Happy NewMoon 30.10.2016 18:38h!

NewMoon in Virgo & Libra 30.10. / 31.10.

Traumhaft schöne zunehmende Mondsichel in Konjunktion zur Venus 22.03.2015 20:10h

Traumhaft schöne zunehmende Mondsichel in Konjunktion zur Venus 22.03.2015 20:10h

This Lady NewMoon affects both constellations – Virgo and Libra. Because the Lady NewMoon starts at the end of Virgo and Sol moves into Libra at 2:00am (German time) at the 31st of October, the energies are in both constellations.

With the starting in Virgo, the public will be concerned about matters of diet, health and hygiene. People will express a business-as-usual attitude concerning occupation, business and all the other practical everyday responsibilities, dietary matters and cleaning-up duties. Because of the Virgo-energies, there is a great awareness concerning health, diet and house cleaning activities.

This energy activates the tendency for organizing the practical affairs and improvements for work and of course the home.

This is the time, where you can purchase food, cloth and health items with a greater awareness of economy, practical value and usefulness.

The Lady NewMoon in Libra activates a trend of increased social interactions and concern about psychological issues pointed to public relation. The tendency goes toward gracious, polite and cooperative conduct in the actions related to martial affairs, legal matters as well as close personal relationships. It also includes artistic and musical pursuits.

During this trend ( till 14.11. SuperFullMoon in Taurus) you should drink large amounts of water and flush your system clean – especially to help avoid kidney problems. Add some fresh pressed lemon and some baking soda to the water.

Even we are entering the positive transit phase of Lady Luna, be ready for some problems, as there are hard aspects in the coming two weeks. Those difficult energies are creating problems in your personal relationships and social activities. Some of your fellow earthlings could be unsociable, boorish and uncouth and expect a lack of sensitivity.

Be ready for a lack of psychic attunement to a partner’s true intentions. There could be withdrawal from personal participation in general social intercourse.

Marital affairs probably suffer from psychological difficulties, blockages and a basic inability concerning practical grips of the emotional love nature.

It is important to stay calm and proceed on a practical and rational level.

The magic lies in harmony, diplomacy and well – balance inside yourself.

Canada & EU signed today the legal documents for CETA. They did it before the LadyNewMoon, actually in the phase of the so called “dark moon”. It is already a programming for more chaos and many more problems concerning this contract. The phases of the dark moon means actually let go and pull back, not for installing something new!

 Be happy, be safe!

Your Astronomologer


Important note: I don’t use astrological calculations and star signs. This is out of date since 2000 years. I go by the real calculations and real constellations of Astronomy. This is real-time Astronomology!


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