Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a great start, jumping into 2017! My cat Pegasus did… 🙂





Happy Yulefest! 21.12.



Julfest –Wintersonnenwende 21.12./22.12.

Das Julfest oder auch „die zwölf Rauchnächte“, Wintersonnenwende, Mittwinter – Rauhnächte, Rauchnächte, Losnächte, Weihennächte/Weihnachten oder Joablot – das sind all die Namen die dieses Fest in der Geschichte bekommen hat.

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Germany: Deutsche Bank – I Warned You!


I warned you before – if you deal with the Deutsche Bank, get your money out!

Don’t Look Now

But The Most Systemically Dangerous Bank In The World Is Tumbling Again

Remember Deutsche Bank? It seems ‘hope’ for a deal – and a capital raise – are fading fast.


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Türkei: Erdogan – zurück in die “Steinzeit”?

Seit Erdogan an die Macht kam, warnte ich davor, dass er das “Osmanische Reich” wieder auferstehen lassen möchte…

In diesem Zusammenhang, sollte ihr euch diese  3-teilige Dokumentation ansehen:




“Die Inseln waren unsere”

Sultan im Größenwahn? Erdogans neue Landkarten fordern das Osmanische Reich zurück

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Hanjin: I Told You the Stars Don’t Look Good For Hanjin!


Hanjin has some more hard times ahead. With the transiting Saturn in full tension to freaky Uranus in their chart, the crisis concerning the professional responsibilities will gear up some more. The problems with the attitude and the authority of the established structure won’t come to an end. Be ready for some more bad surprises, as the persons in charge, thinking they deliver brilliant solutions and ideas, which will actually be a series impractical and unworkable plans. Sadly, Hanjin has a delicate past of corruption, scandals and even deaths.

Karma always come back presenting the price tag.

Hanjin Shipping Dumps 60% Of Workers

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Saudi Arabia: The Sun Is Going Down For The Monarchies



Saudi Arabia: The Sun Is Going Down For The Monarchies


Flashback – In January 2015 I predicted this for Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia will fall as a kingdom in the coming years. Just wait, till Jupiter crosses their native DragonTail in 2016/2017, which will be a big destructive and transforming energy for Saudi Arabia.

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Deutsche Bank: The Painful Dying Of Shady Business



Deutsche Bank: The Painful Dying Of Shady Business

14th of October 2016

Lady Luna in her positive transit phase is surfing through Aquarius, passed up the dangerous DragonTail and entering the constellation of Pisces. She is meeting up with the birth Sol, Mars, Neptune and the transit Uranus in the stars of the Deutsche Bank. On Sunday the 16th, we will have a LadyFullMoon – which can be interpreted as a SuperMoon.This will boost up extremely energies, which will trigger unusual and unexpected events – not only limited to the Deutsche Bank. For the Deutsche Bank, the stars indicate many delicate situations in which old partnerships will bounce off in a kind of a chain-reaction. Imploding will result in exploding. Many old goals are discarded in favor of new shady objectives.

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