Breaking News: Comey fired – as predicted in October 2016!




Lady Luna in Libra 09.05.2017

As analyzed last October, James Comey’s career as head of the FBI is toast.

Saturn Retro in Ophiuchus  mastered him with serious and painful lessons, which cost him his career – and – he won’t be finished yet. Saturn activates karma and when he travels through his planet loop, he represents the double karma.

But the future lessons of Saturn won’t be he is only problem. In the coming years, Comey will be trapped between the nasty DragonTail, Saturn and Pluto. All this indicates death, drama and heavy losses.

Flashback 16th of October 2016:

USA: FBI Director James Comey – Game Over?!

16th of October 2016

We all know by now, that the FBI director James Comey is the one, who covered up the email-scandal of Hillary Clinton and they both seem to be the “destiny” for each other. Will one drag the other down? Born with important planets in Ophiuchus he will have to suffer a sharp meeting with Saturn (authorities) and there is no possibility to escape. He will face a time of depression, lack of understanding, difficulties concerning contracts, agreements and documents. While at the same time the transiting Pluto and Mars, meeting up with his native Saturn and Jupiter, he will have to deal with hard responsibilities of far-reaching importance. Karma is knocking heavy at his door! In plain words: his life is reaching a point, where the shady past arises in bright spot-light on an international level and that will end an old life cycle for him. The meeting up of so many higher forces in his chart, will activate the power to destroy his personal standing. Game over. Done. Career toasted. The stars seems to confront him with violence, death and the dark side of friendships/partnerships, corporate finances, groups, organizations and taxes. Serious conflicts arise over sexual matters, joint finances, professional, financial, business and corporate relationships. This is for sure not his time, to seek the favor of those in positions of power and authority. “

James Comey fired as FBI director

  • President Donald Trump fired James Comey as director of the FBI

  • Trump said he acted on the recommendation of the attorney general and deputy attorney general

  • The reason given for Comey’s firing was his handling of the Clinton email investigation

President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday, the White House said.

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