Lady FullMoon in Libra 10.05.2017




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The Lady FullMoon in the balancing zodiac sign Libra, marks a trend of increased social interactions and concerns about the deep psychological issues as well as the public relations. The handling of marital affairs, legal matters and also the close personal relationships, will be evidenced in the coming two weeks.

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Astronomology: La Luna NewMoon In The Secret Constellation Ophiuchus

Picture: Stelarium Astronomy Software

Picture: Stelarium Astronomy Software 29.11. Sol, La Luna, Mercury and Saturn have a heavenly meeting in the Secret Ophiuchus.


29.11. 13:18 Lady NewMoon in Ophiuchus: Secrets Inside

…last night, while you where asleep, La Luna entered the mystically Scorpius. Since just a little piece of this large constellation touches the ecliptic, in just a few hours her visit in Scorpius is short – she enters the secrecy of the constellation Ophiuchus and will meet up with Sol for a NewMoon at 13.18h today.

Sol has left her short travel through Scorpius and enters Ophiuchus at 16:54h.

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15 Days of Darkness In November 2016?



A reader sended me this article….

NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 15 Days Of Darkness In November 2016

Same fake like last year. 

If you publish crap like this, make at least sure the planet datas are correct.

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Minifinsternis: Sol mit Minipünktchen

Schaue nicht direkt in die Sonne ohne Sonnenfinsternisbrille!

6. Mai 2016

Am kommenden Montag wandert der sonnennächste Planet Merkur – von der Erde aus betrachtet – vor der Scheibe der Sonne vorüber. Ein solcher Merkurtransit lässt sich allerdings nicht ohne Hilfsmittel beobachten. Sternwarten und Astronomievereine in ganz Deutschland laden daher zu gemeinsamen Beobachtungen ein und auch professionelle Astronomen interessieren sich für den Transit.!blog-m-o-o-nsurfer/c1i43