Europe: Paris – shooting kills 12

UPDATE 09.01.:


I hope you remember what I said about be careful who you raise your flag for? What I said about “wrappings” are no guarantee for the ingredients? To often the religions are just a tool for secret  and hidden motivations.
France, Germany and Russia are in great danger till middle of March 2015!
Mr. Putin, you have an unlucky bad timing with the open door to foreign fighters – your military is born in Neptune’s kingdom…

Breaking news

‘Three criminals’ involved in Charlie Hebdo attacks – French interior minister

12 dead in shooting at French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Published time: January 07, 2015 11:02
Edited time: January 07, 2015 14:41

Twelve people, 10 journalists and two policemen, have been killed, and 10 others wounded in the shooting massacre at the Paris headquarters of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Three of the wounded are in critical condition.




The hooded gunmen stormed the offices at 11.30 am Paris time (10.30 am GMT), reportedly having forced a staff member to open the door at gunpoint.

They shot Wolinski, Cabu… it lasted about five minutes… I took cover under a desk… they spoke perfect French… they said they were Al-Qaida,” cartoonist Corine Rey, aka “Coco”, was quoted as saying by the weekly Humanité. The woman told the paper she was the one who let the men inside, with them pointing a gun at her.


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