Imbolc (Lichtmess) – Das Hexenfest am 1. & 02.02.

Imbolc (Lichtmess) – Das Hexenfest

 1. & 02.02.



Anfang Februar ist das Imbolc- Hexenfest! In der keltischen Mythologie ist dies das Fest der Unschuld und der Hoffnung.

Nun wird die Freilassung der großen Göttin gefeiert. Während der dunklen Jahreszeit verweilte die Göttin bei ihrem Gott in den Tiefen der Ewigkeit. Mit Imbolc beginnt die Zeit, sich der Verantwortung gegenüber dem neuen Leben bewusst zu werden. Der große Gott gibt seine Göttin frei und erlaubt ihr, das Land fruchtbar zu machen.

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Germany: Gold

I told you gold will play a major role in the coming two years. As for Germany to take their gold back is good – but… did they checked to see if it is REAL?

FAKE GOLD WARNING – Pamp Suisse GOLD Bars with TUNGSTEN found in NYC



Germany’s Bundesbank Resumes Gold Repatriation; Transfers 120 Tonnes Of Physical Gold From Paris And NY Fed

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Three weeks ago, when looking at the latest NY Fed data of foreign gold held at the largest central bank gold vault in the world, we showed that in the month of November not only was a near record amount of gold withdrawn from the NY Fed, which at 42 tons was the single biggest monthly outflow at the NY Fed in over a decade…

… but that though the end of November, all of the Netherlands’ 122 tons of gold withdrawals had been fully accounted for. This brought up an interesting question: