Merkur Correction Wave im Sagittarius



Planeten im Ausnahmezustand

Merkur Correction Wave im Sagittarius

Es ist wieder so weit – pünktlich zu den Festtagen kommt Merkur in Fahrt und vollführt erneut seine legendäre Planetenschleife.

Ab ca. dem 10. Dezember 2016 bis Ende Januar 2017 müssen wir uns auf den „Ausnahmezustand“ des rückläufigen Merkurs einstellen.

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Mercury Retro: Surfing into Clinton’s Past


Back in October 2015, six days before her birthday, Clinton decided to quit the race, to escape the Benghazi-trap. But there are powers behind the public eyes. Powers who made sure, she keeps going.

Thirteen minutes later, this:

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Picture: Lady FullMoon in Aquarius 18.08.2016 Navarro’s MoonSurfer

Mitte August – Ende September > Leo/Virgo

Now the speedy Mercury travels to his planet-loop, called Mercury Retro. This time it will be in the fiery constellation of Leo and the earthy constellation of Virgo.

This is the time where we have the chance, to focus the past decisions and plans from a new perspective. Especially with the Virgo-Energies, we are able to be extremely analyzing and critical – some even to excess.

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Mercury Correction Wave