Switzerland: “Living Wage” of CHF 2,500 in November 2014?!


I was very skeptical about this news, so I did my research about this issue and it spit out, there will be a vote in fall 2016 about the living wage. For sure, it will not take place in November 2014…

What Could Go Wrong? Switzerland Prepares A “living Wage” Of $2,600 For Every Citizen; Meaning Every Swiss Family Can Expect An Unconditional Yearly Income Of $62,400 Without Having To Work, With No Strings Attached.

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/what-could-go-wrong-switzerland-prepares-a-living-wage-of-2600-for-every-citizen-meaning-every-swiss-family-can-expect-an-unconditional-yearly-income-of-62400-without-having-to-work-with-no/#YLz3qCmuQYBfhcT7.99


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