Churches, Charities, Docotors – Pluto’s Paedophile Exposing List

… and again – I told you so… and it is a very serious creepy question, how realistic it is for parents, to protect their kids???

“CEOP was handed a list of 2,235 suspected British paedophiles in July 2012 by Canadian police – but did nothing for months.”

So this was the list, a german political member was also found on…

… not to forget about the german green Party, their pedophile past and the eye-brow-rising acting of Daniel Cohen Bandit in public  plus the strange book he wrote a long time ago…

European Parliament member promotes pedophilia as part of the sexual revolution

April 29, 2013 (C-FAM) – Is there any country in the world where a prominent politician could publicly boast his sexual experiences with children aged six years and less, and still stay in office? Probably not – but the European Parliament seems to have rules of its own.

The politician is Daniel Cohn-Bendit, once upon a time a protagonist of the 1968 student revolt and the Cultural Revolution that ensued, and today the leader of the “Greens/European Free Alliance” in the European Parliament.

In this function, Cohn-Bendit has for many years aspired to a role similar to that played by Maximilien de Robespierre during the French Revolution, holding everyone accountable for everything – including Czech President Vaclav Klaus for his euroscepticism, or Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for having given to his country a new Constitution that protects the family, defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and (the worst of all imaginable actions against “European values”) mentions God(!).

Pedophilia scandal entangles German Greens

Just months ahead of federal elections, the Greens are faced with a sensitive debate. To what extent did the Greens support pedophile ideas in the past? The party plans to thoroughly analyze that chapter of its history.

What a chaotic party convention it was back in 1985, when the regional Greens party group of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia came together in the town of Lüdenscheid.

…and then we have the google-right-to-forgetten-ruling…

Politician and paedophile ask Google to ‘be forgotten’

A pencil erasing numbers from a pageThe right-to-be-forgotten ruling set a precedent for the removal of search results in Europe

Related Stories

Google has received fresh takedown requests after a European court ruled that an individual could force it to remove “irrelevant and outdated” search results, the BBC has learned.

An ex-politician seeking re-election has asked to have links to an article about his behaviour in office removed.

Paedophile doctor went on church trip to African orphanage days before he abused two young cancer patients

  • Predator is awaiting sentence for abusing 18 boys in his care at hospital
  • He used spy pen to film the abuse, which he has now admitted
  • It emerged today that he went on mission to Africa around the same time
  • He was left alone with orphans in Swaziland as part of church project
  • Police say there is no evidence that he abused children during trip
  • He is expected to be sentenced for 25 offences on Monday

A paedophile doctor went on a church mission to an African orphanage ten days before he abused two young cancer patients.

Myles Bradbury, 41, was part of a 15-strong group that went to Swaziland to help orphaned children in 2012.

He travelled with the KingsGate Christian Evangelical Church from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, to help children whose parents had died from Aids.


Mistakes by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) meant Bradbury was left free for 16 months to wage his campaign of abuse.

The doctor bought a DVD in 2005 from Azov Films in Canada. The company advertised on its website ‘just legal’ and ‘naturist’ films but many were clearly illegal – and were bought by paedophiles in over 50 countries around the world.

The site was finally closed down by Toronto police in the summer of 2012 and concerned officers in Canada soon dispatched the names of its customers to authorities in other countries in an operation called Project Spade.

CEOP was handed a list of 2,235 suspected British paedophiles in July 2012 by Canadian police – but did nothing for months.

Canadian police told British authorities about suspected paedophiles including Bradbury as part of a worldwide operation called Project Spade

Canadian police told British authorities about suspected paedophiles including Bradbury as part of a worldwide operation called Project Spade

It was only when the centre was absorbed by the National Crime Agency last November that Bradbury’s name was passed to Suffolk police and his home was raided.

In the intervening time he had continued his abuse and made his trip to the African orphanage.

Among the other suspects named on the list handed over by Canadian authorities was that of teacher Martin Goldberg, who was found dead a day after police first contacted him.

Following the 46-year-old’s death, a search of his house in Shoeburyness, Essex was conducted and 7,257 indecent images of children that he had downloaded from the internet were found.

Three police forces in Britain – Essex, North Yorkshire and North Wales – are under investigation for allegedly failing to act on the child porn intelligence, it emerged earlier this month.


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