Scottland/UK: …if Scottland’s votes turn out against independence, you know the vote was rigged! And for that, I give you a cosmic guarantee…

As predicted: By the way…if Scottland’s votes turn out against independence, you know the vote was rigged! And for that, I give you a cosmic guarantee…

To Scottland: Don’t give up NOW! Find another way, the stars are with you!

Police investigating alleged electoral fraud at polling stations in Glasgow after people find their votes had already been cast

  • Police investigating 10 cases of suspected electoral fraud at referendum
  • Allegations relate to possible cases of impersonation of voters
  • Ballot papers were taken out of circulation and are to be fingerprinted

BUSTED! Does This Video Show Vote Rigging In The Scottish Independence Vote?

Scottish Vote Rigged, plus the (unrelated) Transhuman tiptoe.

So, Scotland saying No to independence is believed as normal, but here are some clues to the result:

1)   No exit poll.  No international observers.  No recount.  Counting all done at night.

2)   The media reported a historic turnout in all regions of Scotland, mainly in the areas which gave a No vote.

3)   It took all night to count just 3.5 million votes?    (Other countries count tens of millions in a few hours).

4)   ‘The Powers That Be’ were clever, they let Glasgow and other “high unemployment” areas win their YES campaigns, and ramped up the NO votes in the more middle class areas…..this also calms any potential for trouble.

5)  Scottish BBC obviously did some subconscious bombs towards No (even sparking protests), and STV is a PLC which floats on the FTSE Fledging Index, which is a major UK stock Index that’s based in….drumroll….London.

6)  Nobody really votes to be a part of Westminster over independence, unless one is a coward in fear of “having a little less money while the new nation finds its feet.”…..I hope these cowards can look their grandchildren in the eye because Cameron and co now have the permission of the Scots to destroy their poor.   “Sorry grandson, I was scared of having less money, so I voted for Nuclear Submarines, poverty, and London Elite control from a bunch of Etonian Banking pawns.”







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