Mr. Sol & Lady Luna

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The Evil Gold Mining


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With the financial markets in melt-down and many in search for a “secure” investment, GOLD suppose to be the solution. If you want to buy physical gold – think twice about where it comes from and the suffering, blood and dead is glued to it.!blog-m-o-o-nsurfer/c1i43

Real Sky: Orion, the Hunter

Orion is one of the most well-known constellations, visible in the southern sky during northern hemisphere winters, belonging to the ecliptic  – even it is just a small part connected.

Lady Moon – as well as the other planets – surfing through this beautiful constellation. So ask the Astrologer why they ignore Orion?

Are you an Orion?

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Minifinsternis: Sol mit Minipünktchen

Schaue nicht direkt in die Sonne ohne Sonnenfinsternisbrille!

6. Mai 2016

Am kommenden Montag wandert der sonnennächste Planet Merkur – von der Erde aus betrachtet – vor der Scheibe der Sonne vorüber. Ein solcher Merkurtransit lässt sich allerdings nicht ohne Hilfsmittel beobachten. Sternwarten und Astronomievereine in ganz Deutschland laden daher zu gemeinsamen Beobachtungen ein und auch professionelle Astronomen interessieren sich für den Transit.!blog-m-o-o-nsurfer/c1i43

South America: Modern Water Wars

If North America don’t watch out – they will end like this…

The El Niño weather phenomenon brought months of droughts for Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Venzuela and Mexico. The extreme circumstances, many country’s energy supplies, water resources and agricultural crops have been impacted by the dry weather conditions. Already in 2012 I was warning , that between 2010 and 2020 modern water wars  and oil-crisis…

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Sol, LadyMoon, Venus and Mercury in Aries.

LadyNewMoon in Aries!

Now in German & English!

NewMoon in Aries 06.05.2016 21.30h (German Time)

Diese NeuMondin wird den Aries „füttern“. Explosive und destruktive Nachrichten über Feuer, Krieg/militärische Aktivitäten und Explosionen werden in den Medien Schlagzeilen machen. Auch wenn dies die Energie….

Business (english):

Aries is extremely impulsive, so expect your customers to be more impulsive under an Aries NewMoon. They may have planned out their shopping needs where large items are concerned, but decide at the last minute on a major upgrade. Aries is associated…

Astronomy Alert: Mercury-Transit Sol ahead!

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