Uranus/DragonTail in Pisces: The Coming 3rd Empire

While DragonTail, Uranus, Sol and Mercury in dreamy-religious Pisces and LadyMoon in Ophiuchus, all Religions are touched by this mix of energy. As always, when the watery DragonTail exposes the secrets – Uranus suddenly pulls the trigger and things implode and explode at the same time. Last time zone Uranus spend in the same constellation has been from 1925 and 1932. Well, we all know what happened back than. Worldwide. Especially the rise of Hitler and anything connected to it. The open as well, as the hidden. One topic is the secrets of the Vatican, sneaking out at the end of the war, all those Nazi VIP’s… The 3rd Reich of the Nazi’s was a deceiving structure. It started with the PiscesEnergy and it died in them. So, the cosmic card played back than, was the one of “The Religion” and the currency of a neptunic character supporting delicate Empires and raise them to power or – destroy them. So, travelling from the past to the present, we face the same wicked games. Religion > Money > War – Empire.
Never change a winning concept?
Well, last time Uranus dived the deep waters of Religion and money, there where also a DragonTail around, the one from the Dollar Chart. Well, in short, it’s result has been the destruction in 1929 and the great depression, that followed.
Be ready, the implosions/explosions in all those described areas, will have to face some more troubles, scandals and surprises. Just like the new documentation about Scientology.
For the Vatican and the roman catholic church, the storms are adding up. This damn thing called karma, just won’t go away. Not even with tons of money and gold and material possessions. The universe send the cosmic cleaning broom for the big cleaning.
Like I said, many will have to learn, nobody is above the real cosmic laws. Even the religions and sects and so called spiritual groups will have to learn that.

Soon there will rise another 3rd Empire on this planet and just like others before, they will learn the hard way: never, ever rise an Empire, while the DragonTail sits in the backyard and Uranus clears up a dying age.

Gay orgies and ‘murder’ scandals engulf Vatican

Separate incidents in Italy are latest for the Roman Catholic Church



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