Russia: The Deceiving Killing Of A Diplomat & Ambassador


Russia, the Bull. Once again I really try hard, to make you understand, that Russia in not a Bear anymore.

Let me explain: after the great fall of the communist Russia, there was a the re-birth. Since June 1990 it is called the “Russian Federation”. The Russian Federation was born, while in real-time astronomical calculation, Sol appeared in the constellation of the Taurus (Bull).

A real Taurus is born between the 14th of May and the 18th of June.

That is why the Russian Federation is a Bull. A Taurus.

With both insidious acts of murdering Russian diplomats, the secret satanic powers rise the threat for the 3rd World War. Don’t get me wrong! The 3rd Word War is already in action for a long time. Just don’t make the mistake, to focus it, as you focus on the 1st and 2nd World War. The 3rd World War in action, is a hidden, a secret war. Fought on the trading markets. Fought inside the glass palace of the banks and multinational companies. Fought on the economical fronts and the behind closed doors, where the real powers are home.

Everybody know, that a bull can be extremely patient. But when you keep going and going and provoke him just a little bit too much, he strikes back. May president Putin keeps going with his cool head.

Analyzing the stars of the Russian Federation, they have a trend ahead – till February 2018, which we can label as a time of considerable testing. Many tricky events will challenge the sense of order, discipline and duty, as well as the notion about the world as a whole. Russia will have to face more encounter disruptions that will make Russia wonder, whether they really understand what is going on.

The hard constellation between the transiting Uranus in Pisces and the native Saturn in Sagittarius of the Russian birth chart, will install sudden and unexpected difficulties in partnerships (Turkey/Erdogan), friendships, corporate affairs and businesses as well as in career goals. Russia will be forced to revise some of their ideas, although any valid beliefs will survive this period without difficulty.

Restriction – especially from foreign countries (Sagittarius) – that Russia has accepted but that have no real purpose in Russia’s overall individual growth may become unbearable at this time.

For example, if Russia is putting up with a bad relationship for the sake of emotional or financial security, it may find that the tensions have become too great. Russia will experience a sudden desire to break free at all costs, even if it means violating the own standards of behavior. Russia’s actions will surprise others who have believed the outward appearance, that everything was all right. They will not expect your actions.

Over this long period, Russia will have to face a hard tension between anything related to the nation’s value, potential wealth and assets, the economy, the national products and the area where we find communication, transportation, all forms of mass media, road, railways, air corridors, newspaper, television, schools, freedom of speech and anything related to the internet.

Russia my be forced, to make changes against the own will. In the long run, such changes will lead to greater growth and understanding.

In professional situation Russia may have greater difficulty than usual, in getting along with employers on the job market. If the tension becomes too great, Russia may want to change the whole job situation. But Russia – watch out, you should make such a change only after carefully considering what your present job situation has to do with your real purpose in life. You should think just as carefully before deciding whether or not to leave any relationship.

Under this transit Russia will again learn, that life is a dynamic process and that everything is in a constant state of flux and changes. Attachment to established conditions can only lead to disappointment under this constellation.

The purpose of this influence is not to overthrow everything that you consider important in life, but it does force you to examine the factors that are causing you to fall short of your potentials. In accepting these limitations you have settled for less than you deserve or need.

Lawsuits can arise that are connected to partnerships, business and professional matters, contracts, taxes, insurance, alimony and/or inheritance.

If I analyze the connection between Russia/Turkey and President Putin/Erdogan, there is a serious danger. Not all is what it seems. There is much more behind the death of those two diplomats! Naming a street after the one who got killed in Turkey, won’t change the hidden and secret facts. The stars talk about a huge trap fabricated with lies, frauds and deceptions. Under any circumstance, Russia you need extra protection! Especially for all your governmental staff related to foreign countries and working outside your borders.

As the conflict builds up between the desire to break free and the normal desire for order in life, the physical tension may become quite intense. It is very important that Russia is able to communicate with someone in order to help release the tension, because it can be quite damaging the country.

On another level – till July 2017 – there is an influence, that can signify the kind of false optimism that makes Russia to take foolish risks, especially with limited resources. In any financial dealings, Russia needs to be very careful that everything is exactly as represented by others. Otherwise Russia could be taken for a hard ride.

This time is a test for Russia to grasp of reality and the ability to translate ideals into practice. There is no reason to assume that Russia will not pass the test, but they – or President Putin – do have to be careful.

Religious or spiritual delusions are another great danger of this influence. Russia may be tempted to run after “false messiahs” or teachers whose ability to dazzle with spiritual phrases exceeds their ability to teach how to cope with life matters. Russia will also have to watch out, for fanatic religious warriors inside their military/police forces.


Russian diplomat ‘found dead from gunshot wounds at home just hours after ambassador killed at art exhibition’

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES Petr Polshikov was reportedly discovered with a bullet wound to his head at his flat in Moscow’s Balaklavsky Prospekt


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