Berlin: NSA in Da House

Coole Aktion!

German Artist Throws ‘NSA in Da House’ on U.S. Embassy in Berlin


Last night, German “light artist” Oliver Bienkowski managed to put on a show criticizing Barack Obama and the US web surveillance program, by projecting the words “NSA in da House” over the facade of the US Embassy in Berlin.

The image featured Obama in a backwards baseball cap and a hand holding up a peace sign.

With revelations that, among things, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s private phone calls were monitored by US agents, the level of distrust between Germany and the US has never been higher. Recently, the country expelled the CIA bureau chief stationed in Berlin, and apparently may only write sensitive documents with typewriters from now on.

This isn’t the first time Bienkowski projected critical things on the US embassy: last year, he drew police attention for projecting the words “United Stasi of America” on the building, comparing them to the notorious East German secret police force.


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