligible for any of these benefits.
An office will be set up to organize testing for Nitro citizens. The registration of participants is to be overlooked by Charleston attorney Thomas Flaherty, who was appointed by the court.
Residents have a right to file individual suits against Monsanto if medical tests show they suffered physical harm due to dioxin exposure.
Monsanto Produced Toxic Chemicals in Nitro
Just how were Nitro citizens exposed to dioxin? Monsanto was producing the toxic herbicide Agent Orange in Nitro, and dioxin is a chemical byproduct of the substance. It is known to cause serious health conditions. The factory which produced Agent Orange was opened in Nitro in 1948 and remained in operation until 2004, even though usage of this herbicide in the past (in Vietnam and other Asian countries) was fatal to millions of citizens and the war veterans who were exposed to it.

“There is no doubt that during and after the war, many Vietnamese absorbed this very toxic material [dioxin]. It is our belief from toxicological research and epidemiologicalstudies from many countries that this dioxin probably resulted in significant health effects in Vietnam.” – Arnold Schecter and John Constable
“It’s been a real long haul,” attorney Stuart Calwell told The Charleston Gazette. Calwell represented Nitro area residents in a class action suit that prompted Monsanto to make the settlement.

“The politics of dioxin has been bitterly debated since the Vietnam War, but … we know that there is a health issue there and hopefully people will get their houses cleaned and the risk will come to an end and those exposed in the past will have the benefit of keeping an eye on their health.”
The people of Nitro still need to fill out a register to receive the benefits outlined in the settlement. Due to the pivotal nature of this landmark settlement, Nitro citizens need to participate as fully as possible to set a precedent for other class action suits that farmers and consumers of GMO foods around the world might wage against Monsanto in the future to finally take them down. If enough of us do it at once, then even their bloated coffers will finally be depleted, and we can enjoy a world without being poisoned to death.

While this case did not involve glyphosate, another deadly toxin used in Monsanto herbicides such as RoundUp, its time will come soon.

Middle East: Again, thank you very much, Mr. Snowden!

Iran’s information about Isis/Isil confirmd by Edward Snowden:

Edward Snowden revelations about ISIS
We learned last week that Israel is treating Isis fighters in its hospitals; Edward Snowden reveals who trained its leader.

Documents Revealed: ISIS Caliphate working for America and Israel.

The former NSA and CIA agent Edward Snowden revealed that the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was trained in Israel.

Snowden added that the American CIA and the British Intelligence collaborated with the Israeli Mossad to create a terrorist organization that is able to attract all extremists of the world to one place, using a strategy called “the hornet’s nest”.

The “Hornet’s nest’’ strategy aims to bring all the major threats to one place in order to track them, and mostly to shake the stability of the Arab countries. The NSA documents revealed that the ISIS “Calif”, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi went trough intense military training in the Israeli intelligence “Mossad”.

Besides military training, Al Baghdadi studied communication and public speaking skills in order to attract “terrorists” from all the corners of the world.

Middle East/Politic: Smart decision!

Iran will never cooperate with U.S. in war against ISIL: top commander

On Line: 18 June 2014 16:08
In Print: Thursday 19 June 2014
TEHRAN – Hassan Firouzabadi, the chief of the general staff of Iran’s armed forces, told reporters on Wednesday that Iran will never cooperate with the U.S. in fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

ISIL terrorists have seized the north of Iraq in the past week, threatening to dismember Iraq and unleash all-out sectarian warfare with no regard for national borders.

Major General Firouzabadi said ISIL was created by the U.S. and Israel to increase the security of the Zionist regime in the region.

He added that the ISIL attacks in Iraq are in fact a reaction to the victory of Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian presidential election.

Syria held presidential election on June 3 in which the incumbent leader Assad won 88.7 percent of the votes.

Firouzabadi stated that ISIL is using media to spread fear among people.

The Iraqi people should be spiritually strong to stand against this move that is backed by the U.S. and Israel, he stated.

He went on to say that Iran will not dispatch any forces to Iraq and there is no need to do that.


Iran Exposes ISIS! Top Commander Says It’s Supported by US, Israel and Saudi Arabia!

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  • Published on Jun 19, 2014
    Hassan Firouzabadi, the chief of the general staff of Iran’s armed forces, told reporters on Wednesday that Iran will never cooperate with the U.S. in fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

    ISIL terrorists have seized the north of Iraq in the past week, threatening to dismember Iraq and unleash all-out sectarian warfare with no regard for national borders.

    Major General Firouzabadi said ISIL was created by the U.S. and Israel to increase the security of the Zionist regime in the region. He added that the ISIL attacks in Iraq are in fact a reaction to the victory of Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian presidential election.


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USA/white flag/Brooklyn Bridge: Who did it? US Intel know…smile

Thursday, July 24, 2014
US Intel releases footage of Vladimir Putin climbing down Brooklyn Bridge after flag placement
Activist Post




Source: @RudyHavenstein!bmcHoy

 …just in case you missed it, here the background story:

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Mysterious white flags appear on Brooklyn Bridge (‘cyclist’ John Joseph was on the scene)


White Flag

This story would have been funnier if it was a ‘black flag’, but punk and hardcore fans should nonetheless be amused by the eyewitness interviewed towards the end of this ABC report. Check out the news video below…





Isis-religious-mercendary-Terrorist: “See you in New York!”

Interesting out of astronomological side is, to find  “Isis” in the birth chart of the American $ together with Sol, Mercury, Saturn and the native DragonTail in a religious/financial zone.

Isis Mythology:

Isis, the Virgin of the World

IT is especially fitting that a study of Hermetic symbolism should begin with a discussion of the symbols and attributes of the Saitic Isis. This is the Isis of Sais, famous for the inscription concerning her which appeared on the front of her temple in that city: “I, Isis, am all that has been, that is or shall be; no mortal Man hath ever me unveiled.”

Plutarch affirms that many ancient authors believed this goddess to be the daughter of Hermes; others held the opinion that she was the child of Prometheus. Both of these demigods were noted for their divine wisdom. It is not improbable that her kinship to them is merely allegorical. Plutarch translates the name Isis to mean wisdom. Godfrey Higgins, in his Anacalypsis, derives the name of Isis from the Hebrew ישע, Iso, and the Greek ζωω, to save. Some authorities, however, for example, Richard Payne Knight (as stated in his Symbolical Language of Ancient Art and Mythology), believe the word to be of Northern extraction, possibly Scandinavian or Gothic. In these languages the name is pronounced Isa, meaning ice, or water in its most passive, crystallized, negative state.

This Egyptian deity under many names appears as the principle of natural fecundity among nearly all the religions of the ancient world. She was known as the goddess with ten thousand appellations and was metamorphosed by Christianity into the Virgin Mary, for Isis, although she gave birth to all living things–chief among them the Sun–still remained a virgin, according to the legendary accounts.

Apuleius in the eleventh book of The Golden Ass ascribes to the goddess the following statement concerning her powers and attributes: “Behold, * *, I, moved by thy prayers, am present with thee; I, who am Nature, the parent of things, the queen of all the elements, the primordial progeny of ages, the supreme of Divinities, the sovereign of the spirits of the dead, the first of the celestials, and the uniform resemblance of Gods and Goddesses. I, who rule by my nod the luminous summits of the heavens, the salubrious breezes of the sea, and the deplorable silences of the realms beneath, and whose one divinity the whole orb of the earth venerates under a manifold form, by different rites and a variety of appellations. Hence the primogenial Phrygians call me Pessinuntica, the mother of the Gods, the Attic Aborigines, Cecropian Minerva; the floating Cyprians, Paphian Venus; the arrow-bearing Cretans, Diana Dictynna; the three-tongued Sicilians, Stygian Proserpine; and the Eleusinians, the ancient Goddess Ceres. Some also call me Juno, others Bellona, others Hecate, and others Rhamnusia. And those who are illuminated by the incipient rays of that divinity the Sun, when he rises, viz. the Ethiopians, the Arii, and the Egyptians skilled in ancient learning, worshipping me by ceremonies perfectly appropriate, call me by my true name, Queen Isis.”

Le Plongeon believes that the Egyptian myth of Isis had a historical basis among the Mayas of Central America, where this goddess was known as Queen Moo. In Prince Coh the same author finds a correspondence to Osiris, the brother-husband of Isis. Le Plongeon’s theory is that Mayan civilization was far more ancient than that of Egypt. After the death of Prince Coh, his widow, Queen Moo, fleeing to escape the wrath of his murderers, sought refuge among the Mayan colonies in Egypt, where she was accepted as their queen and was given the name of Isis. While Le Plongeon may be right, the possible historical queen sinks into insignificance when compared with the allegorical, symbolic World Virgin; and the fact that she appears among so many different races and peoples discredits the theory that she was a historical individual.

According to Sextus Empyricus, the Trojan war was fought over a statue of the moon goddess. For this lunar Helena, and not for a woman, the Greeks and Trojans struggled at the gates of Troy.

Several authors have attempted to prove that Isis, Osiris, Typhon, Nephthys, and Aroueris (Thoth, or Mercury) were grandchildren of the great Jewish patriarch Noah by his son Ham. But as the story of Noah and his ark is a cosmic allegory concerning the repopulation of planets at the beginning of each world period, this only makes it less likely that they were historical personages. According to Robert Fludd, the sun has three properties–life, light, and heat. These three vivify and vitalize the three worlds–spiritual, intellectual, and material. Therefore, it is said “from one light, three lights,” i. e. the first three Master Masons. In all probability, Osiris represents the third, or material, aspect of solar activity, which by its beneficent influences vitalizes and enlivens the flora and fauna of the earth. Osiris is not the sun, but the sun is symbolic of the vital principle of Nature, which the ancients knew as Osiris. His symbol, therefore, was an opened eye, in honor of the Great Eye of the universe, the sun. Opposed to the active, radiant principle of impregnating fire, hear, and motion was the passive, receptive principle of Nature.

Modern science has proved that forms ranging in magnitude from solar systems to atoms are composed of positive, radiant nuclei surrounded by negative bodies that exist upon the emanations of the central life. From this allegory we have the story of Solomon and his wives, for Solomon is the sun and his wives and concubines are the planets, moons, asteroids, and other receptive bodies within his house–the solar mansion. Isis, represented in the Song of Solomon by the dark maid of Jerusalem, is symbolic of receptive Nature–the watery, maternal principle which creates all things out of herself after impregnation has been achieved by the virility of the sun.

In the ancient world the year had 360 days. The five extra days were gathered together by the God of Cosmic Intelligence to serve as the birthdays of the five gods and goddesses who are called the sons and daughters of Ham. Upon the first of these special days Osiris was born and upon the fourth of them Isis. (The number four shows the relation that this goddess bears to the earth and its elements.) Typhon, the Egyptian Demon or Spirit of the Adversary, was born upon the third day. Typhon is often symbolized by a crocodile; sometimes his body is a combination of crocodile and hog. Isis stands for knowledge and wisdom, and according to Plutarch the word Typhon means insolence and pride. Egotism, self-centeredness, and pride are the deadly enemies of understanding and truth. This part of the allegory is revealed.

After Osiris, here symbolized as the sun, had become King of Egypt and had given to his people the full advantage of his intellectual light, he continued his path through the heavens, visiting the peoples of other nations and converting all with whom he came in contact. Plutarch further asserts that the Greeks recognized in Osiris the same person whom they revered under the names of Dionysos and Bacchus. While he was away from his country, his brother, Typhon, the Evil One, like the Loki of Scandinavia, plotted against the Sun God to destroy him. Gathering seventy-two persons as fellow conspirators, he attained his nefarious end in a most subtle manner. He had a wonderful ornamented box made just the size of the body of Osiris. This he brought into a banquet hall where the gods and goddesses were feasting together. All admired the beautiful chest, and Typhon promised to give it to the one whose body fitted it most perfectly. One after another lay down in the box, but in disappointment
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More here:

The Isis-religious-mercendary-Terrorists down here on earth have fore sure no real religious background or connection to the energy of goddess “Isis” – their “religious war” is a total cover-up for something/somebody else!

But they don’t call themselves “Isis” without a serious reason.

The connection from the Isis-Group to the US, is in the stars of the $. Looking above Cetus, between the fixed stars Mirach and Deneb Kai, I see a financial/religious misery brewing for mankind. It is the material foggy, shady, canting seed in the  astronomological $-Chart, which will receive very bad energy in August, September and October of 2014. Heaven will send the cosmic cleaning broom into the finances, the US $, the US, the entire Middle East – watch closely anything related to Iran –  and for the US, no protection from Jupiter in sight.

The real reason (proofs) for the Isis-terrorists and their devastating actions, connections, supporting and duties, we will find soon beyond Neptune’s fog.

Always, follow the money.

The American people will have to face  serious troubles on many different levels and their president will be of no help. Be careful America! All the exported poison seeds, if you like it or not, will come back as a re-import.

The Message of the stars: “Return to Sender!”

This is what happens, when Uranus goes retro in Pisces and flips the neptunic energies (religion/money) up-side-down again side-up-down, just as he did it back from 1924 to 1932. Of course, just like back then, we remember the financial and social supergau of 1929, history repeats, but this time on a much higher multiplexed level.

Isis-religious-mercendary-Terrorist: “See you in New York!”

Good luck, America!

Obama Greenlights ISIS Attack on GITMO—Invasion of U.S. Imminent

Posted: July 24, 2014 in 420 Terror

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David Chase Taylor
July 24, 2014

SWITZERLAND, Basel — As previously reported by, the CIA is desperately trying to stage the full-scale terrorist invasion of the United States via Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (GITMO) and/or the state of Florida. To date, numerous Islamic invasion-related terror plots have been exposed, the following ISIS terror plot being the latest.

Although the terrorists invasion of the U.S. or GITMO could come courtesy of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 which was hijacked in an “act of piracy”, it’s far more likely that ISIS terrorists will make their way to American shores via a tanker or freighter, bringing with them a deadly concoction of bio-chemical weapons.

The notion that the CIA is plotting a full-scale invasion by ISIS terrorists was first identified on June 14, 2014, when ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi stated “See you in New York”, ultimately confirming that the U.S. is now in the sights of ISIS. Roughly two weeks alter on June 30, 2014, CNN published a report entitled “How to keep ISIS Terror from U.S. Shores”, further confirming that ISIS’ endgame is the full-scale invasion of the U.S.

Since Obama and NATO have openly funded the Syrian Rebels which have since morphed into ISIS, it should come as no surprise that Obama set free the terrorist warlord now leading ISIS. Since Americans have reportedly joined ISIS, it’s just a matter of time before they make their way back to American shores.