Saudi Arabia: The Sun Is Going Down For The Monarchies



Saudi Arabia: The Sun Is Going Down For The Monarchies


Flashback – In January 2015 I predicted this for Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia will fall as a kingdom in the coming years. Just wait, till Jupiter crosses their native DragonTail in 2016/2017, which will be a big destructive and transforming energy for Saudi Arabia.

Another big step will be the actions of the Saudi people about their kings and leaders, while inside the royal house and the folk the stars indicate quarrels, arguments and battles of all kind. The situation will be sharpen up, after the mourning for a royal member soon. Who will really control Saudi Arabia?

It will be like one hell is trying to control the other one. This will install violence, lack of diplomacy and action’s without thinking. There are dangerous times ahead in the stars of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia faces weeks and month of totally chaos, instability and unexpected shocking events.Just like many other former monarchies, also Saudi Arabia will have to clear their sight and accept, that any kind of monarchy is out of date.  Monarchies are things of the past…

Saudi Arabia Burns Through Massive Cash Subsidies, Economic Crash Possible 

Be happy, be safe!

Your Astronomologer


Important note: I don’t use astrological calculations and star signs. This is out of date since 2000 years. I go by the real calculations and real constellations of Astronomy. This is real-time Astronomology!


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