US(S)Election: Clinton – The Bad News Won’t End!

August Schwanenteich 2015 002
How much she still need, to accept, that she won’t move into the White House? You know there is a saying: American Presidents are not elected, they are selected.
In this special case, we have this: the one that is selected won’t make it. The one who might could make it, is not selected.

NO election?!

Looking at the American birth chart, the cosmic forces have a violent November and December in store for the American people. No matter if Lady Luna is in her positive or negative transit phase.

Mars, the King of War, indicates dynamic actions toward financial gain and acquisition of material possessions. There is danger all around concerning conflicts over money, banking, donations, investments, finance, writing, talking and publishing.

There is a great danger of loss of money and/or possessions for the government and the people. Many people will get – on an international level – angry over the mishandling of financial affairs, corporate businesses and resources. Multiple violent conflicts will break out! Even death could be the possible result. The US could face a real hard implosion.

If we focus on the Clinton disaster – we should ask one question: since she collected so much money in form of donations – even from foreign governments – will they all want their money back?  Now that she not will reach the goal and she can’t keep all the nice promises she made to those people…

But by the way, don’t think, Trump is the better choice for the American people…

President Obama Throws Hillary Clinton Under The Bus, Supports Director Comey

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest tells the press that President Obama stands with Director Comey.

President Obama made it clear today that he doesn’t stand with Hillary Clinton as much as we thought he did. President Obama made it clear he stands with FBI Director James Comey and his recent actions.


President Obama Throws Hillary Clinton Under The Bus, Supports Director Comey

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)


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