Climate Warming: You better get ready for the Little Ice Age

If you want to know the future, you need to take a serious look into the past…

The Little Ice Age, Ca. 1300- 1870

Prehistory & Roman Middle Ages Early Modern period Modern period

winter severity
Winter severity in Europe, 1000 – 1900. Note two cold periods in the 15th
and 17th centuries. Based on Lamb, 1969 / Schneider and Mass, 1975.1

The Little Ice Age is a period between about 1300 and 1870 during which Europe and North America were subjected to much colder winters than during the 20th century. The period can be divided in two phases, the first beginning around 1300 and continuing until the late 1400s. There was a slightly warmer period in the 1500s, after which the climate deteriorated substantially. The period between 1600 and 1800 marks the height of the Little Ice Age. The period was characterised by the expansion of European trade and the formation of European sea born Empires. This was directly linked to advances in technology harnessing more of nature’s power and towards the end of the period fossil-fuelled power. These two hundred years also saw the specialisation of agricultural regions, which produced specific products for local and international markets.

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John L. Casey Interview – The Coming Cold Crisis 2015


Published on Oct 14, 2014

Chronic record cold temperatures, double the normal high magnitude earthquakes, and massive volcanic eruptions. While government sponsored scientists are not making the connection, top scientist John L. Casey has, and will share his perspective on a coming cold era that has repeated itself through history every 200 years.

Dark Winter Book –…

Cold Sun Book –…

Global Climate Status Report –

Space and Science Research Corp –

International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center –


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