USA: The Real Face Of Donald Trump

Just as I told you a long time ago: do not trust him. Now, he finally outed himself.


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Trump Called Edward Snowden a Traitor, Implied He Should Be Executed

Sure, Hillary Clinton is a banshee nightmare from Hell, but that really doesn’t mean Donald Trump is automatically amazing just because literally anything is better than Hillary. That’s a pretty low bar.

Trump has assured us he’ll give a lot more power to Big Brother as if we aren’t already living in an Orwellian nightmare as it is. He has said that he will grow the police state, boost the Patriot Act, and extend the neverending wars (he keeps mentioning Iran specifically, because no matter who becomes president, they all know they have to sing that same old “Which Path to Persia?” tune). Once I even heard the man say he expects the NSA to be listening in to all our phone calls… guess that makes it okay???


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