USA: Implosion As Predicted?

USA: Implosion As Predicted?


In my analysis at the 31.10.2016 I wrote:

“Multiple violent conflicts will break out! Even death could be the possible result. The US could face a real hard implosion.”

Now, the Master of War, violent conflicts and impulsive acts, has a secret meeting with the planet Pluto of the underworld in the chart of the USA. That is the opening energy, which will steer up extremely conflicts all the way into the 2017.

Aggressive protests, physical danger, riots, sudden destructive actions and anarchy is the result. Friends become enemies, enemies become friends and even families are divided by the pro and anti-Trump-movements. Groups and organisations are involved and many hidden – really powerful – energies keep adding fuel into the fire. I told you, Trumps enemies will be now more active than ever before. Blood and death on the American streets…

Please, this is not a good trend, to expose yourself to situations of physical danger!

Even in the chart of the USA – just like in the Trump chart – someone of consequence is in serious danger of losing his life!

Dear American people, you will not save the democracy by killing your fellow earthlings. The real power lies in peaceful protesting. The American society walks through the plutonic power of transformations.

This transformations are a result of things that are about to pass away. Expiration dates are worn out. Actually you have to find a new way of handling and using power. If you really live a democracy, YOU have the right to say NO to the establishment and the power that rules.

From the beginning of the election-process, the American people had been very unhappy with both candidates. That was the time where they had a great chance to express to the system: hey, STOP. If you have no one better to represent US, we won’t vote at all. Americans had the chance to BOYCOTT the whole disaster…

The American people could have stopped the whole drama and the possibility to force the system to reform the whole election process.

Well I do have a kind of understanding, why the American people are extremely divided – and that starts in the birth chart of their nation. America is, was and will be a Gemini by the real astronomical calculations! Actually that is a difficult dilemma, which never came before so much into the open, than in this freaky election with Clinton/Trump.

If the American people are not careful, they are about to slide into a new scary civil war and a third-world-country, as I warned about many, many times before.

If America “keeps” this birth-chart, the only democratic solution would be three independent presidents and a total reform of their election process, where the vote will come from the people itself and nobody else.

Instead they are running with flying flags in light-speed into  the trap of hidden forces and fight each other.

I told you already back in 2015, Clinton won’t make it. And Trump? I am sorry, but he has no leadership abilities. Even he is “elected”, this is no guarantee that really moves into the “Oval Office”.






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