Hanjin: I Told You the Stars Don’t Look Good For Hanjin!


Hanjin has some more hard times ahead. With the transiting Saturn in full tension to freaky Uranus in their chart, the crisis concerning the professional responsibilities will gear up some more. The problems with the attitude and the authority of the established structure won’t come to an end. Be ready for some more bad surprises, as the persons in charge, thinking they deliver brilliant solutions and ideas, which will actually be a series impractical and unworkable plans. Sadly, Hanjin has a delicate past of corruption, scandals and even deaths.

Karma always come back presenting the price tag.

Hanjin Shipping Dumps 60% Of Workers

The bankrupting container operator Hanjin Shipping cuts 400 land-based employees in South Korea, aiming to restructure the business and improve survive. The shipper, which applied for court receivership in late August after creditor banks withdrew their support, has about 700 land-based employees in South Korea, which will be reduced by more than 60%.




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