NewMoon in Taurus 16th of June 16:05h (German time)

NewMoon in Taurus
16th of June 16:05h (German time)

The transiting LadyMoon marks a period of general concerns especially to the practical side of financial affairs. Taurus and it’s connection to the 2nd house rules resources, financial affairs/daily income, security, stability, comfort, art, beauty and the ability to make profit.
While the LadyMoon travels the earthy Taurus, it is the nature, that the people reach out for comfort and security. So do also states and governments.
Corresponds with the economy, national wealth and prosperity belongs to the 2nd house. The NewLadyMoon activates possibilities purchasing the power of nations, liquid assets revenues, national expenditure and the ability to rise and/or make profits. In this cosmic house we find the banks and all financial institutions as well as the money market, the investment/bond/share and stock markets. The 2nd cosmic house is the home of the currencies and the related circulation, the liquid assets any activities connected with money and financial affairs and the consumer spending. Art, museums and galleries are also connected to Taurus und the 2nd house. Combined this with the LadyMoon, we find the families, food and material resources, family homes and real estate being touched as well, as the resources of nations and/or the national debt.

With the energy of the NewLadyMoon there are great chances, to make progress and reach stability/security in all those areas. But it will only work, if things are really cleaned and sorted out, while Mercury was in his retrograde. Those, who did not do their homework, will not be able to make profits of this energies and will find themselves in chaotic positions and will have to deal with painful cuts.

Impact LadyNewMoon State-Charts


This LadyNewMoon in Taurus touches the area of partnerships, and relationships to other nations. For the US and their partners, this is a kind of a tricky thing, because the planet of big surprises, Uranus, joins the party! This could trigger sudden and unexpected changes affecting the homes and/or family affairs. There are many possibilities of some unexpected financial gains or losses during this transit. Relationships – especially with women – could take turns of an unusual impact. As the aggressive energies of Mars are not far away in the US-Chart many people could act emotional upset and the behavior between male and female energies could turn out in worst case – violent.
The government of the US triggers more war energies and stamp their “enemies” in public, selling it to their own folk.
In the coming days after the LadyNewMoon will triggers more concerns about business and financial affairs, especially involving joint funds and/or investments. Decisions made by the authorities will affect family budgets, inheritances (taxes) and wills.

And again – the USA is not a Cancer-Nation! This is a myth.


With the currencies and the related circulation, it is Switzerland being touched deep by this transit. Since the Swiss Franc is disconnected from the Euro, they will feel the impact in the coming weeks and month, especially at the working and household front as well as the health sector. They will have to deal with a harder daily routine concerning food shopping, clothing and household items/health costs. Many will have to face work-loss/business loss, because export business receiving cuts due the changes of the currency market, which will lower the income and as a result, the harder routine of shopping (food) and running costs of the household.
Many, once moved to Switzerland to find their fortune, will leave.
By the way, Switzerland is born as a Leo Nation with VirgoEnergy, but will have wait a while, till they can profit from Jupiter in Leo next year and the Jupiter/Virgo transit.


Greece, being a permanent guest in all headlines these days, will not really profit from the NewLadyMoon and the coming positive transit phase. As mentioned in my last explanation of the LadyFullMoon, with their DragonTail in the State chart, this transit is devastating. This will have an impact, of the Greece government becoming more aware of the trap they sit in. Corresponds to disturbances or conditions that work against the public welfare and the Greece folk, will be very destructive for Tsipras in his own country. Very painful cuts are to expect in hospitals, retirement homes, charities, jails and prisons. The LadyMoon transits through all things that are hidden in the state chart of Greece, secret groups, secret government entities, spies and the enemies of secrecy. In the coming two weeks it is the deals will be made behind the scenes manipulations. This is touching involuntary services, ordered by law (who’s laws?) organizations devoted to forcible control of people, modern slavery, covert aggression and/or conditions of exile.
They all know very well, the banks of Greece are bankruptcy and every day, the Grexit takes longer, makes the whole situation much worse.
Hell will be loose in Greece and foreign powers will stir up the Grexit, making it more bad as it should be.
The best way Greece can use this NewLadyMoon is: Get out of the EU, keep the Euro for international business and a second currency to deal inside the county. Close this chapter in your history and run your own show!


For Russia this LadyNewMoon will be very constructive. As a reminder: Russia is not a Bear – it is a Bull – a Taurus – born with Sol in Taurus at the 12th of June 1990. This LadyNewMoon will help Russia to exit even more the dependency from Euro/$$$-ruled markets, from foreign controlled Oligarchs and will have the chance to lay the ground for their own independent financial markets. This will become very important, when the Euro/Dollar will take the path down in histories dust and the EU, falls apart. And it will. Cosmic guarantee on that one.
Basically the international sanctions against Russia, are the best that could happen to Russia, even it sounds paradox. Russia is advised well, to keep the path Wladimir Vladimirowitch Putin has started a few years ago. But Russia will need to keep a very cool head about the military actions/movements of the NATO/US and watch out: do not fall into silly traps!

The positive transit phase will be active till the 1st of July.

Next LadyFullMoon is a the 2nd of July in Sagittarius (Pluto) at 04:19h German time.

Be happy, be safe!

Your Astronomologer



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