Astronomology: La Luna NewMoon In The Secret Constellation Ophiuchus

Picture: Stelarium Astronomy Software

Picture: Stelarium Astronomy Software 29.11. Sol, La Luna, Mercury and Saturn have a heavenly meeting in the Secret Ophiuchus.


29.11. 13:18 Lady NewMoon in Ophiuchus: Secrets Inside

…last night, while you where asleep, La Luna entered the mystically Scorpius. Since just a little piece of this large constellation touches the ecliptic, in just a few hours her visit in Scorpius is short – she enters the secrecy of the constellation Ophiuchus and will meet up with Sol for a NewMoon at 13.18h today.

Sol has left her short travel through Scorpius and enters Ophiuchus at 16:54h.

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M o o nSurfer: The Astronomology of the Aquarian Age

M o o nSurfer

The Astronomology of the Aquarian Age


To explain you the accurate sight of reality, it requires a time journey into the past. More specifically, we are talking about the facts of a spiritual crime. An energetic amputation. The cosmic “Dom Perignon” of a fraud. Powerful and so refined that the fatal consequences later, all imagination of a man who truly exceeds, oversized.

In all ancient civilizations there were the mysterious celestial phenomena, which exercised an incredible fascination to the people. Marked bone discovered from the Ice Age, show that at that time the path of the Lady Moon (yes, she is a woman) already pursued … backdated 32,000 years!

In Europe, as the deep Middle Ages tedious drawing to a close and mankind crawled slowly awoke from the dogmatic /Christian/medieval coma, they were no longer sufficient, the Christian revelation. They wanted more. They wanted to reach for the stars again. Countless new, even scientific/spiritual and medical effects, triggered by growing “globalization/world trade” (as you see, this is not a new invention) and the Crusades, paved for the awakening era of mysticism, the way.

The ideas of the universe of Aristotle were packed with the Christian worldview and let’s say, manipulated. The earth was declared a disc and the center of the cosmos.

Astrology experienced a wedding and is, as example, taught in medical school in Bologna and many other universities. An integral part of the society it was. The astrology. Calculations of astronomers learn new knowledge, became more precisely and the calculations of the planets still served as real basics for horoscopes.

The “chosen” Zodiac with 12 Zodiac is written in so many churches and cathedrals in stone and Astromagicians such as Michel de Notre Dam – Nostradamus – achieved cult status. This Astromagicians were what we now call “Supertstars”. But they were also high authorities. Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo, those were the astronomers and astrologers! After that, astrology is lured into for me, incomprehensible direction. She was deprived astronomical, real calculations.

Take the well-known 12-starsign Zodiac, minus the real astronomical calculations and brand all zodiac sign with an identical size (30 °). One size fits all?! Like all people have the same shoe size… Thus, the astrological calculations do not cover the real astronomical sky events, except, yes, except there are a few “lucky shots”. That is why almost all Astrologers say, that sometimes Astrology works, sometimes not.

Take the example of the constellation Aries.

According to all available astrological ephemeris (lists the planetary positions/ Astro calendars/unar calendars)

Sol (the sun) surfs at 20:04. until 20.05. through the Aries.

In real terms, whether with telescope, binoculars, observatory, magnifying glass or a astronomical Stellarium for the PC, you’re not going to watch the movement of Sol (sun).

Because it reaches the real Aries at 19:04. and leaves it real on 14 May.

The REAL zodiac sign dates and ophiucus / serpentarius as well!

Good video, but it still lacks Orion, Cetus and Sextant.

This means that the fanciful calculations of the fictitious mass astrology shoot over the top and the calculations about the transiting planets of the constellations (and for each planet/the details of the retros, the decline of the planet, are also not correct) off the mark, and not coincides with the real starry sky.

So Pluto is not in Capricornus right now. Sidereal (in real terms) he travels till 2024 in Sagittarius.

All constellations – and for me there is no zodiac sign – but constellations, have in real terms, different sizes.

This can also be seen with the traveling of the wonderful Lady Moon, if one uses the astronomical calculations. It’s the scientific foundation laying scientific foundations.

Every modern conveniences lunar calendar teaches that the Lady Moon travels 2 to 3 days through one starsign. But astronomical observations and calculations show, however, that the Lady Moon travels between a few hours and four days through a sign. In a small constellation, such as the Cancer, she is done in a day (others like Scorpius or Sextant, she is done in a few hours) and in the Pisces/fish for example, it is about 3 to 4 days, that it needed in order to travel through.

The details of Full and NewMoon in the lunar calendars, are covering with the astronomical calculations (a rogue, who thinks evil because of this ….) – But the constellation figures do not coincide. Except, yes except for the “flukes” or “lucky shots”…

The Mo o nSurfer Astronomology

combines the real astronomical calculations with astrology, which has a much higher success rate. This is also called:

Sidereal Astrology.

Basically M o o nSurfer-Astronomology “lags” the fictional “astrological” Zodiac reality behind her. In my view, Astrology should be expanded to include some major constellations of the common “Zodiac”.

A 13th Zodiac sign?

No, not 13 constellations.

But 16 constellations.

In almost every astronomical calculation of planet/sun/Lady Moon in the different constellations, you can find the Cetus, Sextant, Ophiuchus and Orion. So why our unrealistic and outdated astrology not at last be “upgraded”?

This corresponds to the revolutionary reforms which is the awakening Aquarian Age in our hands! Reforms today, in the here, the now, bringing incredible results for today, tomorrow and the future.

That’s Uranus in Pisces until the beginning of 2018 and Neptune in Aquarius till spring 2022.

Astronomologischer constellation circle

Zodiac of the IAU (International Astronomical Union)

In 1928 the International Astronomical Union (IAU) put the limits of – 88 sidereal constellations – precise.

The astronomical data of the passage of Sol (sun) through the 16 sidereal constellations (approximate values, fluctuating due to the length and shifts annually one day / one sidereal year):

Fish / Pisces: March 12-19th April Cetus: 21 / 22:03 and 28.03. (Sol in fish / Cetus / fish / Cetus and again fish) Aries / Aries: April 19-14th May Taurus / Taurus: May 14-21st June Skychaser / Orion July 19 – JULY 21 Gemini / Genmini: June 22-July 18 Cancer / Cancer: July 21-August 10 Leo / Leo: August 11-16th September Sextant 04:09. – 5:09. (Sol in Leo / Sextant and again Lions) Virgo / Virgo: September 16-31st October Libra / Libra: October 31-23rd November Scorpio / Scorpius: November 23-30th November Ophiuchus / Ophiuchus: November 30-18th December Sagittarius / Sagittarius 18 December 20th January Steinbock / Capricornus: January 20-16th February Aquarius / Aquarius: February 16-12th March

The Native who were born at the transition to the next data Constellation have, logically combines the energies of both constellations in themselves and are so to speak, a cosmic border-walker.

Looking at the list of constellations of the IAU (, one finds represented the entire starry sky. For most schools of sidereal astrology, the twelve of the 88 sidereal constellations along the ecliptic are of importance essentially. Bernd Happel took as example in his Sidereal Astrology Software “AstroSoft / Skyview” the boundaries of the IAU for the twelve constellations of the zodiac. Source:

The already hotly debated topic among the general public around the 13th constellation Ophiuchus (Ophiuchus) has understandably caused a lot of confusion. Nevertheless, you should respect recognize the demonstrable statements of astronomers of Ophiuchus and corrections in the constellation circle in astrology are needed. Are to accept and to integrate. Astrology and astronomy merge and give the unit that she was once again. That’s the M o o nSurfer Astronomologiy. Proper way – there is, amazingly, only ONE and that is the real “constellation circle” in the sky – also Orion has a large raison in Astronomologiy.

Orion – The Hunter June 18 – June 21

Thus, there are still 14 constellations.

In order to meet the reality of our beautiful night sky, there should be 16 constellations. In the near vicinity of Pisces there is Cetus, the whale, which also sprayes his energies into the ecliptic. On the other side of the constellation circle, we find the majestic and royal Leo with his neighbor, Sextant. So the Sextant also touches the ecliptic. Observing the course of the Lady Moon, as she enters not only the Lion, for a few hours up to a day, she can be found in the constellation of the Sextant, while at the very next day, she travel back into the Leo.

Similarly it behaves with the passage of the Lady Moon through the constellations Capricornus and Aquarius, which are very into each nested in the sky.

We discover this strange phenomenon in terms of the constellations Pisces and Cetus.

That is why it is recommended, to measure the starsign image circle to reality and to expand with Cetus well as the Sextant.

So we talk about 16 Astronomology-relevant constellations of the 88, because that is was our beautiful night sky has to offer.has to offer.

As we know from Astronomy also the vernal equinox “travels” and is no longer in Aries (the vernal equinox runs backwards) but in the constellation of “Pisces” instead. Sol travels on March 12 into the Pisces and has the vernal equinox with her in the luggage. Opening of the astronomologocial year is thus of 12.03. and the date of birth for the new M o o nSurfer – Astronomology in the Age of Aquarius, was the 12.03.2013. M o o nSurfer Astronomologiy of the Aquarian Age Copyright: Christiane Navarro Contact: moonsurfer (@)