Cuba: True Rumours of Castro’s death?

Confirmed by MoonSurfer’s Astronomologie: Yes, it is true, he is dead.

Pluto/Sol @ work.

This will change everything for Cuba and the legal criminals will take it over. Poor Cuba, good luck!

Hundreds mourn the ‘death’ of Fidel Castro after rumours sweep Twitter (but are they confusing him with recently departed Fidel Castro Odinga from Nairobi?)

  • Twitter is abuzz with rumours former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died
  • But a Nairobi personality also named Fidel Castro died only days ago
  • Confusion over the identity of the dead person may have sparked rumours
  • Claims that Cuba’s former leader has died have surfaced before
  • There has been no official confirmation that the 88-year-old has died
  • The Cuban government has called press conference, local media claim
  • It’s believed Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro is in Havana



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