Deutsche Bank: The Painful Dying Of Shady Business



Deutsche Bank: The Painful Dying Of Shady Business

14th of October 2016

Lady Luna in her positive transit phase is surfing through Aquarius, passed up the dangerous DragonTail and entering the constellation of Pisces. She is meeting up with the birth Sol, Mars, Neptune and the transit Uranus in the stars of the Deutsche Bank. On Sunday the 16th, we will have a LadyFullMoon – which can be interpreted as a SuperMoon.This will boost up extremely energies, which will trigger unusual and unexpected events – not only limited to the Deutsche Bank. For the Deutsche Bank, the stars indicate many delicate situations in which old partnerships will bounce off in a kind of a chain-reaction. Imploding will result in exploding. Many old goals are discarded in favor of new shady objectives.

The endless confusion about who are the real supporters and what are the real goals, will be dramatically increase. Revolutionary tendencies are in focus – but there is a great danger in a desire to remake and/or overthrow the existing social order. Many new problems will be at birth by impulsiveness and impatience. Under this cosmic energies, the Deutsche Bank is well advised, to be careful about personal motives and those with whom she is closely associated. The wisdom lies in thinking a second and a third time, before any major actions or major decisions are made.

Many working with or for the Deutsche Bank will have to face much more psychic stress, than they do already. Tons of unresolved problems rising from their hidden graveyard, will be brought to the surface. Irrational fears, deception and confusing news find their way to the headlines of the international press.

Group associations will be deceptive and impractical. Financial dealings involving “other peoples” money – like insurances, taxes, interest, credits, bonds, shares etc. – are more deceptive and illusory, as they made the public believe. The loss and damages will be dramatic and the impact will be international.

Don’t be surprised, when some find the way out of the mess they created, in self-destructions and/or suicides.

Lady SuperMoon in Pisces and Cetus triggers the misuse of drugs, alcohol and/or other types damaging stimulants.

This energy activates depressions, religious extremists, deceiving, lies, shady money scams and the misuse of funds.

 Do not sign any contract, borrow or lend money and watch your bank account/finances very closely.

I warned many time before: if you are a customer of the Deutsche Bank, change it. If you work for or with this bank, find another job in the next positive transitphase of Lady Luna (31.10. -14.11.)

 Be happy, be safe!

Your Astronomologer


Important note: I don’t use astrological calculations and star signs. This is out of date since 2000 years. I go by the real calculations and real constellations of Astronomy. This is real-time Astronomology!


Deutsche Bank To Fire Another 10,000 Bankers, Bringing Total Layoffs To 20% Of Workforce


The hits for Deutsche Bank just keep on coming. One day after a report that the German lender has imposed a hiring freeze in the latest bid to reassure investors that it has expenses under control and is stemming the outflow of cash, moments ago Reuters reported that Deutsche Bank’s finance chief told his staff that job cuts at the bank could be double that planned, a step that could remove 10,000 further employees.

Such cuts would likely take many years but setting such a goal could reassure investors that the bank is determined to tackle costs that sources said the European Central Bank sees as bloated. Unless, of course, they are forced to cut much faster. If 10,000 job losses were ultimately to follow the 9,000 announced by management in October 2015, roughly one in five of the bank’s workforce around the globe would be affected.


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