Saudi Arabia: Salman ibn Abd al-Aziz, the new King

A new king with the Mercury Correction Wave and the negative DragonTail active… well Saudi Arabia would be advised wise, to have no illusions about their new king. The cosmic forces indicate, that this king will have a short reign. If the Saudi Arabian women hope for a change of their situation – not with this new king, as reforms will not really take place…
Saudi Arabia faces weeks and month of totally chaos, instability and unexpected shocking events. Uranus will steer up wars of the opposites and many voices – especially women – will call for freedom, independcence and reforms.

Now we have the same situation, as it was shown in the movie “Lawrence of Arabia”.

Go back in history (1925 – 1932) and investigate the situation of that country and the developments back than.

Just like many other former monarchies, also Saudi Arabia will have to clear their sight and accept, that any kind of monarchy is out of date.  Monarchies are thing of the past… Good luck, Saudi Arabia!

Profile: Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud

Salman, defence minister since 2011, takes the throne at age of 79 after demise of his half-brother king Abdullah.


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