Middle East: The Holy Land, 50 Rabbis and the Temple Mount

… sounds like the perfect recipe for another brainless butchering.

“…storming of Al-Aqsa the day after tomorrow.” – Which is today, Sunday 30.11. and this is what happened early in the morning:


Also very early in the morning, our lady moon in her positive transit-phase, moved into the sign of religious pisces. Crossing the nasty DragonTail and the transiting rebellious Uranus. The disturbing part is, this will activate all kinds of fanatic religious extremists. No matter what race, color or religion/sect.

To me, this are the real pandemics, rocking this poor planet.

Since we move in the coming days through Neptune’s kingdom, we must remember Neptune is the master of the Fata Morgana. The king of deceiving and confusing. The god of water, oil, gas, money. Architect of earthquakes and Religions/Sects – and not to forget, he sends the fog (rain/snow/ice) and the creepy things. Don’t believe everything you hear or see. Don’t fall for drugs or alcohol. It’s is a classical addiction and drug energy.

Neptune rules also modern things, like Photoshop and illusions of pictures and movies.

This is the energy, the 50 Rabbis chose, when all kinds of fanatics being activated.

Some of the fanatics are real, some of them are maybe fake. Or a cover-up. Some maybe where lured into traps. Traps are a delicacy  issue,  while we under Neptune/DragonTail/Uranus-Energy. Even we are under a positive lady moon, with this you need to keep your senses together. So please be careful when you dealing with the element water in any way, driving and traveling. Be careful handling money/accounts/credit cards, religious discussions/places and religious ritual laws. Be careful with agreements or signing any contracts. Keep your keys, wallet, credit cards etc. in focus. This is the time of loosing important things. Neptune makes our brain foggy/confusion and blocks logical thinking.

This not the time, for the big action. Even Uranus gives a strong motivation, to radical steps. Still be prepared, that some actions requires fast thinking – but do not allow others to pressure you into actions! Honest people give you time to think.

On a different level, soon there will be much more detailed information’s about this whole global  spying-scandal (mass-spying). With more whistle blowers going public, we all will need to focus pain causing secrets coming out. I also see it coming, that information’s about blackmailing based on secrets being collected from powerful people, turns up in the news.  Neptune is like the slow rise of the tide started in the past and inrush into the present.

Without any doubt, it makes them still very powerful at the end result.

But we need to understand, that this is all motivated from forces, way out of anybodies personal control. This is about masses, national, racial, religious world wide karma. This kind of events are switching quickly to a form of wars like guerrilla-wars/dirty wars/holy wars/fake wars/deceitful wars or major economy, religious, political and social changes/Revolutions/riots and of course, all wars on financial/economy levels. The $ note will play a roll in this and it does not look good. I told you before, the $ is a religious-war currency.

And Germany has since the reunion a Pisces nation.

This energy started early in the morning at the 30th, Nov. and ends at the 3rd of December.

Next time this trio will be active, starts at the 27th and ends 30th of December.

50 rabbis call for storming the Aqsa platform

Friday, 28 November 2014 16:56

A group of 50 rabbis affiliated with an extremely right-wing Zionist movement have signed a petition calling for the storming of Al-Aqsa the day after tomorrow.

A number of right-wing groups published statements on their websites yesterday evening claiming that this petition comes in the wake of what they described as “terrorist events in Jerusalem and pointing the finger of blame on those who ascend to the Temple Mount [Al-Aqsa]”.


How can a land be called HOLY, with thousands of years of butchering, killing, wars, destruction and “build” on pure blood??? Actually, it draws a picture of a huge satanic sacrificial rite, that never ended till today. But almost daily, for thousands of years, someone comes and claims:

This Land is Mine


The only thing changing there in thousands of years, where the weapons. Just by watching over a long period of time, just this little part of our misused planet, I do understand, why we really need to find intelligent life out in the universe. Definitely no intelligent life on earth.

It is out of space, being intelligent.

Be happy, be safe

Your Astrnomologer



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