Cosmic Firework: The Geminids are ready for wishes!

Once again the reminder, if you catch a look at one and place your wish, focus on issues you want to be solved, get out of your mind/life, as we are moving through the NEGATIVE transit phase of the Lady Moon. Besides the Geminids, there are still chances to observe the Lady Moon closer to Jupiter, as she passes him, entering the royal Constellation of Leo today. At the early morning of the 13th of December, the Lady Moon already leaves the fiery and passionate Leo, to take her short trip through the Sextant ( which is a constellation based in modern times. Discovered from the german astronomer Hevel, the symbolic is the “Sextant” ( he used for his accurate astronomical calculations. Surprising and interesting news from the science of astronomy are to expect. For the tropical astrology the energy, to investigate about their disconnected calculation’s vs. the real movements of the stars and planets.
After a fast ride through the Sextant, she is entering the constellation of the noble Leo again, in the evening of the 13th and matters concerning the kids, the fathers, the bosses, the rich & famous, love & romance, teenies and politic will be on the cosmic agenda. Some poor souls fall into the trap “dilution grandeur”, while others suffer with broken love. Leo is the symbol for the players and in the negative transit phase it is the losers game. No matter if in the casino or in politic. This is the time, the universal forces lift the red carpet und let us see the reality behind the glamour and acting and posing in the public and on stages in the spotlight.
This are the energies of the dramatic times of life and supports the serious personal conflicts in areas of love/emotion’s, children, authority person’s or positions. Since the Leo also represents parties, the sunny sides of life and the fun, this is not a great time to enjoy this.
Stay away from financial investments or (any) games in the stock markets. Gold will be again part of the news, as Jupiter is moving backwards in Leo and brings some light into cover-up’s concerning the noble metal Gold and of course Silver. Don’t buy any in these days.
Sextant is one of the missing constellations by astrology. The others are: Ophiuchus, Cetus and Orion. Google it!
Be safe, be happy!
Your Astronomologer

EarthSky’s top 10 tips for meteor-watchers

You might see a lot or you might not see many, but if you stay in the house, you won’t see any.

Your goal: to observe a meteor shower. You want to see as many meteors as possible. You want to see the sky rain meteors like hailstones at an apocalyptic rate. You want exploding fireballs, peals of meteoric thunder, celestial mayhem. And it could happen, too, because you read an article about an upcoming meteor shower.

And so here you are. You have your sleeping bag, the requisite thermos of coffee. At any moment, the sky should open up and rain down meteors.

Geminid meteors Friday and Saturday nights!


Tonight for December 12, 2014

The Geminids radiate from near the bright star Castor in the constellation Gemini, in the east on December evenings.  Learn more about the radiant point for December's Geminid meteor shower.

Photo of Geminid meteor by Josh Beasley taken on December 14, 2012. View larger

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Tonight and tomorrow night – Friday and Saturday, December 12 and 13 – are the peak nights of 2014’s Geminid meteor shower. How fortunate that the Geminids will peak over weekend this year, as the best viewing hours are typically in the wee hours after midnight. In the Northern Hemisphere, this meteor shower often rates as one of the best – if not the best – shower of the year on a dark, moonless night. You can often see up to 120 meteors per hour in a moonless sky. There’s a waning moon in the sky in 2014, and it will dampen the show some. But Geminid meteors are bright, and some will shine past the moon’s brightness.


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