La Luna FullMoon 09th of June




At the 9th of June the smallest Lady FullMoon of the year and till 2029, will take place.

During the night from Friday to Saturday she will be floating through the secret constellation of Ophiuchus and have a close meeting (2°) with the big teacher, Saturn – who is traveling through his planet-loop and is back in Ophiuchus since mid of May 2017.

This is big karma time!

The FullMoon is exactly at 15:19h (German time).


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UK: Election Analysis


Today, one day before the Lady FullMoon, the UK election take place and basically it is May VS Corbyn. By analysing both charts of the candidates,


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Breaking News: Comey fired – as predicted in October 2016!




Lady Luna in Libra 09.05.2017

As analyzed last October, James Comey’s career as head of the FBI is toast.

Saturn Retro in Ophiuchus  mastered him with serious and painful lessons, which cost him his career – and – he won’t be finished yet. Saturn activates karma and when he travels through his planet loop, he represents the double karma.

But the future lessons of Saturn won’t be he is only problem. In the coming years, Comey will be trapped between the nasty DragonTail, Saturn and Pluto. All this indicates death, drama and heavy losses.

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Lady FullMoon in Libra 10.05.2017




Text in English & German

The Lady FullMoon in the balancing zodiac sign Libra, marks a trend of increased social interactions and concerns about the deep psychological issues as well as the public relations. The handling of marital affairs, legal matters and also the close personal relationships, will be evidenced in the coming two weeks.

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Merkur Correction Wave im Sagittarius



Planeten im Ausnahmezustand

Merkur Correction Wave im Sagittarius

Es ist wieder so weit – pünktlich zu den Festtagen kommt Merkur in Fahrt und vollführt erneut seine legendäre Planetenschleife.

Ab ca. dem 10. Dezember 2016 bis Ende Januar 2017 müssen wir uns auf den „Ausnahmezustand“ des rückläufigen Merkurs einstellen.

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Astronomology: La Luna NewMoon In The Secret Constellation Ophiuchus

Picture: Stelarium Astronomy Software

Picture: Stelarium Astronomy Software 29.11. Sol, La Luna, Mercury and Saturn have a heavenly meeting in the Secret Ophiuchus.


29.11. 13:18 Lady NewMoon in Ophiuchus: Secrets Inside

…last night, while you where asleep, La Luna entered the mystically Scorpius. Since just a little piece of this large constellation touches the ecliptic, in just a few hours her visit in Scorpius is short – she enters the secrecy of the constellation Ophiuchus and will meet up with Sol for a NewMoon at 13.18h today.

Sol has left her short travel through Scorpius and enters Ophiuchus at 16:54h.

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Happy NewMoon 30.10.2016 18:38h!

NewMoon in Virgo & Libra 30.10. / 31.10.

Traumhaft schöne zunehmende Mondsichel in Konjunktion zur Venus 22.03.2015 20:10h

Traumhaft schöne zunehmende Mondsichel in Konjunktion zur Venus 22.03.2015 20:10h

This Lady NewMoon affects both constellations – Virgo and Libra. Because the Lady NewMoon starts at the end of Virgo and Sol moves into Libra at 2:00am (German time) at the 31st of October, the energies are in both constellations.

With the starting in Virgo, the public will be concerned about matters of diet, health and hygiene. People will express a business-as-usual attitude concerning occupation, business and all the other practical everyday responsibilities, dietary matters and cleaning-up duties. Because of the Virgo-energies, there is a great awareness concerning health, diet and house cleaning activities.

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USA: Saturn Rocks Hillary Big Time – As Predicted in 2014!

Clinton in free fall!

Part of my analyze I did in April 2014:

Any negative attitude she lives out especially in this expanded period, when Saturn stumble through the 1st house, it will be a time of separations her from others. This is not the time for her to go public and expand, it is the time to follow Saturn’s isolation and rules.
Her personal ambitions will lead her into the classical Saturn trap. Actually, this is her personal Pandora’s box, waiting to be (re)opened soon.
Her personal ambitions are the path to serious difficulties and obstacles and they are linked to legal, governmental and partnership issues. All this will be deep connected to her and Bill Clinton’s past. A separation or even divorce and a melted circle of friends/money, seems to be the result.
Old wars and war activities turn up again and focused by the strong legal authorities. Partnerships, cooperation’s and co operations – mainly those kept in secrecy – will pop up in a total new light and sharp questions by the governmental authorities will be the result. Of course it is also about money. But anyway, Saturn (authorities) makes sure, there is no escaping. The sharp questioning will not go away. So to speak, they are carved in stone. They will keep coming back.

Even important and so called solid cooperation’s, will bounce.

There are no selfish motivations and/or ambitions allowed, when Saturn is around.

I personally, would be not surprised, if she not even make it to the election day at the 8th of November 2016.

Even Lady Clinton will have to learn: When the stars rock you, it’s Saturn who shatters your world and wakes up the karma!


Russia: War fear?


To be honest, looking at the real stars and analyzing the meeting between Mars the God of War and Pluto, God Hades of the Underworld in Sagittarius in a few days, wer are really have dangerous times ahead.

I do have fear, that the US might start a war, to cover up their  most scary election disaster in history. So far, Putin kept a cool head, but the other side of our wrecked planet, keeps going and going and won’t stop to wave the flag of WAR…

Russian Government Officials Told To Immediately Bring Back Children Studying Abroad

In Europe, when it gets serious, you have to lie… at least if you are an unelected bureaucrat like Jean-Claude Juncker. In Russia, however, when it gets serious, attention immediately turns to the children.

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Thailand: The Fall Of A Kingdom Soon?

Bad times ahead for Thailand and yes, he will die soon. I told you many times before, the monarchies are all out of date and they will all dissapear… This will be a new “battleground” between USA and Russia.

Thailand King critical, what happens if he dies?

The widely venerated monarch enthroned since 1946 has been out of the public eye in recent years due to a range of health issues including renal failure.

Serhat Unaldi, a Germany-based author of a book about the monarchy, said the phrase “not stable” is “indeed an unusual choice of words”.

A large portrait of Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej hanging on the facade of the Siriraj hospital in Bangkok. Photo: EPA

“The king seems to be in a critical condition,” he said.