Nature: …you need to see those stunning lightshows of the cosmic energies!!!

Simply breathtaking…I am crazy about the Aurora Borealis…

Now that’s a light show! Photographer captures spectacular Aurora Borealis in Norway after two years hunting for the perfect location

  • Norwegian photographer Tor-Ivar Naess became fascinated by the colour range of the Aurora Borealis 
  • The 31-year-old from Nordreisa in Norway didn’t have to travel far from his home to produce shots
  • Once in the best spot Tor-Ivar can spend up to eight hours there waiting for the perfect picture 

Ethereal: Areas that are not subject to 'light pollution' are the best places to watch for the lights from like this image taken in Storslett

More transfixing images of the Northern Lights in Storslett (left) and Djupvik (right) taken by the 31-year-old Norwegian photographer



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