Jupiter in Leo: Royals in the Light of Truth

Just a few days ago, since Jupiter started his transiting touch into the royal sign of Leo – he loses no time – and quickly he takes care his duty, to let light of truth shine. In this special case, into the earthly Royals.  Just as I predicted month ago, the scandals with Royals being involved, will gear up to higher level. And once again, as I told you many time before, the higher forces will not allow, that Camilla will ever be the Queen of England.

And again, I tell you: either she will go through a divorce or she will end up in a “tragedy”. To the royal family of the Windsors, Camilla is the “God Hades”.

But on the other side – what does a family expects, who once was “stealing” the throne of England?

Queen Elizabeth II – is NOT the rightful heir to the throne of England

Even this “drug scandal” is not yet official confirmed – I give you a cosmic guarantee, it is true.

Camilla Parker Bowles Allegedly ‘Caught in Drug Scandal’, Says Report

Camilla Parker Bowles is likely to be dogged by a new controversy with report claiming that she was caught in  drug scandal. The Globe magazine, which is known for coming out with shocking news stories, has Bowles on the cover of its 27 October issue with claim that her “best friend” has revealed all the secrets.

Camilla Parker Bowles

Britain’s Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall arrives at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London Reuters

The statement accompanying Bowles picture reads “caught in a drug scandal,” according to a report by Celebdirtylaundry. However, there is no confirmation on the allegation yet.

Meanwhile, Bowles is said to be considered to be the next queen after Queen Elizabeth II steps down. The report of the 67-year-old becoming the queen has be revealed in the book written by former royal spokesperson Dick Arbiter. Prince Charles and Bowles could become the new king and Queen of England after Queen Elizabeth’s reign, according to Arbiter.


It will be an entertainment, to see, which royal is next on Jupiters list, while he is traveling in Leo, till February 2015 and again from June 2015 till August 2016.



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