UK/Jimmy Savile: When Evil has a Face

Since a very long time, I have predicted, that more and more is coming to light about Jimmy Savile, how evil somebody can be. Sadly, he is dead and beyond earthly justice.
But many others are still alive and involved. Many others enjoyed his sick actions, covered it up and protected Savile.
Be ready for the next surprises, Jupiter in Leo reveals in the coming months! Same time Saturn is transiting trough Scorpius and Retro in Libra, which activates karma, the past and the skeletons under the red carpet. Any red carped. Especially certain “friends lists” play a major role in this case. Some of the surprises will be delivered in the coming weeks, while others will show up with the fiery energies in August and September.
In summer 2015/2016, the surprises will walk the red carpet and the hidden skeletons come back to life, calling for justice and punishment.
This is the energy, that ends/destroys careers/lifes in politics, monarchies, religions, organisations/charities, for famous, rich and powerful people, as for sport stars, show business and entertainment.

Abuse on a grand scale: Jimmy Savile raped and sexually assaulted victims aged 5 to 75 at 41 NHS hospitals including Stoke Mandeville – but staff turned a blind eye

  • NHS is still vulnerable to abuse by paedophiles like Savile, report reveals
  • Lax rules on volunteers and celebs in hospitals ‘pose a risk to patients’
  • Paedophile DJ abused 60 patients alone in Stoke Mandeville Hospital
  • Government reveals £40m available in compensation for Savile’s victims 
  • Among his victims were NHS patients aged between five and 75
  • Star allegedly had sex with bodies in Leeds mortuary and took glass eyes
  • Nine complaints were made about him but none were ‘taken seriously’
  • One member of staff  ‘severely reprimanded’ after warning about Savile 
  • Savile’s fundraising and fame meant management saw him as an ‘asset’


… denied that she is ill???

What a sick world is this, we are living in? I told you, the hidden skeletons walk the red carpet!

Give that girl some bacon: Danish magazine forced to apologise after outrage over decision to feature shockingly thin 16-year-old model

  • Malene Malling said that she had made a ‘big mistake’
  • She said: ‘I have not lived up to my responsibility as a publisher’
  • The picture featuring model Lululeika was first shared on Reddit
  • Outraged readers have compared her appearance to a ‘skeleton’
  • Lululeika’s modelling agency have denied that she is ill  

This picture of the 16-year-old model Lululeika that was published in Danish magazine Cover that has caused outrage and lead the magazines founder to apologise 

 Here goes one destroyed career because of childsex. Many other will follow, also on the higher ranks.

3rd U.S. Government Official Arrested for Sex Crimes Against Children




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