NeuMondin im Sagittarius & die Sterne an Silvester!

NeuMondin im Sagittarius 29.12.2016 7:53h

zunehmende MondinTaurus10.04.2016Picture: Copyright MoonSurfer


Mit der letzten NeuMondin in diesem aufregendem Jahr beenden wir den Zyklus des Sol-Jahres. In diesem Jahr fällt sie in die magischen Rauhnächte und liefert uns Energien für das Neue. Für Rückschau und Bereinigung. Für Jahresbilanzen und den Blick über die Grenzen hinaus. Noch bis Ende Januar 2017 ist die Merkur Correction Wave aktiv, Saturn befindet sich auf seiner langsamen Reise im geheimnisvollen Ophiuchus und wird sich ab Mitte Februar dem Sagittarius zuwenden. Viele schwierige Prüfungen werden diesen auferlegt. Dem freiheitsliebende Sagittarius (geb. zwischen dem 18.12. – 20.01. Echtzeit!) wird die Begrenzung durch das Saturn gar nicht gut gefallen…

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03.06. – 02.11: Venus in Cancer, Hydra and Leo

03.06. – 02.11: Venus in Cancer, Hydra and Leo
In this long phase the goddess of love, Venus, ruling relationships, romantic, martial, financial, business and all types of partnership affairs, travels through three star signs. Based on her correction wave, called Retro, she sales from Cancer to Leo, through Hydra, back into Cancer and Leo, before she enters Virgo beginning of November 2015.
Retro phase is starting at the middle of July till middle of September.
Astronomical real Cancer is born 21.06. – 10.08.
Astronomical real Leo is born 21.06. – 16.09.
(Natives born on the transit dates, logical have the energies of both signs!)
Now, with Venus in Cancer, it is the home-zone, highlighted as the center for social activities, romantic courtships and/or the expression of artistic issues. Transiting Venus through Cancer is a wonderful motivation to acquire objects of luxury, beauty and the interest for in lucrative business endeavors. Factors of luck potentials are to find in music, art, luxury items and entertainment as well as decoration for the home. Social activities and entertainment, concerts, galleries and art are on the cosmic list of Venus’ duty!
Natives, born with energies in Cancer (Cancer is ruled by the LadyMoon), express a direct interest toward the maintenance of peace, harmony and safety – especially connected to family/home/mother/females and all areas ruled by this Venus transit. While she is sailing through Cancer (03.06.- 25.06 and again from 19.08. – 23.09.) it is the female energy, receiving the intense touch of Venus.
Interesting about Venus is, that she – just like our LadyMoon – has phases. It was Galileo who discovered the first know observation of the planetary full phases of Venus, by the end of 1610 and published in 1613.
Does the phases of Venus have a meaning, similar to the negative/positive transit phase of the LadyMoon? Sure, it does! To simplify it: falling in love, while she is in her waning phase has a great chance, for not lasting very long… is unluckily, the LadyMoon in her waning (negative transit phase) and at the same she is also in Void of Course, activities will not bring the result as wished or planed.
Experiencing of the Natives will be, that friends or individuals entering their home in this phase, will offer a helping hand and/or receiving help.
Business activities, especially those in connection with artistic pursuits, may find expression of a positive nature concerning the home environment. There is a strong drive to beautify the home. Great energies are, when Venus goes Retro, for remodeling/renovation the home.
Stay tuned for more information’s about Venus going retrograde in July/August and September! There are traps, to watch out for…
As always, while the LadyMoon (03.06.- 15.06.) is in her negative transit phase, do not start anything new –take care the things you want to get out of the way.
Be happy, be safe!
Your Astronomologer