Astronomology: La Luna NewMoon In The Secret Constellation Ophiuchus

Picture: Stelarium Astronomy Software

Picture: Stelarium Astronomy Software 29.11. Sol, La Luna, Mercury and Saturn have a heavenly meeting in the Secret Ophiuchus.


29.11. 13:18 Lady NewMoon in Ophiuchus: Secrets Inside

…last night, while you where asleep, La Luna entered the mystically Scorpius. Since just a little piece of this large constellation touches the ecliptic, in just a few hours her visit in Scorpius is short – she enters the secrecy of the constellation Ophiuchus and will meet up with Sol for a NewMoon at 13.18h today.

Sol has left her short travel through Scorpius and enters Ophiuchus at 16:54h.

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Sol, LadyMoon, Venus and Mercury in Aries.

LadyNewMoon in Aries!

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NewMoon in Aries 06.05.2016 21.30h (German Time)

Diese NeuMondin wird den Aries „füttern“. Explosive und destruktive Nachrichten über Feuer, Krieg/militärische Aktivitäten und Explosionen werden in den Medien Schlagzeilen machen. Auch wenn dies die Energie….

Business (english):

Aries is extremely impulsive, so expect your customers to be more impulsive under an Aries NewMoon. They may have planned out their shopping needs where large items are concerned, but decide at the last minute on a major upgrade. Aries is associated…

Astronomy Alert: Mercury-Transit Sol ahead!

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