Europe/Israel: This is how it feels Israel, when Saturn in Libra runs the show

 This is what I wrote beginning of the year:

Old alliances will break and new ones will form, concerning the Middle East and the connections from others countries to the Middle East. Oil. Gas. Dollar. Euro. Secret weapon deals. Blackmailing.  Old enemies will become friends and friends turn into enemies. Especially Israel will play a huge key-role in this “who – is – the -good – guy – who – is – the – bad –  guy – game.

Saturn triggers heavy loads on relationships, corporations and allies. Expect legal or military consequences. The decorations are taken off, the red carped is rolled in and he (Saturn) confronts the world with the naked reality. You always wanted to see under and behind the red carpet? You will get lots of chances to discovcer. Will be a big stormy ride, on freak waves and storms in the nature, the finance business/Stock Markets, the religions (and their leader) and politics. Will be not funny. But from now till end of Oktober 2016 all shady relationships – from human to human, company to company, country to country, religion to religion ect. – will be under cosmic trial and inspection. This mix of cosmic energy in the coming weeks and months, will trigger old border conflicts and/or create new ones. Especially in the Middle East/Asia and those countries possessing nuclear energy and/or electromagnetic/chemical weapons. This rises the question, if this documents of Snowden reveal secrets of Israel about their power of/through/with this kind of weapons?

Spain, Italy warn against investing in Israeli settlements


Spain, Italy warn against investing in Israeli settlements

… from  Russia Today,  Moscow


It is time to crank up the pressure on the Zios

[ Editors Note:  What we might be seeing here is an indirect flanking move…”boycott lite” against the Zionist occupation. By keeping it advisory in nature they just put it out there and it is a done deal.

There is no legislation or legal issues to be considered, contested or appealed, what seems to me to be a smart move, something that can be done NOW.

How serious the effort is will be, we shall have to wait to see what follows, and we must not get too happy too quickly. The European country comments on the current orchestrated and manufactured crackdown to combat the Palestinian moves to put aside their long internal power disputes so they can move forward as one people with more strength…have been anemic.

This Hamas-Abbas reconciliation has of course is a direct challenge to Israel’s tried and true history of playing the divide and conquer game among the different factions. This includes the Zios having control of some of at least one of the radical elements in Gaza so they can always get a few rockets fired into Israel to trigger some airstrikes and grab the news headlines.

No…I am not being a nasty liar by telling you this. Such tactics are old ones, practiced extensively during the Cold War when it was “anything goes” as long as you did not get caught. That legacy of being engaged in terrorist groups and operations is still with us today, and on center stage.

Did this start spontaneously with the first advisory from France, or was it a planned roll out? I think the latter due to how quickly they followed each other. They usually don’t move that fast, but then again, not all government branches need to be notified to get input for an advisory.

That said, the current outrages against the Palestinians who are using political and not military means to seek justice should have triggered many more formal boycott calls. Why the stand down at this key moment? Might it be that they mostly have been controlled assets all along and were ordered to do so by their handlers? Suspicious me… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published  …  June 27, 2014

World community is finally taking serious action against Israeli occupation


Spain and Italy have joined France in advising their citizens not to invest in Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian Land.

The Italian Foreign Minister Frederico Mogherini told Italians on Friday “not to get involved in financial activity and investments” in settlements in the West Bank, Italian media reported.

France, Germany and Britain have already issued similar advisories, as the international community regards all Israeli settlements built on occupied land as illegal.

The Italian announcement comes after Spain issued a similar warning on Thursday. An announcement on the Spanish foreign ministry website cited European Union policy, which deems all Israeli settlements in the West Bank, eastern Jerusalem and Golan, illegal.

The statement said these settlements “constitute an obstacle to peace” and hinder trying to achieve a two-state solution to end the Israeli Palestinian conflict.