Predictions, Nostradamus, the Fake Sky and the Big Earthquake in CA

Somebody sended me this article. Aiweh, some people better activate an accurate research before they blow out with some fabricated bs!

So, what’s wrong with this picture?

Taken from Nostradamus:

The trembling so hard in the month of may,
Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus:
Venus also, Cancer, Mars, in Virgo,
Hail will fall larger than an egg.

Well, first of all, Nostradamus wrote nothing about any big earthquake in California and the constellation of the planets mentioned here, do not – FOR SURE – do not, represent the planets movements of May 2015.

Seccond, in May 2015 there is no Saturn in Capricornus, he travels through Libra till the 16th of October 2015.
Jupiter is far away from Taurus – he travel through Cancer till the 9th of June.
Mercury is in Retro in Taurus.
Venus is still, till the 2nd of June in Gemini.
Mars is with cosmic guarantee not in Virgo right now. He travels till the 25th of June through Taurus.

Our Lady Moon is in Apogee at the 26th of May – and this means she is furthest away in her ellipse.

DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP OF THE BOGUS ZODIAC, ASTROLOGY IS SELLING! If you want to know, where the planets are in REALTIME, ask Astronomy, not Astrology.

Poor Nostradamus, rolling in his grave, when he sees, how people misuse his work….…/

by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Editor, By now, many of you have heard about the 9.8 Magnitude earthquake prediction for May 28th, 2015 in California, due to…

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