Wikileaks Email: Chelsea Clinton Don’t Trust Her Mother?!

Flashback 13th of April 2014:

Hillary Rodham Clinton & Stars : “Everyday Americans need a Champion. I WANT to be that Champion.”

Her personal ambitions are the path to serious difficulties and obstacles and they are linked to legal, governmental and partnership issues. All this will be deep connected to her and Bill Clinton’s past. A separation or even divorce and a melted circle of friends/money, seems to be the result.


Old wars and war activities turn up again and focused by the strong legal authorities. Partnerships, cooperation’s and co operations – mainly those kept in secrecy – will pop up in a total new light and sharp questions by the governmental authorities will be the result. Of course it is also about money. But anyway, Saturn (authorities) makes sure, there is no escaping. The sharp questioning will not go away. So to speak, they are carved in stone.They will keep coming back.

Even important and so called solid cooperation’s, will bounce.

There are no selfish motivations and/or ambitions allowed, when Saturn is around.

The cosmic powers indicate in the time ahead to the election day, a unstable and lonely path for her. Delicate and/or dramatic family matters will load a heavy load on her life.

If you want to read the whole MoonSurfer-Analyses:



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