Breath taking pictures of the “blood-moon”

See it! Best photos of October 8 total lunar eclipse

A beautiful total lunar eclipse. Thanks to all who posted at EarthSky Facebook and G+!

Total eclipse of the moon by John W. Johnson in Nebraska, with the Virtual Telescope Project

Jean Napp wrote,

Photo by Stephanie Longo, who wrote,

Mike Mezeul II shared this great eclipse pic at EarthSky Facebook.  Read more about this image.

Total eclipse from Kopperl, Texas by Garry Snow

October 8 lunar eclipse as captured by Erin Mohr Bianco in Maryland.

Eclipse collage from Some Guy with a Camera in Queensland, Australia

Deep partial eclipse seen in  Querétaro, Mexico by Antonio (@adieon on Twitter).

As the eclipse deepens, you could begin to see some subtle colors in the shadowed portion of moon.  Photo by Chris Calubaquib (@ChrisAstro on Twitter)

Almost gone ... Photo by Chris Calubaquib (@ChrisAstro on Twitter)

Even from light-polluted areas -and in places where there were scattered clouds - many who tried saw the eclipse.  Photo by Oonagh Turitto in New York City

Photo from Mexico by Antonio

Eclipse mosaic by Don Hartsaw

Totality as seen in Bethel, Alaska by JoeJoe Prince.


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