Russia: The Deceiving Killing Of A Diplomat & Ambassador


Russia, the Bull. Once again I really try hard, to make you understand, that Russia in not a Bear anymore.

Let me explain: after the great fall of the communist Russia, there was a the re-birth. Since June 1990 it is called the “Russian Federation”. The Russian Federation was born, while in real-time astronomical calculation, Sol appeared in the constellation of the Taurus (Bull).

A real Taurus is born between the 14th of May and the 18th of June.

That is why the Russian Federation is a Bull. A Taurus.

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USA: Army Boss Threatens War on Russia and China!

They are all insane!

Picture: Getty

Vladimir Putin Xi Jinping War Graphic Alliance

World War 3 warning: US branded ‘REAL THREAT’ to Russia and China

Moscow and Beijing are squaring up to Washington as the superpowers face the looming threat of World War 3.

Vladimir Putin is on a collision course with the White House as he is accused of “war crimes” in Syria.

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