USA: Obama just lost another “star”…

Whow, he will pay for dis-respecting military rules! And he suppose to be the commander-in-chief? He will never be. Even he just startet to bomb the 7th country, since he is in charge.

Obama’s tea cup salute tempest: Commander-in-chief sparks fury by saluting Marines with a drink in his hand

  • President was exiting his Marine One helicopter after landing in New York City for speeches about global warming and fighting ISIS in Syria
  • Commander-in-chief is a military title that entitles Obama to a salute, and he’s expected to return the gesture
  • On Tuesday he saluted two uniformed US Marines while holding a cup in his hand, a breach that won’t win him fans among veterans or servicemen
  • Twitter erupted with the president’s indignant detractors
  • The White House put a short video of his arrival in New York on its own Instagram page, creating a public gaffe that no photographer had shown


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